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  1. That's what happened with my current turnberrys pretty much. I'd have these then sell mine a bit cheaper
  2. Ohh, if there was a wan taxi these would be mine
  3. Ear 834p and a hashimoto sut is a lovely pairing with the right cart
  4. You'd have a more logical conversation with a lettuce. Me: hip-hop is often well produced "Are you being ironic?" Me: No it's the truth "Omg stop assuming you know everything about me" Meanwhile, back on earth ...
  5. I would have bet money you provided a link, et voila! Hah. It's not my fault you can't identify the fact that a lot of hip-hop albums are very well produced, and as a person who has said themselves they aren't a fan or don't listen to the genre, how would you know anyway? Its like arguing with a plumber about what tools he should use when you're not actually a plumber. You don't actually know because you don't actually listen to the genre. Therefore, you can't actually say it's not the case. Next time I post... About anything, I'll await your reply lover. Then I'll get a restrainin
  6. Hello, Yes I've seen the overpriced one on eBay. Looking for a used 20/2 or 20/3 with the newer power supply - with a V on it or not. I've got a rough idea of what I'd like to pay in me head. Highly doubtful but if you're upgrading or see one - let me know x
  7. In short, there is no death of melody in "modern" music. You're either just getting old or looking in the wrong places.
  8. A lot of hip-hop producers actually care how albums sound, too many to list actually, there are a lot of *great* sounding albums over the years - regardless of whether you enjoy the genre. Chronic 2001 will give your system more of a work out and show you what it can do, than some Fiona Apple album
  9. Do you understand what irony even means? Because it doesn't seem like it.
  10. Surprisingly, taste in music genres is subjective and anyone could say "man, this female singer songwriter with guitar stuff is overplayed and sounds all the same"
  11. A lot of hip-hop is some of the most well produced music out there
  12. Still mooching about looking A 192 Dacute would be considered too
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