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  1. Thanks Tendaberry vm indeed! Afraid of universal players.Akurate seems a better option. Ps the Majik cd is on its way to me.
  2. Tendaberry, Lots of thanks! Akurate cd is very rare and very costly....
  3. Have tried Tidal with Meridian dacs.I prefer cds definitely
  4. Hi everyone, I intend to add the above to the Majik I integrated.Your opinion on the player is mostly appreciated. Cheers! Kris
  5. Thanks,I do not intend to biamp. What is the Dynamik bringing to the party as regards the Majik I integrated?
  6. Hi Gents, The Majik I integrated would act as a preamp only connected via its preouts with The Majik 2100 power. Will this marriage be a significant upgrade over the Majik I integrated alone? Thanks for comments
  7. Hello! I have 2 x 2m rca interconnects (non-Grun) for sale(boxed).Shipment from the EU. Thank you for your advice as regards their price.
  8. huzy

    Cyrus PSX-R

    Hi, Has anyone done a factory upgrade to PSX-R2?
  9. What about dac-equipped Cyrus amps?
  10. I have just been offered an 8a integrated.Can you tell me what (except for a dac in the xpd) is the difference between the 8xpd and 8a?
  11. Gents, I am interested in an 8XPd stereo integrated.At this mom I am unable to listen to that thus asking experienced people.I have found HiFi World review concluding that" this is a very well voiced amp " while HiFi Choice is underlining "shrillness in sound".. What is your experience please?
  12. Hi, I use The Linn Majik-I in my main system.Thought to have Cyrus in my 2nd 1
  13. Hi, Could you please elaborate on similarities and differences in sound characteristics? Speakers 4 ohm Focal
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