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  1. Lads I have the Krell on Ebay with 10 watchers (not that this a guarantee that it’ll convert to a sale of course!), if anyone is in anyway interested here with the better pricing give me a holler.
  2. Yeah no bother at all, what’s right is right even if a grey area, this was bought on the Wam and what’s bought here stays here, these are super speakers with good waf despite what you might have heard😀.
  3. Update on the speaks, Sean not a problem to Sheffield, I am in Belfast on Monday 29/6 and plan to post these DHL from there (although can be there a few days earlier if needs be), if I’m getting it right quote is £80 - two boxes @ 40kgs + the weight of the box a piece, Parcelforce have a weight limit of only 30 kgs per item. I’m gonna sign back up so can accept pms.
  4. Guys I thought I was posting on a different site, haven’t paid my dues on here for a while, shame on me, (hope everyone’s keeping well) so don’t know how I could have uploaded the ad!
  5. Upgraditis has hit, both are quality pieces, no issues whatsoever bar a couple of light scratches which are only noticeable close up, amp is 150 wpc with battleship build, speakers are beautiful in Ferrari grey (made from aluminium not wood), pics on request, looking £800 for the amp and £1400 for the speakers plus a bit for delivery cheers.
  6. My advice to you would be to sell all of your players and buy a Pioneer n-70A, I got one for £450 and it is brilliant, Spptify is built into it.
  7. Hi, checking Google Audio Advisors looks the best, in West Palm Beach South Florida a couple of hours from Orlando. I have been to Florida before but can't advise personsonally cheers.
  8. I actually had a short listen to the 10s in my room, Signature 'n all, with the room being 19' long and only 11' wide I thought the bass was a bit much on the 10s and they are a good bit more imposing than 8s, super speakers though and something I may look at again cheers.
  9. Hi if you can source a pair of Art Deco 8s I think you'll be well happy and consider them as 'keepers', just like me☺
  10. Thanks Simon, prolly better to hang on to it, maybe put it on Ebay and pull the auction early to get an idea of value.
  11. Good afternoon chaps, my son acquired this ball recently, it hasn't been pumped up yet to use, apparently it sold at a charity auction this side of the sound for £3K 20 odd years ago, presumably due to some Irish connections on the ball, I'm looking for a steer on where to go about valuing/ auctioning this to keep him in higher end Nike boots for a while! (of course he might keep it also as he likes Arsenal), Ebay and other memorabilia sites don't throw up any info, only listings seem to cover more recent single signatures, this one is a Pat Jennings ball (can't find anything on this either), 18 signatures, of these I can only identify 14 (think it's the 1979/80 season but ain't sure, - John Devine, Pat Jennings, Willie Young, Don Howe (RIP), Frank Stapleton, Al Sunderland, David Price, Graham Rix, Liam Brady, Terry Neill (Manager), Paul Barron, Steve Gatting, Sammy Nelson and Steve Walford.
  12. Yeah I was at his gig in the Olympia Theatre Dublin in 2004, the band received four standing ovations, a reviewer commented "David Byrne should be recognised for the innovative genius that he is, and should be playing the RDS instead of Paul McCartney"!
  13. She'd give you the kick inside for that! David Byrne, some talent, although a resident of the US since childhood he is still a British citizen, he only acquired US citizenship last year having applied for it in 2012, he voted for the first time in last year's presidential election, I wouldn't say he voted for The Donald!
  14. I love them cos I can easily check them out on Spotify, some of my top 5 would include:- The Who - Live in Hyde Park David Bowie - A Reality Tour Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always Japan - Assemblage