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  1. I used to have a pair of Focal 816 WSE’s that worked nicely in a room similar to yours with my Cyrus mono X’s. I’ve Focal 1027be which can get a bit boomy if not placed well, however there are foam bungs to put in the rear port to help control things , have you tried bungs or stuff a hiking sock in the ports to see if that helps with your boom issues?
  2. I only just bought the headphones and was actually quite pleased thinking that my speaker's actually sounded considerably better than them but was then left feeling a bit mugged off that a £2.5k pair of 'cans' are supposed to be almost as good as it gets then this isn't actually a touch on a well set up loadspeaker system can do. However the learning from the cans experience was that i had bypassed the pre and taken a balanced feed out the back of the dac direct in to the headphone amp and there was more detail and this has prompted this no doubt wallet emptying quest for a better pre!
  3. Fair dinkem, maybe give Chord a shout to be on the safe side, they might have a bottle of snake oil to help ease them off 😇
  4. Just curious as it’s a serious amount of effort and energy that has a potential to damage what is a very high value piece of kit?
  5. A pair of ZMF Verite and a Violetric V200 which sound pretty good but my speakers sound better to me
  6. Just for fits and giggles I ran the balanced outputs from the DAC direct into the amp and it sounded clear and detailed but also thin and emotionally lacking. So to my ears and system I need a pre in the chain the question is which one?
  7. Unless a DHT preamp can be made with a chop saw, socket set and a hammer i've no chance of building one!! However i've got the next best thing i've an AD Audio Satchmo arriving later this afternoon for a home demo so it'll be very intesting to hear how that sounds
  8. Funnily enough my system’s been fairly stable for about the last 10 years until I bought a streamer and then upgrade the DAC to get the best out of the streamer in the last 6 months which I guess has changed a lot of what music I listen to as has working from home for the 12 months. I think that buying a really decent pair of headphones in the ZMF Verite last week and bypassing the pre to take a balanced feed in to my headphone amp has made me wonder if the preamp is throttling my system? The Music First Baby Ref came up and I had to gIve it a whirl so I think that kept me happy for
  9. Yes you might be right I was hoping that the VT-01 would be head and shoulders better but in reality it is better but not by so much to the point I’m now tube rolling to try and get to be better but even the I know that that itch won’t really have gone away!!
  10. I think I know that there’s better out there than my A22 which is where the itch came from and the VT-01 has given me a glimpse of this. The bass is deeper and a warmer presentation but I’m not sure if it’s last word and hence the reason for the post to see what ideas are out there that I wouldn’t have thought of. I want better harder hitting bass with just more of everything, detail, sound stage and an engaging sound. Also some of these brilliant pre’s don’t come with a remote and hence they’re a non starter for me. But as I run the TV through this system it has to be ‘bomb pr
  11. I’ve tried a Music First Baby Ref and it did not better my existing system so I feel that passives don’t work in my system so despite having a fist full of dollars to buy a passive it just didn’t work
  12. Hello Collective, I’m looking for some help as to what options there might be out there for a decent preamp to replace my Belles A22. I’ve had it from new since 2012 (?) and my system has remained reasonably stable for quite some time until I dipped my toe in the steaming world with an Auralic G1 streamer late last year and a DAC change to a Bel Canto 3.7 with VBL. However with these changes the inevitable itch has come to change what I perceive to be weak link my preamp? I’ve got a Belles VT-01 pre with Millard cryo matched valves in it on demo and whilst it’s good I’m no
  13. Nice review, i just pushed the button on one today! Thank you
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