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  1. Yes a bit mad, and very hopeful but thought worth asking. I have two Altec lansing horns speakers forgotten which model number but double woofers and flared metallic horn which thought would be good for using in my AV set and and looking for something compatible for centre
  2. Well yes there are so many out there does anyone have any positive recommendations or maybe negative experiences ?
  3. sorry this was in reply to one of yesterdays comments
  4. indeed if they plug one product again immediately put off
  5. Anyone got any of the above handy ?
  6. Well dare I say it I put a minimal power conditioner on my AV projector and indeed PQ improved saturation and sharpness. Also very easy to replicate in quick in out comparison ( isol8 video mains conditioner)
  7. Oh I thought is was the electricity going through the wires in an organised fashion
  8. just for the record i had posh duracells in. but yeah defo bad move
  9. Yes Indeed as soon as someone slags of a brand I immediately lose faith in their integrity
  10. Yeah Its surprising how the Av market has taken this route on many of its higher end offerings. I guess because multichannel means so many leads coming out of one box
  11. Generally my thoughts But Just Thought I'd fly the flag etc
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