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  1. Who's idea was a mirror chrome finish ffs, typical great sounding, idiosyncratic British design as usual
  2. I can't imagine it going well - will just get the faceplates replaced at probably £150 each if I ever get them serviced. And then do it again within weeks
  3. At least you haven't managed to scratch it by looking at the thing ...
  4. Luxman integrateds, and accuphase remind me of a cheap Dolby 5.1 surround sound amp. No thank you
  5. *Sobs uncontrollably The chrome annoys me too tbh
  6. I don't really like piano black modern looking speakers, so the tannoys are right up my street
  7. There's more, but almost impossible to take a photo of. Can't feel it with my nail. I feel I'd do more damage than good with chrome polish though hmm
  8. Chrome polish might sort it I guess, they are very light. Quite why they silk screened the writing on it is another matter however.
  9. I am super anal about cabling. Redoing mains cables to the right length etc. Annoys the hell out of me
  10. I've just noticed a few circular swirly scratches on the (frankly ridiculous) chrome faceplate of my 861 power amp. I mean it was inevitable really with such a finish to it. Must have been when I was lifting it into the rack or something. Does superficial wear, marks etc bother you that much or is life too short. I mean nothing is ever mint forever I guess, including the universe - entropy n all.
  11. I had the 8tc back in the day with a timbre interconnect, sold it for talk 3.1 for a fraction of the cost and noticed no difference. Sold the Interconnect because it hummed like a bast between amp and phono stage, whereas a no-name cheap one didn't. Plus, RA, lol no