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  1. Thanks It's the Stogi ref 313 (12")
  2. Kuzma 4point arm owned from new in perfect condition. Original box set-up accessories manual. Has a Crystal silver captive tone arm cable with silver bullet RCAs , so no tone arm cable cost. £4750
  3. I no longer have the MPS 5, I had it overhauled and a new power supply fitted a couple years prior to getting the GG.
  4. The initial difference was a sound which was more analogue like. Playing CDs on the the mps was generally better than streaming music files through the MPS 5's dac. When I had the units side by side, playing ripped CD files through the GG from a computer, the GG sounded better than the same CD played on the MPS 5. There was more depth and width - it was just more enjoyable to listen to than the MPS 5. I have had the GG almost 5yrs and have gradually improved the server to quite a high standard, this has improved the sound of the GG immensely so the difference is even greater. The sound stage is huge and the bass is seismic with excellent imaging.
  5. Thanks, it sounds even better than it looks!
  6. GG 1 se, owned from new, upgraded at factory 2yrs ago (power supply, r2r dac etc) PCM to 384hz, DSD 256. Customised with Emission labs 5U4G rectifier KR PX4 output valves. USB, Toslink, AES, SPDIF bnc and coax inputs Amazing detailed and organic sound. Slight marks on copper casing. Original flight case. £6950. (£13500 new)
  7. Superb SUT 26db (20x) - suits any cartridge with impedance up to 10 ohms although I have used it with other higher imp carts and it still sounds great , perfect condition, owned from new (£3300). £2250 or reasonable offer.
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