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  1. Please explain what it is? Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone who calls a r2r resistor stack an engine has a marketing agenda. It's like calling a heatsink an engine. Nah, not for me. Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. How many years? Depends - MQA has been around for maybe four, maybe three? But it isn't gaining huge traction thank goodness so Meridian keeps banging the drum to hook in the big media companies. The 'virtue' of it appears to be that it requires the purchase of secret processing in proprietary format in order to listen to at full resolution, but nowhere have I seen anyone able to show that it improves either resolution or sound quality, nor is the pricing exactly transparent, but instead there is evidence aplenty that suggests that it is a sham. I tried it for a while and thought it was good. After a month I went back to standard cd quality and noticed no drop in SQ or enjoyment. Auditory memory huh? MQA is (in my opinion) a non-event, and no, being out of date doesn't matter when it comes to audio enjoyment
  4. I was marvelling at the row of phono plugs round the back of this beast and then noticed next to the mains inlet - that's a funny place to put a doorbell?
  5. I may get there first but, if you do still care after crossing the styx please, for the love of faith, cause a post in this thread to happen! [emoji120] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  6. More important is non-magnetic. I'd start with Westfield fasteners then move on. 16 and 20mm are, if I remember correctly, standard lengths. Others will improve on this
  7. Hmm, but there's something tangibly wrong? Or you can just sniff it in my post? I do hope there's not been a lack of taste in there! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. ... But have you ever watched them through your amplifier?
  9. In all the time I've wasted in this "hobby" I've only seen one Kondo san DAC for sale. It went on eBay for the surprising sum of £3k odd, I hadn't thought to bid. The seller must have been piqued. Anyway never heard one, I've never even seen one in the flesh. I've got an AN DAC 4.1x Sig and can attest that it sounds fab, but not huge galumphing miles of days and nights better than my Buffalo Sabre DAC, just fractionally better. How so? Slightly tonally richer would be how I'd describe it, so basically what one might expect from valves .
  10. Why has nobody mentioned Trout Mask Replica? Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. RG59, low capacitance, well shielded, you're sorted. However if you need it to look like an obese anaconda just wrap it in virgin cotton, woven loosely and compressed into tubular anti-resonance thought funnels by illuminati. Simple really, but I doubt many possess resolving enough lug holes to notice the difference. Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  12. Bit gender stereotyped there. Attaboy Uzzy, stir that pot
  13. I am happy that this is not gaining faction traction, its a boring argument to me. If it doesn't measure well why avoid this obvious pothole (question aimed ONLY at designers)? If it does measure well and sounds uninvolving how do you justify your design choices (question aimed ONLY at designers)? Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  14. @nothingface Tesla E88CC are gold pin frame grid valves, selected from ECC88 production. They are few and far between, now people put gold on ordinary ECC88 tubes and sell for more. But absolutely nothing wrong with the standard variant IMO. Solid reliable and built with Telefunken tech, there's little to worry about. The Siemens CCA stuff is excellent but essentially unobtainable, as is Telefunken and now Tungsram CCA selections. It's fetishism at the end of the day, pay what you can afford, if you will, and don't sweat what you don't have. Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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