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  1. Am I normal? Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  2. Do you need an octet or two matched quads?
  3. I have an r200, but needs a rewire.
  4. If you were near Manchester, I would have that off you. Never mind. Have a bump.
  5. I run a wad kel34 in my main system. Reliable and sounds good. This pair are a real bargain......suprised they didn't sell last night. If I had the room, I would have them. Have a bump
  6. Are they el34? Is this amp fixed bias....which would mean a new set of valves will need a rebias. I hope the the "glow brightly" does not mean the plates are glowing, just the heaters.
  7. Why the cheapest possible? I may have some unbranded Chinese ones (or I may have binned them)...if I have them, you can have them for £15 the lot including postage....but I wouldn't use them. Preamp tubes last for ages (10000 hours?), so a little extra spent is good value, get some nos ones, 12au7 are not expensive.
  8. Is it a 9cc or 9c arm? Add says 9cc, but it looks like a 9c (9cc is one piece carbon and 9cc has Al headshell bonded to carbon arm). cheers Carl
  9. great stuff - problem solved in less time than i had spent on the internet trying to find what I wanted!
  10. Hi, anyone got any ideas where I can get a custom made turntable cover? I can not find "red design" on the internet and I can't remember who made my last one! cheers Carl
  11. Rega is standard bar change to counterweight and new motor last year (old one noisey).
  12. Can't swap phono stages unless I also swap phono stage - one premap in glasshouse passive ad other is glasshouse tvc passive. I have tried two different tvc preamps (anyone want to buy a prometheus tvc?) with three different valve phono stages (two now sold) feeding into leak amps. Every time I got a beating sound from preakers - something does not match in terms of resistance/capacitance/inductance - so difference could be reamp, but not convinced. A have considered a cartridge swap - problem in Nima arm is a unipivot and it took ages to get it set up right, loath to take cartridge out and have to restart the process. I may get a new cartridge, as if that does not work at least I can use it with different turntable. I mat move turntables betwen sytstems - should tell me if phonstage/preamp or turntable/arm/cartridge. Problem came to ligt playing Dr John's new album (Tribal) on both turntables on same day.
  13. I have two systems in my house - both run glasshouse passive pre amps into leak valve amps into Yamaha NS1000M speakers. My problem i with my turntable sources. In on set up I have a Roksan Radius with nima arm, cartridge is grado gold, preamp in world audio designs phono 3. The other set up is rega planar 2 with rega RB250 arm, cartridge is grado black, phonostage is trichord delphini with never connected power supply. Problem is the Roksan system is more musical with better bottom end punch. The only thing it can be is the turntable/cartridge/phono stage. While I have some good kit, most of it was picked up at bargain prices (the Roksan turnatble with arm was £300 new - bankrupt dealer stock I think) - so I do not want to shell out lots of money. Any suggestions what to do? I amy start with a cartridge change - ideas? cheers Carl
  14. creedance clearwater revival singles collection (on spotify)
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