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  1. Of course but this thread is about Boris Johnson , so maybe start a new thread and keep this one on track .
  2. You can use a bra as a makeshift mask but only use the left cup otherwise you'll look like a right tit.
  3. People must not cough near you , they must cough far away . If you hear someone coughing near you , tell them to.... ...far cough .
  4. Bazzer


    Anybody considering a ponytail ?
  5. I'll have a bit of that haven't played it in years .
  6. Is that the 2017 release , I have the CD set , love it .
  7. I've got that , lovely unit and app to use . I have mine connected to my OPPO's toshlink and also straight into my Yammy amp via RCA , not much difference to be honest , bit brighter via the DAC but very acceptable as a standalone .
  8. Bazzer

    Wammers Welcome

    I mean't your location