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  1. Selling this for my Dad. It's in very good condition considering it's age. Works perfectly and with original remote control and manual. The sound is quite remarkable for the money. Looking for £75 plus postage or collect from Coulsdon, Surrey (15 mins from J6 M25)
  2. Thanks very much but it's the update I need. When I click on the link on the NAD Website I get a 404 error.
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to set up this amp for my Dad and the driver is missing from the page on NAD's website. Has anyone got it on their pc that they could email me?
  4. Anyone have this and want to move on??
  5. Has anyone used this company recently? JUST HAD A RESPONSE, THEY ARE STILL GOING! I've spent a lot of money over the years with them but recently ordered a record stand and a few weeks later, still no show. I received an email from them a week or so ago but my last two have been blanked and their phone number is now not in use.
  6. Sorry, forgot to add Maxwell - Urban Hang Suite
  7. Great collection! I'm desperate for Paolo Nutini - Sunny Side Up. Any Norah Jones Off The Wall and Thriller - MJ Not sure if I saw it but Corinne Bailey Rae self titled debut. Cheers
  8. I'll pay for the shipping. Coaxial £15 delivered and I'll drop the Tarantula to £30 delivered. SOLD
  9. I'll pay for the shipping. Coaxial £15 delivered and I'll drop the Tarantula to £30 delivered.
  10. I have an IXOS cable for sale. £15 delivered and it's yours. It was very well regarded a few years ago and is in excellent condition. https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/148155-merlin-tarantula-power-and-ixos-coaxial-cables-for-sale/?tab=comments#comment-2677531
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