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  1. Hello! I have 2 x 2m rca interconnects (non-Grun) for sale(boxed).Shipment from the EU. Thank you for your advice as regards their price.
  2. huzy

    Cyrus PSX-R

    Hi, Has anyone done a factory upgrade to PSX-R2?
  3. What about dac-equipped Cyrus amps?
  4. I have just been offered an 8a integrated.Can you tell me what (except for a dac in the xpd) is the difference between the 8xpd and 8a?
  5. Gents, I am interested in an 8XPd stereo integrated.At this mom I am unable to listen to that thus asking experienced people.I have found HiFi World review concluding that" this is a very well voiced amp " while HiFi Choice is underlining "shrillness in sound".. What is your experience please?
  6. Hi, I use The Linn Majik-I in my main system.Thought to have Cyrus in my 2nd 1
  7. Hi, Could you please elaborate on similarities and differences in sound characteristics? Speakers 4 ohm Focal
  8. I have used cd transport + dac for years now as well as Tidal hifi. Having recently acquired Linn Majik I amp I thought I might try a Linn player just for feeding my curiosity. £800 for an unheard cdp is too much however
  9. Yes,it does! And yes,I know. Thanks again Kris
  10. Thanks! Still I would like to know how Majik cd compares with other £800 cd players.Densen for example.
  11. Hi, I would mostly appreciate your opinion on this player.I can buy it for abt £800. Thank you!
  12. Basing on experience I am recommending "audiophile fuses" by especially Synergistic Research.As of yet I have not come across more effective tweak
  13. Hi, Have used HiFi Tuning Supreme Copper fuse at a fraction of cost of Synergistic Research Orange one. I believe the HF Tuning is available in the UK and can be borrowed for free trial which I strongly recommend if you want to add body to the sound and tame highs. All the Best! Kris
  14. Hudson Project by Abercrombie,Erskine,Mintzer and Pattitucci
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