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  1. Hello! I have 2 x 2m rca interconnects (non-Grun) for sale(boxed).Shipment from the EU. Thank you for your advice as regards their price.
  2. huzy

    Cyrus PSX-R

    Hi, Has anyone done a factory upgrade to PSX-R2?
  3. What about dac-equipped Cyrus amps?
  4. I have just been offered an 8a integrated.Can you tell me what (except for a dac in the xpd) is the difference between the 8xpd and 8a?
  5. Gents, I am interested in an 8XPd stereo integrated.At this mom I am unable to listen to that thus asking experienced people.I have found HiFi World review concluding that" this is a very well voiced amp " while HiFi Choice is underlining "shrillness in sound".. What is your experience please?
  6. Hi, I use The Linn Majik-I in my main system.Thought to have Cyrus in my 2nd 1
  7. Hi, Could you please elaborate on similarities and differences in sound characteristics? Speakers 4 ohm Focal
  8. I have used cd transport + dac for years now as well as Tidal hifi. Having recently acquired Linn Majik I amp I thought I might try a Linn player just for feeding my curiosity. £800 for an unheard cdp is too much however
  9. Yes,it does! And yes,I know. Thanks again Kris
  10. Thanks! Still I would like to know how Majik cd compares with other £800 cd players.Densen for example.
  11. Hi, I would mostly appreciate your opinion on this player.I can buy it for abt £800. Thank you!
  12. Basing on experience I am recommending "audiophile fuses" by especially Synergistic Research.As of yet I have not come across more effective tweak
  13. Hi, Have used HiFi Tuning Supreme Copper fuse at a fraction of cost of Synergistic Research Orange one. I believe the HF Tuning is available in the UK and can be borrowed for free trial which I strongly recommend if you want to add body to the sound and tame highs. All the Best! Kris
  14. Hudson Project by Abercrombie,Erskine,Mintzer and Pattitucci
  15. Do try then.You may be astonished
  16. I have got positive experience as regards Synergistic Research - they constitute a tweak comparable with better cables
  17. Hi, Have just decided to buy the amp.It has appeared to play jazz beautifully.Wondering now which Synergistic Research fuse to choose.Pity that Red is now hard to find...
  18. So far so good except upper mids emphasis-soon an XLO interconnect will arrive hoped to tame that.
  19. I considered NVA amp but this is said to sing with speakers of at least 8 ohm impedance.My speakers belong to 4 ohm group and I am wondering whether the Majik I could drive them at all....
  20. Yes,it is a model with circular buttons and Dynamik power supply
  21. Thanks! Then partnering them with the Majik I would make the effect revealing too much,I suppose?
  22. JM Lab and Zoller share the same tweeter and similar woofers in D'Appolito mode
  23. The Zollers constituted an upgrade from JM Lab Electra 905's which you possibly heard ( not only of)
  24. The speakers are German made Zoller Imagination equipped with Focal kevlar woofers and Focal Tioxid tweeters.Very revealing and enjoyable very much if partnered with smooth amplifier
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