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  1. The best preamp you can buy.....period !!! Would love to have it in my system now which would then be all balanced again but one day maybe.....I have a beautiful extension now so musn't complain
  2. I had one for 18 months in my system. The positives.... Looks an absolute beast on your rack. Pride of ownership gets no better. 38db of gain so plenty of volume. In class A a very tactile dynamic sound (I used mine with an Esoteric C03 preamp) The negatives..... Extremely heavy! Unlistenable in class A in the summer as room gets too hot. In class AB I always felt I was missing something. Hum issues if using rca output. 38db gain can be too much if your preamp also has high gain (I could adjust my C03 to suit). Very expensive new. A beautifully built quality amp but hand on heart in my rebuilt system my Yamaha studio amp is giving me all this transparency and power (and doesn't get hot!! nb. I saw the black one on eBay over xmas but it sold virtually straight away and now it has been relisted so not sure what is going on there??
  3. Offering this world class cartridge for sale. rrp £1,450 available for £795. Approx 200 hours use it is nicely run in ready for its new owner. I previously had an Ortofon Rondo Bronze and this is in another class dynamically with breathtaking dynamics. If you enjoy listening to rock then this is the cartridge for you. Apologies for the poor pics I only have n iPhone but I have sold a lot of items on here and can assure you this is in exceptional condition. Details here...... The “new-classic” MC phono cartridge continuously evolves with conveying the brightness of analog’s maturity period to the present day. Legendary Line is traditional MC phono cartridge with faithfully succeeding the basic design of Model 701 series, which was sold in 1986 as the first generation of Shelter product. The sound is extremely smooth and gentle, and yet it has minute information volume and quietness, which are compatible at higher dimensions. With using stable material based on the long result such as aluminum alloy body housing, simple and legitimate motor structure, aluminum-clad boron cantilever, 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical diamond stylus tip and others, it yields flexibility of limitless sound tuning. Legendary Line conveys 80’ analog record reproduction brightness with succeeding the ancient technic faithfully to the present day. After 30 years to mature it reaches to esoteric expressive power which melting the listener’s heart instantaneously and we trust that you can leave an important record playback in peace forever. DESCRIPTION The Model 501 III is latest development of 501 series. Through continued refinement the 501 III is equally responsive with the most recent recordings or any of your most cherished albums. The 501 III has the combination of aluminum clad boron cantilever and elliptical diamond stylus tip. The expressiveness, power and energy fare superbly balanced to highest level. SPECIFICATIONS Output voltage: 0.5mV Stylus tip: 0.3 x 0.7mil elliptical Impedance: 14 ohm Weight: 8.1 gram Tracking force: 1.4 to 2 gram
  4. Hi Lawrence yes I remember our conversation, I had the 6311 was so impressed I jumped on the 6371 when a pair came up on Ebay. My experience with the 3500S is totally different to yours. I borrowed a Bryston 14BSST and my 3500S was more "snappier", transparent and dynamic I was gobsmacked so I am blissfully happy with it especially for £200 !! I cannot detect any grain but I do have a Cayin valve preamp which is perhaps a perfect match for the Yamaha. I do not miss my Plinius SA103 one bit !
  5. If looking at Meridian 506 I would look at the 506.24 which is a stunning player.
  6. Thank you ! Yes I have rediscovered the fun again, got carried away over the years upgrading because "that's what you do" but the law of diminishing returns kicked in years ago. It's been very therapeutic dismantling my system, a few sleepless nights but it's been very worthwhile. My Usher speakers cost just over £1k second hand and I am in awe of their performance. Not the ultra clean clarity of the Wilson and focal tweeters but a very enjoyable sound nonetheless less. I have been an Usher fan for many years. Brings a smile to my face every time I turn my system on when I think what I have spent and what I have recouped.
  7. Made the ultimate sacrifice this year by selling all my high end components (apart from my turntable) to help fund an extension when costs spiralled upwards. Out went Wilson WP7, (and then their replacement Focal 1028), Esoteric CO3 pre, Plinius SA103 and all my Transparent and Shunyata cables. Replaced by Cayin valve pre, Yamaha P3500s studio power amp (Star of the show £200 off Ebay) and Usher 6371 speakers and I have to be totally honest ........the pride I have now when listening is off the scale. It just shows you do not need to spend thousands to have a decent sound. Beautiful high end kit but don't really have a big enough room to do it all justice. Pic attached of my system (and new extension!!)
  8. Excellent little floor standers at a giveaway price ( current rrp @ Audio Emotion £3,390 )GLWS
  9. Apologies I like to give as much info as possible when I sell a quality item.
  10. Selling Xindak AC-03 Interconnect in excellent condition. This is a very dynamic 6N pure copper interconnect which retails for around £120 but very rarely available in uk. Used betewwen my Goldnote PH7 Phonostage and Cayin preamp but have just upgraded. Looking for £60
  11. I have previously advertised these for a couple of days last month but quickly withdrew as I couldn't bare to part with them. Needs must so I will not be withdrawing them until they are sold on here or elsewhere. RRP £5,500 looking for £SOLD As many of you know I've been selling off my high end items to fund a new extension this is my last item for sale. This is a unique opportunity, I bought them from an official Focal dealer in uk earlier this year, I am the second owner. The previous owner can only be described as a "perfectionist" !! The speakers are immaculate and as new in every way. Indistinguishable from new. They are in the gloss black pearlescent finish and come complete with the foam bungs for the speaker ports, mesh tweeter caps, UNUSED spikes and spike shoes, manuals and still have the sealed cleaning cloth! The boxes are also immaculate c/w all internal packaging.I have also upgraded the spikes which give s more robust footing, these will also be included. This is a unique opportunity to buy a pair of Focal 1028's in new condition. Type 3-way vented floor standing speaker, Powerflow Drivers Two 6 1/2" (16.5cm) "W" woofers 6 1/2" (16.5cm) "W" midrange 11/4" (27mm) pure Beryllium IAL inverted dome tweeter Frequency response (+/-3dB) 34Hz - 40kHz Low frequency point (-6dB) 28Hz Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91.5dB Nominal impedance 8O Minimum impedance 3.5O Crossover frequency 350Hz / 2200Hz Recommended amplifier power 40 - 300W Dimensions (HxWxD) 1110x264x350mm Net weight 72.6lb (33kg) Electra 1028 Be floorstanding speaker use the Powerflow double port system to give flagship performance levels, which greatly enhances the performance of the bass. The dynamics have also been immensely improved to match the generous definition of the higher mid-range register, which will always be an industry reference. This is a high-end compact floorstanding loudspeaker with undeniable charm. The most balanced loudspeaker of the line, Electra 1028 Be is a high-end floorstander offering dynamic, generous and precise sound. 'W' CONE The 'W' composite sandwich cone permits total optimization of the frequency response curve, thanks to the total control of three key parameters: lightness, rigidity and damping. These unique characteristics of lightness and rigidity provide control of the signal transmission speed inside the material. UNEQUALLED PURITY Due to its incredible rigidity, Beryllium represents the ultimate material for a tweeter dome. After two years of research and development, Focal produced a world first: a pure Beryllium inverted dome, able to cover more than five octaves. You will improve the perception of transients and other micro details. As well, the linearity of the speaker’s response curve is mainly a function of three opposite parameters: lightness, rigidity and damping. IAL TWEETER (INFINITE ACOUSTIC LOAD) Electra 1000 Be loudspeakers feature an innovative technology called IAL (Infinite Acoustic Load). This technology enabled us to design a tweeter with a very wide frequency range capable of extending very low down in frequency response, for relaying the midrange much earlier. This technology allows the frequency range to which the human ear is sensitive to be reproduced by the ultra-light tweeter with exceptional definition. GAMMA Y STRUCTURE When style and technology meet, harmony arises. Le design de Electra 1000 Be design has been entrusted to Pineau & Le Porcher agency in order to create a pure line of simple natural where each style element would harmonize with the technical necessities to create the best speaker possible. Each curve is studied to bring a tangible response and correction to a given problem. The tweeter housing and coupling is a moulded, solid piece of aluminum alloy, which represents an ultra-stable mechanical reference, with absolutely no vibration. Every aspect of Electra 1000 Be has a purpose. Payment via bank transfer, collection from Northants. A nice xmas present for someone
  12. Not sure I've ever seen any that cheap but I can assure you mine are MINT AS NEW the gloss finish will blow you away ! The last 2 pairs Audio Emotion have sold pre-owned have been just under £3k there are some battered versions around much cheaper but you get what you pay for. I've had in the past focal Scala utopia 111 (too large for my room) and Focal Sopra 2 and in my sized room (4.5 metres long x 4 metres wide)there was no difference in performance, dynamics, transparency and they imaged better as the Sopra's were a tad on the large side for my room.
  13. No worries I think I am going to keep them, not much interest
  14. I may be advertising my as new Focal 1028BE for £2,895 later today. Just waiting on a call as they may already be sold to a wigwam member who asked me to contact him if I decided to sell.Just waiting for his reply but these are well below budget and an absolute stone cold bargain in as new condition with all original mint packaging, brochures, grilles, spikes etc.
  15. I have 8 heavy duty stainless steel spikes currently for sale on here. I currently have 8 on my Focal 1028's and they cured the bass overhang perfectly and also improved clarity and dynamics. They are not threaded but fully adjustable. I used a tiny amount of blutak to secure them to the bottom corners of my speakers to great effect. Or you can have the spike end on top they work both ways. They also work under speaker plinths which also tame the bass response. I also have a black gloss pair of plinths for sale on here. Pictures of my Focal's showing both examples below.
  16. Offering one of my Yamaha P3500S power amplifiers for sale. I have two which is overkill I bought them both earlier this year as I wanted a powerful amplifier (on a budget) to replace my Plinius SA103 class A amp during the summer months as my lounge was too hot.
  17. I have 2 sets (4 per set) of heavy duty stainless steel spikes for sale. These are exceptionally well made and fully adjustable. 50mm diameter x 50mm high (the height can be increased by unscrewing the bottom part. These rival some of the most exotic spikes available that cost up to £500 per spike........ £2,000 per set !! Every component you place these underneath will benefit from increased transparency, clarity and dynamics, they are incredible value for money....and look stunning to boot ! These are available for £withdrawn per set plus postage. nb1. There is a little residue on the surface of the spikes but nothing to worry about. I can supply some double sided adhesive clear pads to connect them to whatever component you will be using. nb2. The top part of the spike can be separated to form a separate base should the spike be situated on a wooden floor but I have never separated them as I prefer all the weight in the spike. the spikes are reassuringly heavy a set of 4 weighs over 1Kg !
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