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  1. Hi Matteo expected anytime from June on as per dealer's site.
  2. nice feedback I'm thorn between this ( 324/834 are special) and Urika to replace the prefix. Digital Urika(not familiar with the analogue version ) definitely gives a hint of digital glare, but does suit the leaner , neutral approach the best. But you need a Radikal first. Two equally seducing ways. My educated guess, I'll try thePhonoBox first (especially if going directly into active ATC 20s) and Urika after Karousel/Kore/Ekos being scheduled.
  3. Cannot do better. Any akito is not worth any Ekos (not to mention the latest)you could think of and you get a free bearing ,too. Methink a Keel would put your Deck way above your expectations and not justify a fully equipped Klimax ( provided you didn't have a maximized Kandid) What's not to like?
  4. Other than the late 80s plinth, top plate and arm (to be replaced) , pretty much anything else is quite recent dating back to the past decade .
  5. Err, well, no need for a good economist He cannot afford £ 3000,00+500 but equipped lingoed + £ 750 Kore so as per Op request choosing between lingo4 and Karousel ditching the crappy suchassis (it is) would be a sensible path. No need to repeat the mantra , spare us it ,please..
  6. Neither, the circus sub-chassis holds back pretty much anything you throw at it. Do the Aro Kore.What about your cart and phono stage?
  7. Base as far as I'm concerned should be anything bar the motor ,subchassis.
  8. To me the Kore. Getting rid of the 'bonded' approach has proved successful to the extent a cost effective design a-la- keel should by now be available. At akurate level it does not make anymore sense to me having what is a majik subchassis bonded to an improved armboard , likewise existing majik owners should be given the choice to have their subchassis upgraded to current kore specs.and pay for the armboard, fitting etc. (BTW the laminated affair is a thing of the past). Methink a new akito may be a good idea too.
  9. AT F7 compliance is rated at 9 cu @ 100Hz. For dynamic compliance( @ 10Hz) ,almost double that figure. It should be fine.
  10. not now and not any MM either. Get a trampolin 2 and the best Lingo you can afford when funds allow. Your majik subchassis is not slouch either(circus was) and do not know much about the arm but if it can handle a good MC that's the way to go next just ensure a good phone stage is matched to work as intended. You could mix in the equation a Kore/arm upgrade to maximize things if and when available.
  11. mine has the lesser Dynavector dv20xl2 and lingo 3, the rest being the same. If your arm in in good working order I'd follow the Kore/Radikal/Urika (maybe)route.