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  1. I have the same make pre and power - they are even supposed to be a great match The pre puts at least 135v out at line level. Has anyone gone above 45% on their volume!!!1
  2. Why do dials go to ten when you can only use 5 🤔🤔🤔
  3. You have my praise Why are we bothering. Attenuation is fun
  4. Tannoys are as much a jack of all trades like I am with posting I.e, not at all and constantly excellent
  5. Similar to what I have now with the speaks, amps, but definitely digital only. Or.... If I went that route I'd go £4k powerdac, pi into it and the rest on speakers Same DAC, into a power amp like a 909 or ion (£500 or £2500), DAC £1600. £6k left for some used Kensington SE and a raspberry pi? Come at me bro
  6. Can we rename this thread to Tannoy - lol why did you buy something else 🥰
  7. Wondering how my GRs will compare to the HEs. Pity they won't be alnico/pepperpot
  8. Nothing Else I'd end up with a bluesound into a topping
  9. Like tannoys aren't going to work with jazz ...
  10. No only good music not audiophile stuff x
  11. I listen to everything on mine, Kate Bush, metal, gangsta rap, electronic
  12. I can only offer him ten inches Matron
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