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  1. Actually the supply that Linn called the Basik in the 90s had pretty much the same configuration as the later Majik circuit.However the caps and dropping resistor were smaller sized and not X/Y rated for mains use.It also omitted the zener regulation with just a 22k resistor across the second motor winding. The original red button supply was def.more "basic".
  2. The Majik supply is actually rather more sophisticated than the original LP12 circuit.If you trace the schematic you find a series 1uf capacitor to block any DC component in the mains supply as well as providing some voltage drop.Next there's a 12db low pass filter consisting of the 1.5k dropper resistor in conjunction with another 1uf cap to filter any mains borne noise above approx.100hz.There's also varistors plus zeners for output regulation as seen in Valhalla and Hercules.So not that simple after all.