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  1. It would be a real shame because the weather here (Kegworth) is not bad. The roads outside the hotel to the M1 are clear and the traffic's moving fine. There's not even enough snow for a snowman ! VB
  2. This is the view from my room out over the Kegworth hotel car park this morning, looking towards the M1. You'd have to say there was more than a dusting of snow, but really not much more. The roads look clear and the traffic seems to be having no trouble at all. VB
  3. Started snowing here (Didcot) in the last 20 minutes. Blowing a gale too. I don't expect it to amount to much though. VB
  4. The Brimar team have been appearing at the odd show over the last few years. It seems their project may be moving forward https://brimaruk.com/gbvp-2/great-british-valve-project/. They’re looking for volunteers in all sorts of areas. Just to be clear, I have no involvement with this (yet) nor do I know any more than is on their website. I just thought you might like to know. VB
  5. All I can say is a massive thank you to Graeme (Valvebloke) from Ampregen.
    The email chain alone must have taken him the amount of time that he charged me for.
    My Audio Innovations Second Audio 2A3 monoblocks have been fault diagnosed, repaired and returned  along with a five page report of work carried out and general condition of amps and all valves, that's all well over my head.
    I could not recommend Graeme any more highly for a fantastic service at an unbelievable price.
    Thank you very much indeed.
  6. I take it that this question is ironic but it's a truth universally acknowledged that unless the question is pretty simple (What day is it today ? Can anyone catch Man City ?) then if you wait long enough on a forum you'll get the full range of all possible answers and be able to pick the one you like. Fortunately this forum is blessed with Rabs and Serge, so that end is reached more quickly than in most places. If it matters, then I agree with both of them. If you want what Peter Walker designed - a Quad 303 - then replace any bust/unreliable bits with equivalents and don't change the circui
  7. Who are you ? And what have you done with the real Serge ? OMG. It's hallowe'en. VB
  8. Valvebloke

    Valve info

    ISTR I tried that some time ago and I had to wind the voltage down rather further than I was happy with before the buzzing stopped altogether. I fear I may have to get these transformers re-wound :-(. VB
  9. I believe they should be 3-core already. The published Quad circuits show an earth connection to the chassis as you'd expect with any metal-bodied kit which isn't, as they'd have said back then, 'double insulated'. VB
  10. Valvebloke

    Valve info

    The LS36.5 won't be pulling a huge average current through the GZ34 so to be honest, barring accidents or sudden 'lightbulb' failure of one of the heaters, if the valves are in good condition now then I'd expect them to survive almost indefinitely. They're not really in short supply either. But demand for them is high and that's been pushing the price up inexorably for at least a decade or two. Tested NIB Mullards were listed for £100 each at Audiojumble a couple of weeks ago. There should be no problem matching the Renaissance amps to the LS36.5. The match to the speakers, to the room yo
  11. Please don't ever take the controls of a passenger aircraft . VB
  12. There is something very pleasing about them. Unfortunately I can't put what it is into words. I went to a conference once in Novosibirsk. All of my colleagues flew, and actually I think all of the other foreign attendees did too. Mrs VB and I took the train. VB
  13. A business problem arises though if a product reaches a level where further improvements don't sound detectably better but the customer base will only upgrade if there is something novel to buy. What is the poor marketing man to do ? When you're close to a performance pinnacle the only way is down. You can continue to sell the perfectly good product, but hi-fi doesn't really wear out, so your sales volume won't be large. Or you can concentrate on product features other than sonic ones. But if neither of those approaches suits you then you may end up presenting your customers with what they wan
  14. Indeed, once upon a time wires did not affect sound quality. Once upon a time if I put my head in the fire it hurt. To be strictly fair I haven't done the head in the fire thing very recently, so it could well be that the truth has changed there too . Actually the thing about the earth being flat hasn't been believed (by almost anyone) for a very long time indeed. Anyone who ever sailed a boat out over the horizon knew that the earth was curved, as did anyone who walked south and saw the pole star get lower and lower in the sky. Eratosthenes in ancient Egypt worked out the earth's circumf
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