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  1. Usher stuff really is top quality. GLWTS
  2. There are three generations of Benchmark DAC in use. Any particular one?
  3. This malarkey has been going on since April. They appear to have sold on eBay recently. Threads like this do no credit to the Wam.
  4. Offer to buy in person, the TH900s at the seller's asking price made five days ago, withdrawn. The vendor needs to be clear about just exactly what he has (or has not) to sell here.
  5. Hi, I'd like to buy your th900s at your asking price. I can meet you next Tue evening to pay and collect. I'm flying into Heathrow. It would be more convenient to send payment and get them posted but you don't have any history here. Can you pm me please?


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. kaiggff


      The stand is in a storage in south west london and I do not have time to get it tomorrow, i am afraid we have to cancel the transaction if you really need this stand by tomorrow

    3. DeCameron


      Stands cost £46 , take it off the price and we have a deal but you'll need to get back to me tonight.

    4. kaiggff


      sorry i think i will not sell this item from now on until I have time to get the stand, and i will put it down from list.

  6. Hi, are these the same headphones you were selling in April?
  7. Hi Dave, you bought from Kaigff ? Just wanted to know if He was ok to deal with- little history on the Wam and Im interested in buying from him.



    1. dinkydave


      Hi Dec,

      sorry for not replying sooner, been off-line for a couple of weeks.  I bought a headphone amp & set of headphones from Kaigff and every thing went very smoothly.  Items received in good time and as described,



    2. DeCameron


      Many thanks Dave, I found him impossible to deal with after twice offering to buy Fostex cans at his asking price, cash on collection.

  8. Jerry three only one problem with that Barber/Bruch recording.....the name at the bottom. He is the worst conductor I've ever heard live but it could have been the orchestra on the night - maybe they thought the same and obliged him.
  9. The RLPO have come on tremendously under Petrenko. I remember hearing them in the late 80's and my jaw dropping for all the wrong reasons.
  10. The vendor went silent shortly after placing the advert, answered initial PM but not follow up PMs.
  11. I hadn't heard of the Orchestre Metropolitain!
  12. An appalling loss to the world at only 50.
  13. That's a wretched picture of Mahler- it looks like his voyage to or more likely, back from from New York where he'd been given the fatal diagnosis.