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  1. Funds received thank you Hopefully post tomorrow, will confirm Cheers Nigel
  2. Just a thought for any fellow wam players, sons, daughters, relatives etc I’ve been getting ready for the restart of Big Band rehearsals (yipeee!) and discovered these two mouthpieces. These two are from a mouthpiece safari before lockdown 1. They have been test played, never gigged and put to one side, they are in mint condition with minimal insertion marks. All sanitised and ready to go Vincent Bach 1 1/2C Trumpet Mouthpiece , boxed £35 posted Now sold Yamaha TR-17B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece, boxed £23 posted Now sold Please PM me for pictures, further details or Google
  3. Price reduction, reasonable offers considered
  4. Cardas Clear USB A to B (USB 2.0) 1.5M For sale Only six months old and now surplus to requirements. My USB cable safari has ended for the time being and I’m raising funds for my turntable project, when I find the right turntable. Information about the cable online from Cardas http://www.cardas.com/clear_usb.php This is for sale with original packaging and certificate at £100 posted. (Now £179 new) Payment by BACS or PayPal gift/friends and family I am near Kidderminster Please PM if you need further info
  5. This is all brilliant information and I can't thank you all enough. I've got the YouTube videos bookmarked, I've read and re read all comments in the thread AND a shopping list of some basic stuff. I found the Bum product Rabski mentioned via Google!! I was expecting all sorts of stuff to be listed but all ok. I might put the list on here or pm Thanks for your time and advice, turntable itch scratched......until one comes up on here for sale Cheers 🎺
  6. Thanks for all contributions so far, really looking forward to get confident in doing these dark arts! Azimuth- if it is out of adjustment do you tighten/loosen one of the cartridge bolts slightly or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Thanks
  7. Never done this before so need to get proper kit together, so much choice out there and some very expensive gear. Suggestions please for a first timer (nothing rude) Thanks
  8. I do have another itch, not HiFi, a Taylor trumpet, a Chicago standard, made by Andy Taylor in Norwich just brilliant craftsmanship ............one day
  9. Thanks for all the responses so far - you have got me thinking and Googling which is a very positive thing. Pinkie you have a pm Cheers
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