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  1. Wonder if you can help... I have a Manticore M1. How is it different to the Mantra? Are the parts interchangeable? Can find absolutely zilch online to throw any light on the M1. Cheers.
  2. Played a test tone through it and don't need a multimeter to hear it's quite different from side to side (sorry, I realise that's not a technical assessment!). Had the amp serviced a year or so ago and, if I'm honest I don't think it's been right since (and maybe before). Think radford revival is my next stop. Got to get it right as it sounds stunning. Love it. Thanks for the replies. Will report back when I get the amp looked at.
  3. Ok, my radford sta25 seems to be putting out a slightly different volume left to right. Why? I'm pretty sure I have eliminated the preamp as the culprit as I have taken, for example, the left channel rca cable from the preamp and swapped it from side to side on the radford, and the same input is louder on one side compared to the other. Before you ask. I have also swapped the speakers from side to side, and it's not them. So it definitely seems to be caused by the radford. I have checked the bias across the valves and they are all balanced. What is likely to be the cause? It's driving me nuts!
  4. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have just bought at auction a pair of Stax SR202 headphones with their SRM-212 driver unit. The only slight hitch being the driver unit did not include its AC adaptor lead. Being not hugely electronically minded, finding an aftermarket replacement is proving tricky. The one thing I can overcome is the negative centre for the jack plug, as you can buy a switching adapter that flips it to the correct polarity (most power supplies seemingly with a positive centre). The main specs that i can find are DC12v 4W into the driver unit, while the ori
  5. Thank you, spoke to sugden earlier this week and it's in with them to see what's going on.
  6. Tried that and yes, will give them a buzz tomorrow. Just got it back from being serviced by them and I'm sure it was working fine the other day. Just a bit concerned the amp may have put a power surge through it. Embarrassing if I've bust it just days after they've returned it!
  7. Very odd one for you. My Sugden Masterclass PDT 4F CD player has been working fine. Just changed the amplifier to a musical fidelity a1000. And the CD player works (as in it plays when you press the play button) but the remote no longer works and even using the skip track buttons on the player does not seem to do anything, I have to press stop, manually press the skip button to a specific track and then press play again. At which point I am stuck on that track. Has my amp blown something in the CD player? Or is there some odd function I have somehow activated to bipass these functions? Weird.
  8. That's pretty much what I thought, so sadly the base looks as though it has long departed this earth! I realise that bases are available, so that might be worth looking at. Thank you.
  9. Could the LP12 ever be bought as a motor only, like a Garrard 301 or 401? I have the chance to buy one that has been diy built into a cabinet. It appears to lack any of what I'd called the original case and the brushed aluminium base and arm board etc look to have been located into the cabinet on their own. Was this possible without buying and stripping a complete deck?
  10. All done, earth line run to a fixing screw on pre-amp. Hum largely gone. Brill. Thanks again.
  11. I'm on the case this evening and will report back! Thanks again
  12. Thank you. Only slight question mark is that the pre amp has the phono inputs (rca) but no conventional earth post. Assuming I can simple earth via one of the screws in the casing?
  13. I'm just trying a technics sl1100 in my system while I get the tonearm on my other deck serviced. It needs phono leads to attach to the amp, but I'm confused by the earth requirements. It's not obvious whether I should be attaching some form of earth lead from it to the amp. At the moment there is very significant hum through the speakers, without a lead attached. I'm running a mm cartridge. Any thoughts/ experience from those running the same deck?
  14. Once again, stunning feedback. Thank you. Very useful.
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