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  1. I dunno I only listen in the dark with my eyes closed, naked because the clothes absorb too much treble
  2. Last week I put a sting album on and I swear he was cuddled up on the sofa with me softly breathing on my neck and singing to only me
  3. Oh no, not the "seasoning" analogy again
  4. I use volumio on a pi, fine for me
  5. Regardless, it's crap advice for a newcomer
  6. Let the speakers run in Get the positioning right Invest in stands and cables etc Yes Dom, I'm ok mate
  7. kernow


    Send it off to ear for a service, their costs are pretty reasonable.
  8. 90s hip-hop, metal, 80s new romantic, french electronic, Burt Bacharach, Smith's, joy Division, Depeche mode, Kraftwerk,black Sabbath, same stuff as I was into before
  9. You were doing ok until point 3 where you just decided to give misinformation to newcomers to the hobby..
  10. kernow


    I've never had that issue personally - how often are you disconnecting stuff to notice? It shouldn't move if not being touched.
  11. Mm dunno about this, the rubber feet at least provide a bit of decoupling, this just nails it to the surface it's on
  12. If owning my system got me listening to jazz or female accoustic guitar music it would have been sold by now...
  13. I don't get how it's any different to someone else posting it tbh but areet
  14. Haha, noone is ever going to need these but you have to try. My auction
  15. Surprises me AN DACs don't have usb in this day and age. Yes it's purist but you can only get so far with coax (who even uses this nowadays), multiplexing into i2c, so pure... I guess it's for your dead cd player still Using physical DAC chips too like it's 2007
  16. £860 inc insured courier. Can't go any lower I'm afraid x
  17. Especially if you only enjoy classical or opera. There's a few sites out there which offer free downloads or samples, but it's not worth it really.
  18. Because crap speakers with a £3k source are going to sound great right. Can you send me some of that crack you are smoking because it seems stronger than my local.
  19. Thanks for that Educational
  20. Well yeah, there's no real need or reason to upgrade after a certain point, hobby and that though Just never waste that upgrade money on cables and you'll be ok