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  1. No idea, have only ever done it with changing the resistors. The resistors are less than a penny each. Labour is probably one hour max. Takes skill though. If it was not mine I would take it to local firm to us called Prototype Electronics as they are very skilled with surface mount components and have all the right kit. Last time I use them they didn't charge much, about £40 from memory. And that was to replace a surface mount network chip that had about 40 pins 0.5mm apart. CJ
  2. To be very clear here. As people are commenting on this without knowledge. If you are to fit the current generation of active cards (Chakra) to LK85, LK140 or 5125 amplifiers then several resistors on the amplifier main board need to be replaced. Linn supply these as part of the active card order with also the adaptor boards (both supplied free, you just have to pay of the Chakra cards). The combination of the active cards and the adaptor boards requires more current to operate correctly so smaller resistors need to be fitted to allow that current to flow. Normally the Linn dealer would do this as part of the deal, they do get margin in the active card price, however, it is not clear whether Linn mandate dealers to do this for free. Further, I suspect, the job is not one that many dealers will be able to do as replacing surface mount resistors is tricky. Earlier non-chakra cards (the 'stereo' cards in the case of the LK85, LK140 and four of the possible channels of the 5125) did not need the resistor change and could easily be plugged in or removed. It should be noted that once the resistor change is made there is no need to change it back if the chakra cards/adaptors are no longer used. If you have chakra cards with adaptors in your amps already and the resistors have not been changed then you will not be getting the best sound. I hope that clears up any confusion. CJ
  3. We use UPS to the States and they are normally very quick, have often had an item picked up from me in the UK one afternoon and delivered to a customer in New York state 10am the following morning - that is with standard service too. Shipping to the States is quite cheap too so an Akurate DSM would be about £60 shipping cost. You will then pay whatever the State Tax is for a similar item if bought locally to UPS who will pass it on to US Customs they normally charge a small handling charge as well. Sometimes there is duty to pay but it seems that you have already determined there will be no duty. We have an annual cargo insurance policy and we do not normally charge extra for insurance even though the items we send are fully covered we just take that as part of the cost of doing business. For customers outside of the EU that buy Linn kit with EU warranty we usually offer to facilitate a warranty claim just for the raw shipping cost. i.e. customer sends item back to us (or we arrange collection), we claim against the warranty with friendly local dealer/Linn, get the item fixed and then ship back to customer. We simply charge the customer the shipping cost. Obviously the customer has to have bought the item from us in the first place! Sorry, do not normally check this sub-forum or would have answered earlier. CJ
  4. First Linn was a Linn Axis from Doug Brady HiFi which I prefered on dem to a Rega Planar 3. It was used with a Naim Nait (I would say MK1 but there was only one type of Nait when I bought it as I am OLD!) and a pair of Royd A7 speakers. They produced beautiful music. Bought when I was about 16. I upgraded to an LP12 while I was at University, second hand from Bristol HiFi in Brum. CJ
  5. Thanks to all those that contacted us. We are still looking for stock so now would be a good time to drop us a line for the best prices we can offer. CJ
  6. Exactly. What I meant was it is easy to spend a long time reading stuff on the internet and talking yourself into going down a certain path based on specs, other people's views and paranoia. I simply ran the Keltiks using the Akurate EXAKT DSM and Exaktbox-i. Total second hand price of approx £5000 (not including Keltiks). I did not know what to expect but the system sounded stunning. So much so that if our main listening room would have been dominated by the Keltiks (and have no desire for the extended bass response they provide as the room has a wall to our neighbours house) then I would have seriously considered keeping it. I am lucky that I can hear loads of system combos in our own home so I thought it might be helpful if I added to this discussion with my feelings about one of the very best systems I have heard. I thought it was a bit of a bargain. Note that all this kit was sold a couple of months ago separately so I hidden agenda. I did actually try to persuade a customer to buy the Exakt DSM/Exakbox-i combo and to sell his existing Sneaky DSM and Klouts. This would have been close to a straight financial swap. He was doubtful that it would live up to his Klouts but he did not listen to it - I even offered to bring it round for him to try. I was quite sad about this as I think he would have loved it but there you go. CJ
  7. This year we had a pair of Keltiks in our dem room with an Akurate EXAKT DSM and a Majik Exaktbox-i. They sounded awesome and definitely the best I had heard Keltiks. I would very strongly suggest forgetting about specs and power. I would just listen to what this combination can do. CJ
  8. There is a special mini exaktbox for subs. Can just link to two subs only nothing else CJ
  9. The tweeters themselves are sealed and unrepairable, sadly. CJ
  10. If you were to buy a phono stage you will still feed the signal from your turntable into the MM input as the signal from your MC cartidge is too high for an MC input and would overload it (called clipping) and would sound awful. CJ
  11. I am not sure why you don't think your cartridge is a good match for the Marantz. The cartridge is designed precisely to feed a moving magnet phono stage such as you have in the Marantz. Technically they are the correct two things to go together. Whether you can better the Marantz phono stage becomes much more subjective. It is very difficult to advise on a forum what to do when I am not in front of your system hearing it perform. It is not clear what you are getting from streamed sources and not from records. Unlike streamed sources there are quite a lot of things to setup correctly with a record player for it to sound at its best. My best suggestion is to get someone to check your record player settings that knows what they are doing but is also not going to try to sell you new kit. If you know of such a person then that would be my recommmendation. CJ
  12. As no one seems to have mentioned it ALAC is Apples version of flac. You could use the software to covert to that. CJ
  13. Having previously owned the Marantz I would say it is pretty much as good as any processor can be. There is a lot of ability within the control system to fine tune the setup to 'just so'. One thing I have not touched on so far is: Did you use the Marantz speaker calibration wizard to set-up the whole surround system? No that you are getting the levels from the main speakers that is OK then running the calibration wizard is going to transform the system for the better. This uses the supplied Marantz microphone to do this and there are on screen prompts of exactly what to do. CJ