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    Rock II / PD264
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    RB250/AT OC9/III,
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    Vincent Pho-8
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    SD Squeezebox
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  1. Had my Howards since 1995, wouldn't part with them. I paid 999 pounds.
  2. Taken on a beach in Bali about 25 years ago.
  3. I had a K100 and then an R100RS (twin shock). The R100RS was the best tourer I have owned.
  4. Could have been taken in Cornwall, but it is actually in South Australia.
  5. I remember my uncle owning a Dolomite Sprint.
  6. Batty


    D.I.M. same as it ever was.
  7. Mine draws 160 watts from the mains, it is only 25 watts per channel though, but that is more than enough. My 2nd class A power amp draws around 60 watts, it is 8 watts per channel.
  8. A well lit work area including an anti static mat and organised storage system. Most importantly, Music.
  9. Just watched the new(ish) Bladerunner 2049, very slow !!
  10. Pass designed Noir Headphone amp and B1 Kork Pre, both DIY from DIYaudio I also have a Pass ACA power amp and the M2X which replaced my Copland CSA29 in my main system.
  11. Banana Bread for dessert maybe and also Cauliflower cheese to go with the slow cooker Silverside and veggies.