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  1. Went to see White Denim tonight in Glasgow. Utterly fantastic! There set is a real mix tape of styles, tempos and emotions. From some tastily played hard rock through to some soulful jazzy numbers. Sounds odd but works surprisingly well live. I've had to order a couple of albums to see how the recorded stuff stacks up. If they are playing near you, go and see them!
  2. Now sorted with a cart, thanks for everyone's offers and assistance. John.
  3. Photos on a for sale thread, now there's a novel idea.
  4. As much as I'd like to try the 2M, I'm going to have to stick to my budget. Thanks anyway... And thanks to everyone who has replied so far, it's much appreciated. !f I haven't so far I will get back to you all today.
  5. As it says, I'm looking for a cart to go on a Pro-ject RPM 1.3 Genie. These usually come with an Ortofon 2M Red and will accept carts from 4g to 9g according to the manual. MM or MC considered. So what ya got...
  6. Sold. No one from admin needs to waste time to delete or lock this thread because that's how the selling parts of forums work. The price it sold for is still up there for all to see so if you're selling yours, you'll know the going rate. All the best to the new owner, a fellow Wammer. A donation to the forum will be made.
  7. This player into a Weiss Dac202 sounded magnificent, easily the best CD combo I've sat in front of... Good luck with the sale.
  8. I'd also be interested. Not sure yet what I'd bring other than myself and a few records.
  9. I've got the CD player and was thinking the same thing...
  10. back to the top... Price reduced to £1950 without the cart.
  11. Stuart, all yours. Cheers mate. - - - Updated - - - Thanks Chris, I'll ask Stuart if he needs it...
  12. Selling this as a spares or repair project as it's surplus to requirements. When I bought it there was an issue on one channel with it dropping out. I had Johnny at Audio Origami look at it but it worked fine while he had it. Typical! He did replace the phono plugs and suggested changing the cartridge tags which I haven't done. It doesn't have the platter mat either and the cover is okay but a bit scratched. I'm looking for £130 for it posted in the UK. http://' alt='IMG_7340_zpsjjzrxu0h.jpg'>' alt='IMG_7338_zps9v9skeml.jpg'> "]http://[/url]' alt='IMG_7336_zps3ybjhcb6.jpg'> "]http://[/url]
  13. I can do that. It's £35 per metre including return postage. I'll PM you my contact details now.
  14. I've a 160 I'd do for £140 posted although I've no idea where the Matt is or why it's not with the TT.
  15. Hi all, I'm in Glasgow but would travel up for a bake-off. I've relatives in Alness I could crash with if something came off. I've hosted two Bake-offs at mine and had a few Wammers over on their own over the years. It's a great way to meet like-minded folk, and so far, no weirdos. Let me know if anythings planned and I'll see how I'm fixed. john.
  16. Fat White Family at the Garage in Glasgow on the 26th.
  17. I could drop them off to you this weekend.
  18. Can deliver this weekend anywhere between Glasgow and London along the M6/M1 corridor and in the London area during next week if that helps.