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  1. Leftists/Socialists/Communists never seem to notice the irony of claiming to be anti fascist while advocating violence against anyone not subscribing to their political beliefs.
  2. How has it taken me 52 years to discover this gem??
  3. grimep

    Celtic Folk

    another one from me while I'm here, early 90s again, showing my age... the wonderful Ceolbeg. Bought this one on cassette!
  4. grimep

    Celtic Folk

    Has anyone heard the lost classic, Clan Alba? They were an early 90s Scots/celtic super group, and released an eponymous cd album in 1995. There was a certain amount of controversy at the time of the release, the details of which I don't know - it was released as a double cd, though I think wasn't a full 2 cd's worth of music, and priced quite high for the time at around £20 I believe. I think there were issues around distribution, and it seemed to sink without a trace. There's virtually no info on the internet apart from a dicscogs entry, and no copies on eBay at the moment. I've only ever heard one album track, the sublime and brilliant Childhood's End by Dick Gaughan. To some ears this is going to be a bit sickly / overproduced / Clannadish. Its one of my favourite songs in any genre...
  5. I guess this has probably come up here before but it doesn't hurt to have it again...
  6. No Roses and the album with Davy Graham are two of my all time favourites, timeless and definitely desert island choices as you said.
  7. grimep


    from the wonderful True Democracy album, '82
  8. Just realized Amon Tobin finally released a new album in April, Fear in a Handful of Dust. On first listen it's his best yet, wonderful.
  9. grimep

    Hip Hop

    always been a sucker for mixes... with Force Trilogy.mp3
  10. grimep

    Hip Hop

    another one gone too young But yeah, one of the best