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  1. Still fancy a 103 or a103R. Could also be tempted into another Lyra. Come on guys you MUST have something!
  2. Hi. I fancy having a play with a Denon 103. Has anyone got a spare one for sale with decent life left? thanks. Paul
  3. Sorry about the photos.... 300B Monoblock Connections.ppt
  4. Just to confirm...each amp weighs 17.2kg. Included is a full set of valves. This includes Electro Harmonix Gold Grid 300Bs, Sovtek 6C4s5 and Sovtek 5AR4s. All valves were bought new by me. There is some minor corrosion on one of the transformer covers as shown in a picattachments (1).zipattachments (1).zip.
  5. Hi Paul could you send me pictures of those amps.

    Thanks Chris

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      Sorry again for schoolboy error. I'm using new e mail and not used to it yet. :(

      My real email is chrisev99@sky.com

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      Hi - just resent. cheers, paul

  6. I’m looking to part company with a pair of 300B valve power amplifiers. These are single ended with interstage coupling and were manufactured to this design: http://www.woundcomponents.co.uk/300b-docs/se002.pdf I’m told the actual design was by Gary Dews of Border Patrol. I bought the transformers from Wound Components. Rather than building a stereo chassis with a separate PSU I bought additional transformers so the amplifiers could be built as monoblocks with integral PSUs. The amplifiers were built by Nick Gorham of Longdog Audio: http://www.longdogaudio.com/ Finally, to enhance the wife acceptability factor I got Russ Colllinson of Layers of Beauty to make some rosewood veneered surround for the monoblocks. These have been pretty much my only amplifier since 2012. I’ve recently had the amps serviced and they had a clean bill of health. Cosmetically they are in excellent condition. Sonically, these have all of the attributes you expect from a directly heated triode with a wonderfully smooth mid range. Power output is around 8W / channel and they easily drive my Impulse H2s. I suspect these amps would respond really well to component upgrade – I’ve never felt the urge! PM with your email and I can send you pictures (including the internals). I’m struggling to price these for the obvious reasons. The cost of all the components was £1550. I’d like to start at £850 including a full set of valves. The amps are incredibly heavy so collection only from Fleet. Thanks, paul
  7. HiOffered for sale is a pair of Ghent Audio Monoblock Power Amplifiers. These are based on the B&O Icepower 125ASX2 amplifier boards. These are operating in bridged mode. Normally, when you're using the boards in this mode they can only support a bridged input. To overcome this I've used a Ghent Audio RTX module that allows a switchable input - both XLR and phono. The cases are earlier versions of the MXR series with a silver anodised aluminium fascia - see here:http://www.ghentaudio.com/kit/asp-mxr.htmlI built the amps myself from the boards and the amp kits as I was curious to see if I could build a Bel Canto clone on the cheap! They sound excellent but I've gone back to valves. Cosmetically there is a hairline scratch on the top of once of the cases but I'm been a perfectionist. I'd like £375. Ghent are offering a stereo version based on the same board for $899 + import duty. So quite a saving.I'm based in Fleet, you're quite welcome to listen or I'm happy to ship with insured postage. Thanks, paul
  8. mmmm Triumph Stag (modified to 190BHP) best achieved was 27MPG on the round britain run. Great fun 2200 miles in 48 hours, a bollockin for racing and hallucination on the M6 as a result of sleep depravation. Seriously horny exhaust note Mini Cooper S (again modified... theme here...) 24MPG but the supercharger whine is as addictive as my Impulse H2s (whine is king) Range Rover Classic 3.9L of prime BL,just bought with an expectation of 15MPG, but another horny exhaust note...
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