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  1. Am I normal? Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  2. Do you need an octet or two matched quads?
  3. I have an r200, but needs a rewire.
  4. If you were near Manchester, I would have that off you. Never mind. Have a bump.
  5. I run a wad kel34 in my main system. Reliable and sounds good. This pair are a real bargain......suprised they didn't sell last night. If I had the room, I would have them. Have a bump
  6. Are they el34? Is this amp fixed bias....which would mean a new set of valves will need a rebias. I hope the the "glow brightly" does not mean the plates are glowing, just the heaters.
  7. Why the cheapest possible? I may have some unbranded Chinese ones (or I may have binned them)...if I have them, you can have them for £15 the lot including postage....but I wouldn't use them. Preamp tubes last for ages (10000 hours?), so a little extra spent is good value, get some nos ones, 12au7 are not expensive.
  8. Is it a 9cc or 9c arm? Add says 9cc, but it looks like a 9c (9cc is one piece carbon and 9cc has Al headshell bonded to carbon arm). cheers Carl
  9. great stuff - problem solved in less time than i had spent on the internet trying to find what I wanted!
  10. Hi, anyone got any ideas where I can get a custom made turntable cover? I can not find "red design" on the internet and I can't remember who made my last one! cheers Carl
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