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  1. Anyone got one of the above which is good but not crazily expensive?
  2. As per title, please let me know if you have one....
  3. As above: LSN1, VBS or equivalent! Many thanks
  4. I had these paired with a Response Audio modded Mc7R years ago and liked them...Rather scary internal biasing required however and ultimately overall bass was rather slow and wooly...
  5. The Tung Sol 5687 are really very good indeed, the Sylvania GB gold pin 5687 better still- top tube throughout the range.
  6. Your most important consideration when buying speakers may well be resale value but that wasn't what Robin asked. Keep off the red meat.
  7. Resale value is not really an issue if you find you don't want to sell them on. Yep?
  8. A pair of Edingdales should work well.... 93dB, Front ported, unfussy in different room sizes, immense with valves, less than £2000 for the build. The best floorstander I've ever heard. Give Colin Topps a shout.
  9. I have been through numerous SS and valve amps and each and every one has sounded (markedly) different. The answer, according to my ears, is a most definite no.
  10. Bummer but there are exceptions to every rule . Trying polling NAF owners for problems... In the event, A simple, well executed SET should be repairable by most suitably qualified technicians irregardless of country of residence:-)
  11. I actually live in Italy and have listened to Viva, Solista products and owned a NAF 845SE. I would maintain that for £2500 (second hand prices obviously)I have not heard any of the above products that are as good as the one I mentioned. Based on experience- bearing in mind the usual considerations of context.
  12. £2500 would get you a LongDog audio 300B SET custom build which would blow ANY NAF or VIVA 845 or 300b out the water at that price point. Easily....
  13. I've had a MD KT88, SET 845 , 845 monos and MC7r pre (platnium mods Response Audio USA). First was pretty poor the others more than decent. ...Hard wired components but IMO the cheap trannies are the weakest link for long term use when they should really be the strongest...