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  1. Why don't people swap the inner cable out then
  2. People still read reviewers comments? Wow
  3. Or do trust their own ears surely?
  4. What if they aren't.... Good enough
  5. I probably won't for a good while as the power amps don't come up that often used. I believe the 534 is the same as the 834/8L6 anyway? Looking for an 890 ideally. Unsure if the 861 will be powerful enough.
  6. Just one example, there's loads with different cable used, have to take your pick!
  7. The ones from Poland look perfectly fine for the money though
  8. Nah just bought some in the UK
  9. They're only about £15 for van damme ones on eBay. Bananas one end and spades the other.
  10. I've no idea what OCC means but I've got a 2+ mtr unterminated pair of talk 3.1 (the green stuff) people seem to like. I liked it too as it let me hear sound from my amplifier
  11. Van damme, Neutrik, job done
  12. Yeah! I hate it too because that's pretty much what I want to do, just making sure I'm not compromising anything.
  13. I could try without the rothwells in to check, but I didn't notice any difference in quality so they stay in for now. Who knows if the 8L6 needs a service. Will monitor for a few weeks.
  14. Very little hum, no worrying crack at all on turn off. Hahah whatt