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  1. If you’re looking for an valve amp, don’t look here. They even admit it’s a bit untidy.
  2. But....but I've already spent the money . Rules noted for the next time, I think serial numbers should be included as well.
  3. Looks like JBL Array 1400.
  4. My Jap crap portable rig, Sony MDR-D77 headphones and Sony WM-DD33 Walkman.
  5. You've got your Sonatas now, what more do you want
  6. You may find a large metal clad wire wound resistor the other side, one of the windings on the mains transformer most probably needed a voltage drop, don’t ask.
  7. I have a Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm CD reissue that's looks like a mini LP with label and grooves printed on one side, that's black as well. I think it makes it sound better, more analogue sounding
  8. I'm first owner, very good condition, boxed/cables/instructions, titanium matte finish, looking for £530. Can be picked up from Brighton or Kegworth Wam show.
  9. P1 nice speakers, same drivers as Audio Note K I believe.
  10. Cool, Cheers John.
  11. Thanks for the conformation chaps, definitely Sonatas then.
  12. Bought second hand, a bit tatty but work absolutely fine. Can be picked up from Brighton or at the Kegworth show, £30 firm.