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  1. Lies, damned lies, and statistics, hard to know what to believe, according to this it’s not as bad as that and the other 800 million are doing well thank you very much, there’s a figure bandied about that 20% of the UK population is in poverty which is shocking.
  2. Oh do you want me to do a Donal Macintyre on it?!
  3. That was quick! There’s one here on our favourite website 1.5 hrs from me, could’ve made enquiries but I see you have it boxed off, this one is just an L not a PL?
  4. You could sell your Onkyos and get an all in one like this, dunno what it’s amplifying capabilities/ quality is like though.
  5. Here’s the manual, don’t think you’ll find anything in there on it.
  6. Dunno on that one as don’t have a headphone jack on the amp, only have wireless cans anyway😀.
  7. Btw you should get a 70ae well within budget for around £500 albeit thin on the ground, there is a volume button on it which is for the headphone socket, I use my amp remote to control Spotify volume through the streamer, I am sans speakers at the minute and am using a portable one, the volume on this is controlled by the IPhone alright through Bluetooth, I just sparked up the kit and the phone does indeed control the volume on the streamer alright so I’d have to connect it to the amp in a different way to get the benefit of this.
  8. Great choice! I was gonna suggest one of these (I have it’s bigger brother na70ae and rate it, don’t think there are m(any) for sale?) but they don’t have analogue inputs as you specified and I’m afraid also they can’t be used as a pre amp to control volume.
  9. Apparently the middle class population is rising in China, per capita income is going up there year on year, I’m not condoning any of their controlling policies vis a vis their citizens and “employment” but today half of them are living in relatively well-to-do households.
  10. Knowingly buy? - Maybe you do check all the labels, you must live in the dark as you’d be hard pushed to find a light bulb not made in China.
  11. I’m confusing myself here now, it’s a 220v I forgot which isn’t a runner.
  12. I’d say I’d be safe enough even with the rigid tolerance where I am:- If a product is to be used in the UK a 240VAC rated device is ideal but either 240VAC or 230VAC products can be used with confidence. If a product is to be used in mainland Europe or Irish Republic a 220VAC rated device is ideal but either 220VAC or 230VAC products can be used with confidence. the “harmonised voltage limits” in most of Europe (the former 220V nominal countries) are now: 230V -10% +6% (i.e. 207.0 V-243.8 V) In the UK (former 240V nominal) they are: 230V -6% +10% (i.e. 216.2 V – 253.0 V) This effectively means there is no real change of supply voltage, only a change in the “label”, with no incentive for electricity supply companies to actually change the supply voltage. To cope with both sets of limits all modern equipment will therefore be able to accept 230V +/-10% i.e. 207-253V. I asked a guy selling a Cayin a60t with 230v in Lincoln and he said he never had an issue with it or others.
  13. Right George thanks, I note your’s specifies a range between 220 and 240, how long were you waiting a month and can you recall rough cost add on totals as a percentage of item cheers?