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  1. Can you get one on a 30 day trial? I'd not drop £2k or even a tenth of that on a regenerator without trying first since many find no benefit whatsoever. As others have said, £2k on your front end will give a bigger lift for sure.
  2. Jazid

    Valve info

    Great stuff. When it comes to matching it isn't worth doing if the methodology isn't explained and the matching parameters defined. A big plus of proper testing is that presuming the tubes are stress tested the early failures are weeded out, apart from matching. Enjoy 😊
  3. Jazid

    Valve info

    Replying to bold; Yes it make a difference, try it to see what you prefer. It's amp, circuit, and tube dependent. Matching for power tubes makes sense. Small signal tubes last for yonks, I'd do them only if you feel the sound has deteriorated and it isn't the power tubes. Also consider this if there are rustles, pops or similar noises.
  4. Makes no difference, a decent DAC made to any reasonable standard should be audibly silent at a metre or two from box and speaker. If not, and its as produced and sold, its simply incompetent design. Pester Mr. Rankin, he knows how to design and can't be feeling proud about this crap product. Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Amen. We've been in a similar but much more extreme situation before on this forum. It helps nobody. Keith is a good 'un, he has his beliefs and some science to back it up, let his modestly extremist measurista views be part of the dialog. Remember what happened to Serge? A massive loss to the Wam. As an alternative do you want to end up in the carpet gripper orientation dramas of yesteryear, or AoS?
  6. Shouldn't be able to hear the hum from a s/s DAC from listening mm position. Why not write to Ayre as a disappointed customer and ask them what they think is acceptable?
  7. Don't get too tangled up in DAC topology. I run a Twisted Pear Buffalo 3 Sabre DAC and a full fat AN 4.1x Signature. More different topologies are not easily achievable. They sound almost identical and flipping fantastic. If you have problems with digital sound/harshness, glare or whatever look very carefully at the interface you have. The issue is more likely there. Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. Never quite understood what `bass slam` meant. I presumed it was that visceral sensation of the bass when the music is at rather enthusiastic volumes, the 'trouser flapping' thing of ye olden Maxell adverts. That absolutely is a characteristic of bass in live electronic music, but not of playing technique of course. Do others understand 'slam' differently and if so please enlighten? Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. Fixt. At least you can hear speakers at a show. Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  10. Of their actives the Focal Twins are excellent. I have heard some abrasive sounds from Focals at shows but never at dealers, possibly the tweeter, rather more likely Ill judged amplification to provide more noise than the neighbours. They are almost a standard in mid-price studio setups where listening strain is not tolerable. Go listen, you might be very surprised at how good they are.
  11. Re. The OP valve power amps tend to have rather higher input impedances than SS, especially than studio type kit. Typical valve input impedance is 50 to 100k, studio and modern class d amps around 20k. The reason for this is that modern pre amps tend to have low output impedance and the input impedance is often set via a resistor and this adds noise.
  12. What a legend, RIP Toots.
  13. Jazid

    AVO Mk4 valve tester

    One of my testers is a home brew static tester, regulated High voltage psu, regulated heater supply, regulated bias voltage and a variety of contrivance to deal with screen current if necessary. All monitored with calibrated Fluke meters. Does 300b and eg. Kt88 at full whack, and even a decent fist of it for 845 and 211 (though a bit low voltage still). I used that to calibrate my own valves as per AVO manual, and use them as a cross reference. Yes I calibrated the AVO as per the thread in an earlier post, it all went well until a snag, and then took a while to get right. Another rabbit hole, I see 'em, I go down' em 🤣
  14. Jazid

    Valve info

    Yes, pretty common problem. It could be either a dodgy valve or more likely pin/socket corrosion. This can be improved with deoxit or even just pulling out and re inserting a few times. If it doesn't go away a new valve is prudent as some failures can be expensive.