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  1. No worries Jamie. More BBQ than Bake-Off but much fun was had by all.
  2. Thanks Graeme. Really quite sad to let these go. But if the don't work in the room, there's not much room for sentimentality.
  3. One owner from new (July 2004). Natural Oak. Excellent condition. Spikes supplied and original jump bars available (currently interlinked with Atlas wires). Totally loved but I've bought smaller boxes to suit the cottage. The only blemish apart from a bit of shading from the grills is a microscopic nick in the laminate (barely visible). No packaging, so collection (south Oxfordshire) or reasonable delivery (at fuel cost) only. Or deliver to Jim & Dom's Bakeoff. £200.
  4. OK, I'll take that. Not bad. But then I like Fiuse's guitar licks.
  5. Ozexpat

    Formula 1 2016

    Once they understand what the rules will actually be. I haven't heard if the new 2017 rules have been set in stone yet.
  6. Only rapping worthy of a listen is RATM. /thread
  7. Jeez, even by my standards this is a bit....errr...."Dad Rock". But worse still, this is "bland" Dad Rock. You might as well have posted a Status Quo album . If M&S did Dad Rock.........
  8. Lot's of it is excellent. It seems to be a good entre. Lots of different styles from different eras. It's a keeper.
  9. Good album. As much as I like this West Coast Country vibe, it's a little....erm....straight. I like it but I really need to be in the mood for it (or Narelle puts it on). There are better albums in this style and Browne does it better too. It's a good choice and the lyrics are great, but it's a bit too......well, you know.