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  1. Hi Dom, I think it's fit for purpose and crazy value for money when you look at what's under the GR hood. the G I'm sure is better with more mass in the platter and plinth, the higher torque twin rotor motor system that's similar if not the same as the SP10-R, but the G doesn't come in black plus I would have had an expensive magnesium arm lying around not being used after the transplant. I could have got something higher up, I was waiting for new Audio Note turntable TT3 to be released but it got delayed, then the new Technics models came out, I've never had a direct drive before and liked what I read about them so jump aboard, now hearing how the GR sounds I'm not thinking of changing it.
  2. Tenuto mat yes, purchased from Guy ( Puresound ) they are designed to fit perfectly on the Technics decks replacing the rubber one. Well the arm works well with my cartridge coming from the same company and on the Technics I can't fault it, the sound is very precise compared to my previous deck NA Spacedeck using the same tonearm/cartridge and Tenuto combination, the Spacedeck was no slouch but the Technics seems to time better with more sparkle, my preference of course.
  3. @RecordProd, this is my 1210GR with Audio Note Arm Three, I got the arm board from Ammonite Audio. The 1210GR s shaped arm pops out in it's own pod held in by three bolts after you take the base off, within an hour after getting the turntable home the arm board and tonearm were installed easy peasy.
  4. Time to get a subwoofer then, enjoy more of what you can hear :-)
  5. JezR

    New Yello album.

    The collectors edition CD comes in at 50:42 with the three extra tracks at the end, Touch and Toy both had an extended CD that could be bought on it's own, so it looks like the only way you can get the extended Point CD is in the box set this time round, a bit naughty.
  6. Mines fine, no pops or crackles, but my copy of Touch on the last track suffers from it, it’s just luck of the draw.
  7. JezR

    New Yello album.

    Where there's a wheel, there's a way
  8. GLWTS Jake, these shouldn't be around too long at that price.
  9. JezR

    New Yello album.

    Record and CD turned up earlier today, just spinning the CD now, very definitely Yello.
  10. Manual biasing as far as I know, not sure about the newer ones but I wouldn't have thought so knowing Gary was very specific with the design, this is the original 300B SE I'm talking about. I would send an email to Gary to be sure.
  11. That’s just a random web picture but all models will be very similar.
  12. The point of contact on the scales needs to be at the same height as the record otherwise you will not get a correct reading. Ideally you need a small platform to the side of the platter for the scales to sit on to get it right.
  13. It’s a bit like a turntable, metal top plate with wooden surround, so no you can’t use it with the wood off. Should be easy to get a wooden surround made cheaply.
  14. JezR

    Klipsch Heresy 4

    There is a seller on eBay doing open box (B stock) Heresy lV for £2456 import duty/postage all in for anyone interested. Three different finishes, American Walnut, American Cherry, Distressed Oak.