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  1. Bump for this incredible speaker cable. To any Wilson owners these are a match made in heaven, Wilson use Transparent cable inside their speakers.
  2. Transparent Musicwave Super speaker cable 3 metre pair. This is the MM2 version so these are the most recent version of these amazing cables with the red and black braided ends c/w factory fitted spades as opposed to the black plastic ends on the earlier versions. In excellent condition no marks on the black outer braiding and the spades have some normal usage marks where they have been connected. Bought from uk official dealer Midland Audio Exchange. Amazing high end transparent and ultra dynamic cable. The rrp was approx £2,000. Available for £895. Oxford Audio are selling an older version 1 pair for £995 so the choice is yours. No original box but will be securely packed for shipping.
  3. Ok Carl fair comment I'm sure they are all in the same ballpark regards performance.
  4. Hi Carl, I think you were playing Goldfrapp at the time I came in and it certainly got my attention. You don't buy Wilson's to sit back and fall asleep! Having a valve pre would certainly complement the Krell Power amp. How does the Jeff Rowland integrated compare? Also be interested how you think the 5.1's sound compared to your previous Sophias?
  5. Your system at Scalford a few years ago Carl was very impressive. From memory Wilson Sophia speakers with Krell pre? and KSA300 power amp and Wadia cd player. Hearing that got me on the road to getting another pair of Wilson's
  6. Bump - I'm surprised the Tag McLaren xlr is still here it is a cracking xlr interconnect.NOW SOLD
  7. Bump - excellent cables need a new home!
  8. Kemp power cable sold, will include postage for remaining items.
  9. Been sorting my hifi draw and have the following cables for sale. All are excellent condition and very little use (unless stated below):- Kemp Low Power Cord 1.5 metre long, very capable and highly regarded cable from the dutch company Kemp Electronics £SOLD Belden 19364 Power Cable 1.1 metre long complete with quality MK plug and Kaiser IEC £25 Shanling Power Cable OFC copper 1.5 metre long. Very rare and robust heavy cable this came with my £5k Shanling CD Pro 5000 cd player £60 TAG McLaren F3-10-ANA XLR interconnect brand new 1metre pair - a class above the budget xlr interconnects £SOLD ELSEWHERE Happy to post payment by pp gift if possible.
  10. Thumbs up for Wilson speakers I have had several pairs over the years and can concur they offer a bold and dynamic presentation. Pride of ownership is off the scale as is build quality.
  11. Great to hear this excellent news.