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  1. The surround module is not made for Linn. It is off the shelf from a third party. It may or may not be excellent as I have not heard it. However, what it does is decode the compressed audio to PCM which it feeds to the rest of the system. I personally use an Xbox Series X and an LG OLED TV as my two video sources. The LG is via HDMI ARC which is only on the latest HDMI board - the original board in the EXAKT DSMs Linn tested the ARC capabilities and found them poor so they disabled them. The later board works perfectly with a new chipset and also supports 4K pass through which the earlier board did not support. My TV outputs multi-channel PCM and my XBOX 5.1 PCM from Bluray/4K Bluray as it does all the decoding. Given the immense horsepower of the Series X I suspect that would be the best option anyway. I have EXAKT Katalyst Akudorik at the front, 520s as rears and a REL S3 sub with Exaktbox Sub. The latter was overkill but very little cost (for me anyway) and I was very happy without the sub. CJ
  2. Couple of things: 1. Linn will take back broken DSM and rework what they can and potentially use for dems if still not perfect. The DSM also does not cost Linn the sale price to make so their potential loss is probably not that much especially if the case is perfect. 2. Customs often open items that are too dense to be x-rayed - they need to make sure it is safe to transit after all (before it is exported) and not containing illegal items (on import). Clearly some items will also be opened after x-ray too if the contents look doubtful. I am sure a Columbian Drug cartel is quite cable of making manufacturer seals too so the latter do not reduce the likelihood of an item being searched. CJ
  3. Tricky, I used to have 5105s with active cards in and was not aware of this dilemma but have just looked at a LK240 amp board pic online and it is exactly as you say: I really don't know what you should do. I don't have access to the Linn installers archive and don't have the instructions for the correct socket to use. I did not seem to have a problem when fitting cards to my 5105 but can't remember how I did it (was 15 years ago). CJ CJ
  4. I think you have the cards the wrong way round in your writing. The 5125 takes two stereo cards and one mono card - no other option. The 5100 takes 5 mono cards, no other option. CJ
  5. I wrote: Perhaps the best test of this would be to compare new versus old System Hubs as you would have thought that the new System hub has every enhancement EXCEPT for the DAC. One for another day or others to write about. I did not hear the System Hub comparison so did not comment on whether it was better or not. I also do not trust other people's ears just my own. Other people like different things to me so their view on the hub may not be mine. For me the new Hub is not financially an option anyway. I would be very interested to know the details on the supposed new master clock as Linn made a big thing about the new master clock when they released kit with EXAKTlinks. So I am keen to know how the new one is better. CJ
  6. Damn I am using an Akurate System Hub so that price difference is HUGE. I am pretty sure the hub contains the master clock (memory might be off) so the new hub may have an improved version of that on top of everything else. CJ
  7. Dropped in on Colin at What You See and Hear yesterday to pick up some kit and have a listen to the new Klimax Organik DSM. First impressions - it looks better in the flesh than in the pictures produced by Linn. Still not a big fan of the visual design and I still think the volume/control knob and display are a complete waste as you control the unit sitting on the sofa using a phone or tablet. Actually touching your HiFi (apart from your LP12) is so 20th century! Colin did the perfect demo, as ever. A Klimax DSM Katalyst versus the new boy. Both were fed into a Klimax Twin then onto Kudos Super 20a speakers. Both were SPACEd. So Colin started with a few of his demo tracks, first a couple of times on the Kat DSM and then one the Organik DSM. Blimey the difference was not subtle. My simple measure of better sound is if you are hearing things you did not hear before. Yes, you certainly were with the new Organik DSM. It really was like a significant upgrade, even upgrades, to your LP12. You were hearing so much more detail but then this was also translating into so much more involved and absorbing music. I was not expecting this at all. My big takeaway from this was not to underestimate how much a source upgrade can bring. I was going to write DAC upgrade but felt it was not appropriate to simply attribute the sound quality difference to the DAC alone. After all the box is certainly different and there may also be differences in the other electronics that Linn has not talked about. Perhaps the best test of this would be to compare new versus old System Hubs as you would have thought that the new System hub has every enhancement EXCEPT for the DAC. One for another day or others to write about. So bottom line is that for those for whom 30K is not a significant amount of money then the new Klimax Organik DSM is a slam dunk purchase. It is the best source there is. For those for whom 30K is significant then the decision, as ever, is more complicated. If you can afford it, you have a system that it will work in (non-EXAKT) you have to listen to it, simple. I would also recommend listening at Colin's as you will hear the difference. The only downside is that you will spend that money as a demo will not convince you it is not worth it!! I am quite happy that it will not fit in my system (integrated EXAKT speakers) as it is an itch I don't have to scratch, yet. CJ
  8. The Katans are ported too where the Ninka isn't. Probably will sound fine though. I would just let my ears decide. CJ
  9. In my view the 5125 is better than the 5100. I have a customer that upgraded from 5100 to 5125 a few years ago and he is very happy with the change. CJ
  10. I am not sure of Quasimodos location but for a period due to the Brexit customs disaster Linn were not repairing any items from the EU. I suspect they have found a way round that now. Equally most manufacturing firms shut down for at least weeks over Christmas in the UK so likely Linn were shut too. I have always found Colin and Richard to be extremely helpful. A lot of Linn owners use Roon rather than the Linn app. It is pretty cheap versus the price of a Linn system and well worth the money. I don't know whether it would solve your composer issue (as I rarely listen to classical music) but most likely it would. CJ
  11. What I am finding quite odd is that Linn now don't make a passive speaker. This means that for someone buying a new system and it is all Linn then the £30,000 device is completely irrelevant! If they want a pretty box they would buy the £15,000 Klimax system hub, if they were fairly sensible they would buy the £2700 Akurate System Hub. Yes, spend money on Organik in the EXAKT Linn speakers or EXAKTbox with Organik for legacy Linn speakers but there is no current all Linn system in which the £30,000 KDSM can be used. CJ
  12. I not sure what the Linn made DAC really means as I am pretty sure that they don't have a chip fabrication plant. How is Organik different from Katalyst in that respect? CJ
  13. Palleted shipping to Japan of a pair of Akubariks about £700 with FedEx. Not cheap but not stupid money. CJ
  14. Sorry, don't seem to be able to edit my post on this new forum. One possibly interesting fact is that it costs £6800 to Katalyse EXAKT 350s and £10,800 or Organise Exakt 350s. Could this mean that to Organise a Klimax DSM costs (10800/6800)*4200 = £6600 ? CJ
  15. Fundamentally when Katalyst was released the price remained the same. When Organik was released the price doubled. I do think it marks a step change in Linn's attitude to Klimax owners. Although is they offer to Organik a Klimax DSM for £4200 then I am very happy to retract all my negativity. CJ
  16. Best bit for me is that it will not lead to a lot of cheap KDSM on the market!! I am not too excited by the double height look. CJ
  17. Yep and no worried about my Klimax stock being devalued. Saying that yesterday I saw a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse!!! There are people for whom money is no object. This product is for them. CJ
  18. Personally I think the second hand prices will remain as they are as the new kit is so expensive (at least from what has leaked so far). It seems to me that there will be two levels of Klimax kit now, Organik and Katalyst. CJ
  19. No, he is talking about the huge chunk of metal that is missing from the tray as shown in the bottom of the first pic. I suspect that Linn used a tray that is normally used for a Majik DSM as this has vents in the side of the main case. The finish of the first case tray looks factory finish and not someone modifying a case. CJ
  20. Don't use a splitter. Use the Optical from the System Hub to Bluetooth Transmitter. Use Coax from the COAX digital output of Hub to coax input of DAC. CJ
  21. Just looked at the Headbox Digital and it does indeed look an excellent piece of kit and my experience of ESS Sabre DACs in my old OPPO Blu-ray player was that they were spectacularly good. I would not look elsewhere, nice find!! CJ
  22. Seems widespread - need my tunes!!! Off that, seems to be back up now!! CJ
  23. Do not use the Ekwal mid card in the 5140 or you would double up on the bass output - you would not damage the mid but it would sound bad. You need either Espek or 5140 mid cards. which are identical. One other alternate is to buy a new pair of Chakt 12 cards from Linn and ask for the mono adaptors too. If you buy the cards then the mono adaptors are free. CJ
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