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  1. I will always consider an offer.........
  2. Now Sold. Jupiter JPT- 416 Pocket Trumpet Bb The Jupiter JPT- 416 Pocket Trumpet has a tightly wound body for gig work, ideal for taking on holiday to keep your lip in shape. Bore 11.68mm Bell 94mm Body lacquer Pistons nickel silver Amado style water keys This has been my reserve trumpet for years and has been used sparingly. There are no dents or scratches. It is a surprisingly good trumpet and under rated in my opinion – a good novelty value but it delivers!! It is up for sale as I’ve bought a Taylor trumpet and I’ve got too many horns now. It has been fully serviced recently and I tootle on it regularly so nothing seizes up Included in the sale is the case (which keeps it very secure and protected), some valve oil, a cleaning cloth and the original 7c mouthpiece. It will take any standard trumpet mouthpiece. Please examine the photos carefully, they are an important part of the condition of the horn It does have a few minor lacquer tarnishes as the photos show, but nothing to worry about. This is normal where the trumpet is handled. There is no sign of red rot. I have often thought that these would make an ideal trumpet for smaller hands – I know some children/ beginners use them and are delighted with how they perform. The trumpet will be packed securely and because of its value I suggest UPS standard delivery . There are cheaper couriers, but I have always used UPS to post my trumpets......your choice, be about £20 All in all a well cared for pocket trumpet @ £175 or best offer More pictures via pm Postage quote is for UPS standard service with insurance
  3. SOLD Sigma DC 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 OS HSM DC Lens - for Canon EFs Canon EFs fit Boxed with both caps and unused hood. Original paperwork Light use only, no issues known Always used with a filter, which is included More photos available, please message - I'll see about getting them on a phot sharing site later Plenty of information on the internet about this lens. I am selling to rationalise the Canon kit I own - I've got a full frame Canon so this lens is no good to me now AND I've just bought a new trumpet £160 or best offer - you choose and pay for what postal service you prefer This item is now sold
  4. Well done you!! This is brilliant news.......we are all wishing you all the best
  5. Hi mattykyuss Just checking in - how are things? Hope things are much better and settled down a bit. I don't expect you to reply here but I thought you should know that we're thinking about you Just build on any positive things!!! Cheers Nigel
  6. I have just turned a corner with my mental health, mine was cancer related. I never thought I'd need support, but I did and I really appreciate the help I'm now getting. Please talk to someone asap. There will be support out there for you. The good thing is you have told us- that is a huge thing to do and probably way out of your comfort zone. Do small achievable things that you can manage hour by hour if necessary. Post back here, let us know
  7. Hi Some advice please. I've located a used trumpet part I've been looking for - for a long time! The chap wants $125 for it which is an absolute bargain + shipping Questions in my head before I say yes Best way to pay Best way for him to ship to UK- reliable firms suggestions please Will I be subject to import duty? (not a problem, but how does it all happen?) Or shall I walk away as there are too many risks since brexit? Thanks Nigel
  8. Funds received thank you Hopefully post tomorrow, will confirm Cheers Nigel
  9. Just a thought for any fellow wam players, sons, daughters, relatives etc I’ve been getting ready for the restart of Big Band rehearsals (yipeee!) and discovered these two mouthpieces. These two are from a mouthpiece safari before lockdown 1. They have been test played, never gigged and put to one side, they are in mint condition with minimal insertion marks. All sanitised and ready to go Vincent Bach 1 1/2C Trumpet Mouthpiece , boxed £35 posted Now sold Yamaha TR-17B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece, boxed £23 posted Now sold Please PM me for pictures, further details or Google to obtain size, backbore, rim etc cheers trumpetman
  10. Price reduction, reasonable offers considered
  11. Cardas Clear USB A to B (USB 2.0) 1.5M For sale Only six months old and now surplus to requirements. My USB cable safari has ended for the time being and I’m raising funds for my turntable project, when I find the right turntable. Information about the cable online from Cardas http://www.cardas.com/clear_usb.php This is for sale with original packaging and certificate at £100 posted. (Now £179 new) Payment by BACS or PayPal gift/friends and family I am near Kidderminster Please PM if you need further info
  12. This is all brilliant information and I can't thank you all enough. I've got the YouTube videos bookmarked, I've read and re read all comments in the thread AND a shopping list of some basic stuff. I found the Bum product Rabski mentioned via Google!! I was expecting all sorts of stuff to be listed but all ok. I might put the list on here or pm Thanks for your time and advice, turntable itch scratched......until one comes up on here for sale Cheers
  13. Thanks for all contributions so far, really looking forward to get confident in doing these dark arts! Azimuth- if it is out of adjustment do you tighten/loosen one of the cartridge bolts slightly or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Thanks
  14. Never done this before so need to get proper kit together, so much choice out there and some very expensive gear. Suggestions please for a first timer (nothing rude) Thanks
  15. I do have another itch, not HiFi, a Taylor trumpet, a Chicago standard, made by Andy Taylor in Norwich just brilliant craftsmanship ............one day
  16. Thanks for all the responses so far - you have got me thinking and Googling which is a very positive thing. Pinkie you have a pm Cheers
  17. Well scratched!! Looks good
  18. Thanks Jazid, I 'll take a look and Google! Cheers
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