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  1. And I thought my Quintet Bronze was low...
  2. Yes, my bad, I have the CL-15 CD player, best player I have heard, blew away a friends Arcam.
  3. Tweeters were Vifa units made to Castle spec, 6 dB more sensitive than the standard Vifa unit, I had to replace mine but couldn't get the drivers they now have B&G planar tweeters which had to be padded down to level the originals, but their FR is better. The only problem is the grilles no longer fit.
  4. I have the Howard S1 and they are not at all boomy in the bass. Bought them in 1995 and still have them.
  5. New 10" Peerless driver has arrived for the subbie and been fitted in place temporarily (until cabinet is finished). Sounds much better out of the box, not a cheap driver but much better than the chap 12" that is in the pics above. Pics to come later if there is any interest.
  6. That is not Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music.
  7. It is 40 watts into 4 and 25 watts into 8. Schematic.
  8. Non DIY is Townshend Rock, Vincent Pho-8, Heed Questar, Vincent CD-S4, Yamaha WXC-50, Denafrips Ares, A Copland CSA29 and a pair of Castle Howards.
  9. The sub is a 4ft tall Transmission line waiting for a 10" driver. Stand mounts are Lenehan LK1 kit speakers, power amp is a DiyAudio First Watt M2x, Pre is a diy B1 Korg nutube. Headphone amp is a Whammy. The 3 silver boxes on the left are an Elekit TU8500 pre, an Akitika MM phono and a chassis containing 2 MC head amps, 1 Boozehound Labs pre pre and the other is a pair of 10:1 step up transformers.