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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys, yeah have a 301, but not space for a 12" Im using an Ultracraft at the moment, but the cuing is clumsy and something has happened to the sound and I can here a sort of burbling in the background so need some investication . Will check out the arms though, it's such a minefield aghhh
  2. Having sold my Hadcock in undue haste ( a match Made etc)and finding it hard to find another realistically priced substitute for my SC4e just wondered if anyone has tried a rega. I have a spare rb600 lying around and wondered what if?
  3. Just dragged this beast out of the too good to throw away room. Really amazed just how good it sounds especially regarding dynamics, detail and stage depth. Wondered if anyone has any knowledge on what might be the best valves brands(types) to achieve optimum results? Will take it eventually for a service in case anyone can also recommend a good guy.? ( I’m in Hertfordshire,was thinking Deco Audio)
  4. I’m amazed how good this old stuff is. Defo going to take it all in for a service when l can to put it up to spec. Sadly my internals knowledge is very limited.
  5. Yeah intended mine a second set up as my main Croft pre, seemed to be in need of a service,and voila. Now l have choices, looking forward to trying out the phono section
  6. Yeah Reckon that is what the lockdown has done, that mission looks good on your bespoke deck. I sadly sold my haddock from my 301 and my replacement is driving me mad
  7. Think l might need a tonearm lift( the little hydraulic drum type) if you know anybody that who makes them.( yeah exact size a problem too aghhhhhh
  8. Hey, l blew up my lovely Hafler 200? up trying to improve the wires. Aghhhh. let my 101 kit pre go cos it was just too ugly, but reckon it had a good phono stage...sounds like a trip to the attic. Yeah l have a little spare room with stuff too lovely l can’t let go. I’m a photographer so also my prop room. Ps still trying to sort out my tone arm though aghhh.
  9. Well my little pleasant surprise which has blown my socks off. is a collection of bits from back in the day. source lector cd6 Pre Doug Dunlop excelsior Power Bill Beard P100 Speakers Qln classic signature. well has really taken me surprise total cost of amps and speakers £600 and is just stocking. Anyone else been blown away by something outa that pile of stuff too good to throw or sell on?
  10. Oops silly me bugger, think it’s predictive posting
  11. Anyone got one of these surplus to requirements...
  12. Very attractive, what is it made off?
  13. My original thoughts had been that pucks did not necessarily make any difference to sound quality But l just tried a fairly heavy one on my 301 and thought l detected a tad more detail and better soundstage delineation. Am l self deluding or has anyone got experience or recommendation of weight type that could resolve that little extra information?
  14. Thanks for the offer, But think l have worked out a solution ,reckon l can squeeze some damping fluid oil in through a available screw hole. well that’s the plan !