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    LP12 cirkus lingo
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    ittok lv3 / rohmann
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    Puresound t10/p10
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    Art audio integra
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    atc scm11
  1. Been looking to change my atc scm11s since acquiring an art audio el34 based integrated last year. Considering some Zu Omens are they a good match? Lp12 ittok rohmann puresound t10/p10 art audio Integra.
  2. Opportunity has arisen to change a couple of items in my setup. Thinking about replacing my cd5i nait 5i combo to an Art Audio Integrated valve amp and an Audiolab 8200cd source. Any thoughts?
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    Hi Joined a year ago so figured i'd say hello. I bought a new lp12 21 years ago when I first started work. Upgrading really only started about 8 years ago when I joined eBay. It was like moving next door to a second hand hifi shop! Buying and selling various components enabled me to upgrade without spending a great deal of money. My system is currently an lp12 ittok dynavector xx2 lingo vivid subchasis stage line s linn kan ii nait 5i. My latest purchase was the xx2 but I bought that new replacing a koetsu black. Anyway hope to be posting more often. Kennia