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  1. Yeah it's so tiny and just pops out after a few rolls. Weird - it hasn't fallen out or come anywhere near so .. shrug
  2. Well. See the spindle sliding out from the roller, that's what I mean
  3. Interdasting .... Recently serviced too. It's in such a fiddly place I haven't fully investigated yet
  4. The speakers are very unfussy about amps tbh, it'll sound great
  5. I think it's unbeatable up to about £5k with the PSU add-on. I got mine upgraded to 2.2 for free via Kronos audio - great customer service
  6. Err yeah, it's incredible. I've wanted one since forever. Just plays music off the record
  7. Lamp doesn't fit in the corner I bought it for, so now I have a TT lamp.
  8. This is a bargain, seriously good
  9. All my cables including mains are the perfect length, its very tidy. Kit measured out etc
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