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  1. Numinous which I played before Forlorn is excellent
  2. The car on the drive I can see , the watch on the wrist I look at , the handcrafted piece of furniture gives pleasure in use , the £kkkk cable shoved behind the sideboard , tucked under carpet
  3. There are far better and cheaper ones out there .
  4. As mentioned above Joss don't fret too much about getting things spot on . My first proper T/T back in '75 lasted me near on 20 years , never measured anything when I first fitted the cart , I had no idea what the thimble (0-2 ) on the back of the arm did , I just made sure it stayed on the record , anti skate ? ditto . Blew the fluff off when the arm went racing across the record , changed the cart when it started making funny noises and bolted it on roughly in the same place . Happy days
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