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  1. Bit more and we could buy a Gato amp , there is one going for peanuts in the ads ...oh hang on
  2. Bazzer

    DSD64 fs

    These are downloads not CDs .
  3. Here she is with another Shoegaze band , I think they were a couple for a time .
  4. You may have heard of their singer Hope Sandoval she appears on a lot of other artists work . This is probably their most famous song .
  5. There you go Steve that's cleared it up for you
  6. Going back to the OP there are an awful lot of music genres , the one that caught me out was Shoegaze , having researched it I realised I listened to it quite a bit , silly name
  7. You don't know half Mark , although you have met me so maybe you do
  8. Yes I've seen you have posted Toy a few times , I know your taste is exemplary
  9. Can't really say any music makes me feel old , I've always been kinda hip
  10. Ok , I was waiting for you btw @greybeard Colin will be along shortly no doubt
  11. First ever listen to a Yello album , selected this as I've seen it posted a few times .
  12. Chelsea doing really well under Thomas Tuchel, two finals .
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