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  1. Just to clarify - as the photos indicate the protective plastic is still on There is absolutely nothing wrong with the unit - the Dac I have my eyes on is £1500 and I need some more funds otherwise I'm in serious trouble(!!??? you've guessed!) With Roon being $1 for three months you could have a relatively cheap project Cheers
  2. Thanks for your suggestions - will Google and Ebay search to see if I can find something
  3. Black Friday through to Cyber Monday reduction £100 reduction so now £360 + postage - an absolute bargain, but my new DAC is calling!! My experiment with Roon has stopped – simply because something else has cropped up that I can’t resist. Components 1 Intel NUC NUC10i7FNH 8 GB Crucial RAM DDR4-2666 SODIMM 1 Samsung EVO 860 Sata M2 SSD This NUC has been assembled and running for 1 week and has performed brilliantly. All of the components have been purchased from Ebuyer. It is boxed and all contents that should be there are present I followed the recommendations from here The installation of ROCK was fine, these instructions were followed I have left the ROCK installation on the NUC, if you are going to use it for Roon it will save you some time and effort. If you would like me to remove ROCK, reset the bios to defaults then no problem. The total cost was £522 I would like £460 plus postage/ courier. £100 reduction so now £360 + postage The buyer must arrange/ agree the postage type/ courier because of the level of insurance required (or not if the buyer is prepared to take the risk and not me!) Local pickup is possible, I am shielding do to my recent cancer treatment, so by arrangement the parcel could be collected socially distanced and my wife supervising I am in Worcestershire <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="undefined"><a href="">View post on</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf
  4. Chemo has finished, recovery starts with some time on my hands yippeeeeeee!! For all sorts of reasons I have traded my Devialet Expert Pro for a Hegel 190 and am very pleased with it. I currently use a Melco, which I have been pleased with, but when Melco moved to software upgrades for £500 I decided that when I could replicate or better my sound in my system then I’m out of that brand. Hence I’m building a Roon NUC which I am hoping will become my digital music source (time on hands) A little disappointment with the Hegel is that the DAC limits USB implementation to max resolution of 24-bit/96kHz which is fine. I do have some DSD files and Hi Res 24-bit/192kHz files as well. I can listen to the files, except the DSD files have to be instructed via the Melco to be played as PCM. The digital coax input does not have the 24-bit/96kHz limit. Here’s my question ………… is there a quality way of getting my USB signal converted to a digital coax input that isn’t going to break the bank? Anyone point me to a product or has one they would recommend All the best Nigel
  5. Just wondered if any wammer could recommend a product please. I don't have a problem, but given the 3 stock feet, there are obvious improvements to be had imho. Funk Firm do Bo!ng, but I can't find much information for the £155 being asked. Not up to much DIY at the moment as going through chemo, but the music is keeping me going!! In anticipation thanks for any suggestions Nigel
  6. Hi I use mostly aa rechargeables, for flash unit, current Hahmel failing. Any ideas for a replacement, seen smart/intelligent ones on eBay and Amazon, are they good? All suggestions welcome, I 'm going through chemo atm so I 'll look at replies and reply when I can Cheers trumpetman
  7. Hi Mark, thanks for your reassurance and kind words. I hope you are keeping well under the circumstances. Yes it's a journey that has to be done, we'd rather not but there's no choice with cancer and chemo. Due to the lovely people of the wam I'm all sorted with music and ear buds, my head is in a really good place and I'm ready for this. I hope your treatment is successful for you and no complications in the future. If any wammer reading this is also having chemo then I wish you all the best. Certainly talking about it here has helped no end, and also the Macmillan organisations and their nurses are absolute angels. kind regards, Nigel
  8. Many, many thanks to all members that pointed me in the right direction. I am so grateful to you all. Big thanks to Bencat, the ear buds arrived today, working superbly, very generous indeed. Everything appears to be working fine, just learning how to find and do stuff. So it's music sorted, listening to music sorted........chemo bring it on!!!!!! Thanks a lot - Nigel
  9. Thanks to everyone who has posted. It's funny that for home HiFi you think of boxes and cables, storage etc.... the crazy stuff our hobby can lead to. The strangest thing I had completely ignored was that my phone provides exactly what I'm looking for, I just needed you guys to point that out, ☺ I've got iTunes more or less sorted, more tweaks tomorrow. I'll keep you posted Cheers Nigel
  10. Hi thanks for your reply. iPhone se. Just going to start some internet searches. Cheers
  11. Thanks for your'll have to point me to some instructions,I have one, but use it only for texts and calls ....for the moment that is
  12. Hope this is the most appropriate forum. I have been diagnosed with cancer, had my tumour removed and now comes the chemotherapy. I am OK about it all, but shitting myself if I over think it! I have my CD collection ripped to Flac and no end of Mp3s lurking on drives. I would like to listen to as much music as I can during the treatment, can you point me to a small portable earphone/headphone system I can use while on a ward for two days at a time. In my head I have in mind copying some of my stuff over to a device and bingo job done, but you guys will educate me I'm sure. Cheers