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  1. Yes, 0 degrees is facing straight down room. It does make sense then for anticlockwise rotation from straight ahead to be negative degrees and clockwise to be positive degrees. CJ
  2. No I haven't. Did not realise that someone has done that. Added to list of things to do. See that instructions are paid though but that is fine as they are so complex. Have also seen that Grohl has motorised/RC the Land Rover too. Needs another set for the motor control system and some extras. Am at this minute advertising on the bay some other sets to fund that. CJ
  3. Just getting back to the important stuff now. My Lego Technic 42110 Land Rover is arriving today! Whoop, Whoop!! Even better is that I have found that there is a very simple fix to a gearbox issue that people were having, very well explained here: Further and it is really getting good now. The Lego Designer, Milan Reindl (known as Grohl), who designed this model has released details of a B model that you can make from this set (a B model is another complete Lego model that you can make from the same parts as the original set). This is a Stadium Truck which also looks pretty awesome. Details here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-36089/grohl/stadium-truck-20/?inventory=1#comments Sorry if this is so out of the interest zone for folks on here but as a engineer/tweaker I love this stuff. I also owned the very first Lego technic kit as a child - the car chassis. CJ
  4. I would buy a second hand Majik DSi or DSM. Does the key things that the Marantz does but better. We have a load of Marantz kit in our second and third systems as well as we used to have Marantz in our main system. Our second and third systems are surround which Linn does not do cheaply. For stereo though the DSi/DSM are no brainers. CJ
  5. Swapping ripped music highly illegal - always has been, as is keeping the ripped music if you sell your CDs. CJ
  6. Bad guy - Billie Eilish 7 Rings - Ariana Grande Train in Vain - The Clash Papa was a Rollin' Stone - The Temptations 7 Days - Craig David Things that stop you dreaming - Passenger CJ
  7. Not been reading this topic so far but to clarify on Exalt and surround: In the newish web version of Konfig/Space Optimization version 2 then you chose in the interface what role each speaker is playing. For example, Front Left, Surround Right etc. Once you have done that, in my case integrated Exalt Akudoriks fronts and 520s surrounds to make a 4.0 system, then you select the Space option. You draw your room and place your speakers in it. It is really neat as it allows you not only to place the exact position of each speaker but also the direction they are facing, particularly significant for surrounds which are often facing sideways. Space then calculated the perfect sound. I use an Xbox One X as my movie source for 4K movies with it set as the decoder so it outputs 5.1 com to my Akurate System Hub without surround module. It works perfectly. The Linn does the extra channel merging so centre goes to front left\right. I found this to be way better than using a real danger and a top end Marantz processor in my prior system. Btw the new Disney+ is staggeringly good on the Xbox feeding this system. TV is a 60 inch LG Pled btw. R
  8. It will just be a matter of timing (before getting the Liebherr). The Land Rover is only due to arrive on Saturday. Wife had a moan that I ordered it yesterday. Main aspect of moan is that I have about 5 sets that I need to sell. Once they are at least advertised then she may be more amenable. Still the Land Rover looks to be interesting - especially the dual gear boxes and four wheel drive. These sets are really great for the engineer in us to appreciate how cleverly they work and have been designed. I think the Land Rover is going to have something of the Claas Tractor about it, the latter being so packed with clever mechanisms it is my favorite from a technical perspective, the cars are better looking while still clever. CJ
  9. Includes a pair of regular size glasses to get a better idea of size (huge!!) and on weighing scales - 2.9Kg Eight speed, working pistons, rear wing, doors, bonnet, suspension, steering. Personally I think the underside view gives a good impression of the complexity. It was also pretty cool before you start adding the body work. CJ
  10. So tempted by the Liebherr, wife much less so. Going to try the Land Rover next. Just rebuilding the Claas tractor atm as that is one of my favorites too although now out of production. I do have the Porsche GT3 in the same series as the Bugatti which is also excellent. CJ
  11. Lego Technics construction is very soothing. I highly recommend the Bugatti Chiron 42083. Amazon have it back ordered to 13 April at £239.99 (RRP £329.99). It looks even more stunning in reality than the pics. CJ
  12. That figure is pretty small. Are you sure that you are measuring metal to metal and not to the powder coat on the tonearm. Even measuring to a work part of the headshell might give that sort of reading as it is glued in place. CJ