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  1. Thanks for the suggestions made guys.From the comments so far it matches my own thoughts,Sugden seems to make sense as a few people have used them with Proac speakers and results mention that the soundstage is detailed and gives a warmth to the sound,probably what I'm aiming for ,wasn't too sure about Naim and by comments made seems as if it gives a leaner sound, not my preference.Will consider the options and splash the cash soon.
  2. To be honest,the Crescendo amp works well in my system and it makes sense just to stick with it.However I've been listening to a lot more music because of the lockdown,and just curious to see what difference could be added to the sound quality if I change the amp,hopefully I can demo some of the options mentioned.Happy with the speakers and CD player and not intending to go into vinyl,too damned expensive to start there again.Another possible option would be an upgraded DAC,but unsure if this would be needed with the Meridian player.
  3. It was,not a bad amp however after having it for a period of time and seeing the various reports on suitable amps for Proac,think it's worth considering a change.
  4. Have a couple of systems running through my speakers,Pro AC Response D2 .I tend to use the Meridian G06 player for most of my listening and also have an Arcam DV88/Teac UD-H01 Dac as an alternative .Enjoy the sounds I get from both ,however wondering if an upgrade in the amp will make a difference?I have an Audio Analogue Crescendo amp which I bought along with the speakers and matched well on the demo,however I wonder if an improvement on the sound can be achieved with another amp? It seems as if Sugden or Naim amps would be a good match with the speakers,and I've liked the Arcam sound on p
  5. Saw them on Monday night at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, excellent concert .Good harmony vocals however Klara who takes the lead vocals is definitely the better voice. Backing musicians are also due a mention, guy playing pedal steel guitar was especially good. Good one to start the year with.
  6. Saw this guy at the Edinburgh Festival on Tuesday, superb.[video=youtube;NASBpbVLChY]
  7. Tickets to see Thea Gilmore in Kendal and Glasgow in June.
  8. Just back from the Stiff Little Fingers gig at the Barrowlands, Glasgow. Took me back to 77 apart from my baldy napper and inability to pogo for more than one song, excellent.
  9. Looking forward to the Gene Clark Documentary The Byrd Who Flew Alone on BBC4 tomorrow night. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03tdd6k
  10. His songs have been used in a few films, as well as the David Lynch movie, Stanley Kubrick used the song "Baby did a bad bad thing" in the film Eyes Wide Shut, however I liked this one from the film Beautiful Girls.[video=youtube;4K35PUYZJSw]
  11. Saw the film last night enjoyed it, captured the feel of the era brilliantly, the Golf Club scene and aftermath was hilarious, plenty of nubile young ladies showing their assets throughout the movie:bouncey:. Leonardo Dicaprio reminded me of Jack Nicholson in full flow with his performance, that could be a good or bad thing, depending on your viewpoint, will it be Oscar winning, who knows ? great supporting cast as well, recommend seeing it.
  12. Thanks for all the recommendations of various amps to try out, don't think I would try Sonneteer, had a Bronte amp and it didn't do the speakers justice, felt it produced a flat sterile sound, didn't go well together, the next step try to get a listen to some amps.
  13. Mike that could be a good shout, as I have the GO6 .
  14. Thanks for the offer, good info to go on, couple of decent dealers within the area for me to follow up your recommendations, might go down the power amp route.
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