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  1. My arrangement is slightly different. I will be using the bass modules from the Gradient Revolution floorstanders plus the separate full width crossover unit. Having corresponded with the designer this arrangement should work but it will be room dependant.
  2. Looking for one of these to drive a Gradient sub woofer for some Quad 63s. Must be fully functioning and preferably in very good condition with original packaging etc. May consider an Evo4 Gen2 depending on price.
  3. Still available (after a very disappointing interaction).
  4. For sale at £1200. SOLD I bought these Tannoys directly from Lockwood Audio for a project back in Dec 2010 (I have the original invoice). Since then they have been stored safely at home because my project never came to fruition. They have never been used by me in that period. The condition of the units is very good, considering their age. See photos. The crossovers were checked over by Lockwood when they sold them to me. I recall that they replaced a faulty or out-of-tolerance component in one of the X/overs and therefore the rivets on that X/over box were removed and there are temporary screws in place. Cash on collection only because I don't have suitable packing materials and these units are very heavy. Also I would like the buyer to see them in the flesh to confirm that the photos are a good reflection of their condition. Obviously I can't demo them. Richard
  5. My room is slightly bigger than yours though it does back on to another space behind. I listen quite close to the Harbeth at low volumes and they are great but I obviously I can't predict how they would work in your room. I will pm you.
  6. Originally purchased by me from Radlett Audio. Excellent quality. See reviews online. Something Solid stands included. Eucalyptus finish. No marks or damage. Played at modest levels only. Original boxes. Collection only from North London (Crouch End). I will demo to purchaser to confirm all is well. Payment by cash please. Selling because I have gone retro with Yamaha Ns1000. £2,350. That is a firm asking price. I will not take offers. The price is significantly less than some of the prices quoted on eBay and a useful discount to new price. If they don't sell on the forum I will list them on eBay instead at a higher price to recover fees etc.
  7. Recently got some stands made for the Yamahas. Very pleased with them though I probably need to push them closer to the rear wall.
  8. I am looking for a classic plinth for a TD 124. I just missed out on a used Stereolab one at Guildford Audio for £130. Does anyone have another one going spare or something very similar? I have looked on Ebay where there are plenty of different styles of plinths available. Unfortunately the prices there look a little toppy. Thanks, Richard
  9. Bump. Still available but I am now sorted with a CD transport so this would be an outright sale rather than a part swap. To clarify my original ad, the drive was replaced by the UK distributor at the time and (I believe) was a common thing to do.
  10. Doug. This looks like a Lovely bit of kit. Surprised it hasn't gone. Hope all is well with you. Richard
  11. Mine have been painted black by a previous owner so I imagine they are poor underneath, on the edges etc. I didn't realise that by stripping back I would expose some wood grain. That would be tempting to try though I guess I risk revealing bigger dents or gouges that have been filled somehow and would force me to repaint them. How did you tidy up the metal edges of the drivers? Mine have a some minor discolouration. Did you use wire wool on those bits too?
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