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  1. Rarely to I see people here stepping into the traditional music gemre. I went to their very first concert at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. Thomas Bartlett is an interesting pianist (even if he is in the wrong key for one track!). A bit of self promotion here but can I also point you to Ryan Young who I have been helping and helped record his Debut CD with a grammy winning producer. Here he is with Dennis Cahill (from the Gloaming) a few weeks ago
  2. My ATC40A's have now arrived after a 6-8 week build time; and I can only concur. Just 2 boxes now; Innuos Zen Mk2 server, Audiolab M-Dac+ (integral volume control and headphone out) and active speakers.
  3. Hint: It's an American Guitarist
  4. Seriously it is fairly simple (I know that is a relative term). Start here http://www.innuos.com/en/go/manual-managing-server-dashboard Any problems you don't understand by all means PM me.
  5. Hopefully they won't put the cabinets outside your window like this.
  6. Had mine for a while now. Excellent back up from Innuos BTW - when I had a small software update issue they logged on remotely via my PC and sorted it in a few minutes. Any missing data is easily corrected through the computer interface BTW.
  7. Not wishing to quibble but nearly every artist mentioned has played or plays with other backing musicians. Without reading every post the only one who has probably stood on stage solo for a whole show or played on a whole album solo is Neil Young. Graham Nash has another guitarist on his 'solo tour'. I stand to be corrected though. I've seen Springsteen do 3 hours solo on stage (he's equally as good on his own or with the E Street Band) but I can't think of many others who can hold an audience on their own that long.
  8. That would have no scientific validity at all and would be totally pointless. You could not draw any conclusions from it. It would be the equivalent of giving a handful of people a different drug for pain relief and poking them with a needle and saying which one works best? How are you going to level match the amplifiers, how are you going to choose the subjects (male, female, age, ethnic mix) and have a statistically valid sample (am 18 year olds ears are very diffent to a 58 year old), how do you stop it being a test of people's memory rather than sound quality. How will the test be made double blind? These and many more issues are why it would cost a significant amount of money to do any serious testing.
  9. It would be extremely complex and cost thousands of pounds as this video (I have posted before) points out in respect of loudspeakers.
  10. Subjectivist: "I think my new Arglebargle X1000 sounds way better than the Craphound PST-1." Objectivist: "No, if they both measure 20-20K flat, have THD below 0.1%, and have a low output impedance, they have to sound the same." Subjectivist: "I think my experience trumps your measurements." Objectivist: "No, humans can’t perceive anything beyond that, see (insert links to tests here.)" Subjectivist: "Well, I hear a difference and so does (insert anecdotes about friends, spouses, dogs, fish, etc)." Objectivist: "Anecdotes aren’t data! You’re fooling yourself. (Insert words about scientific method and significant results here.)" Subjectivist: (Sigh.) "Just leave me alone to enjoy my Arglebargle with the other folks I’m talking to here." Objectivist: "No! Don’t you see you’re being taken advantage of by people selling overpriced gear?" Subjectivist: "Ad hominem!" Objectivist: "Ad hominem!" Me: "Ever wonder why most hifi forums are in decline?"
  11. No idea, although one review claims All in all the Innuos Zen MkII makes a very good case for using a dedicated audio server rather than a NAS drive and network switch, it sounds considerably better for one, making even a high end NAS seem distinctly crude by comparison http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/innuos-zen-mkii-network-server For me it's the fact that I have the convenience of everything in one simple unit which is conected to my DAC (with volume control) and active speakers. I just load a cd in the front and it gets ripped and cataloged automatically in most cases.
  12. I've Nexus 7 which is ticking along ok Wanted a cheap second tablet for controlling my server, so after a bit of research bought a Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential Tablet from John Lewis with a 2 year guarantee for £49.99 Seems the price has gone up to £69.99 but haven't checked prices elsewhere https://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-tab3-7-essential-tablet-quad-core-processor-android-gps-wi-fi-only-7-1gb-ram-8gb-hard-drive/p3125323 Good, cheap little tablet seems more solid and a better display than my very old Nexus 7. Battery life isn't the best and only 8GB but does all that I wanted it for and couldn't go wrong at the price I paid.
  13. +1 you forget to add that the illness is found, most often, 'in elderly males of the species' (of which I am one) and that women are often immune to the condition hence the picture clearly shares no resemblance to any audiophile as there seems to be no old fogies nor a zimmer frame in sight.
  14. No Vinyl, here CDs ripped (and catalogued in most cases) automatically to FLAC (or Wav if you want) and downloads all put on my Innuos Server, controlled via my Tablet. Simple. http://www.innuos.com/en/catalog/go/zen-mk2-std
  15. Funnily enough I can read. He also then said "then either use a PC to transfer the file onto the MF hard drive via an Ethernet cable or get the MF to rip the CD. " which is going to involve using the PC route. Sorry for trying to be helpful.
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