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  1. So why is that the bad side of VAR? What are the latest rules re handball? Also re the 2nd handball incident, how can a referee give a red card for handball, when clearly it was not, other than if he was guessing (which for me is unforgiveable)? Don't blame the technology, blame the people who are using it.
  2. I have the following MC cartridges; Ortofon SL-15E MKII - elliptical stylus, high compliance but very low output at 0.015mV - asking £125 Audio Technica ATOC10 - boxed and new (only mounted for short demo). Special anniversary edition of the OC9. Micro linear stylus, neodymium magnets, gold plated tapered beryllium cantilever, frequency response 10Hz - 50kHz, output 0.4mV. - asking £400 Ortofon Quintet Black - New in Box - Shibata stylus, output 0.3mV. - asking £550
  3. Clean the laminated sleeves with Farecla G3 compound which is a quick drying, scented and water based rubbing compound for car paintwork. Will also work on some unlaminated sleeves if used with care. Obviously replace the inner sleeve after cleaning the vinyl LP and if the smell remains as a result of the inside of the outer sleeve being contaminated then make a 'stink box' from a plastic container with a layer of cat litter in the bottom. Place outer sleeves in box, seal and leave for a couple of weeks.
  4. The quality of the tap water where I live in the Lake District is superb. If I lived in an area where the quality of the potable water supply would seriously affect the surface of a vinyl record after a short wash then I would be seriously concerned about my own personal health. Yes I am aware that Fairy Liquid contains salts but the amounts involved are so miniscule that they can definitely be ignored. The process I have described in the hope that it is helpful, low cost and positive has been successfully employed by hundreds of record collectors for many years. To put it in context I am only recommending cleaning one record as part of a procedure to address the OPs concerns. For my personal collection of approx 8000 LPs I use a Keith Monks record cleaning machine.
  5. In the situation you describe my advise would be as follows; Deck - Ensure that it is set up in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. There are lots of videos on Youtube from owners of this model who show very low cost and successful modifications. Cartridge - Visually inspect your stylus for damage, wear and cleanliness (use a min x20 microscope or jeweller's loop). Clean if required (again loads of recommendations on online ). Set tonearm/cartridge geometry, azimuth, playing weight & VTA strictly in accordance with specification (plenty of Youtube videos on this subject). Protractors for setting geometry can be downloaded (se Vinyl Engine website). Ensure all connections such as headshell pigtails and tonearm leads are scrupilously clean. LPs - Take just one of your LPs with the intention of cleaning and playing it as a test record. Visually inspect it closely to ensure there are no scratches that will produce a tick (rubs and very light surface scratches should have little or no effect). Play it for a short while and try and remember how it sounds. Decide why you are cleaning the LP; is it for dust, fluff, grit, greasy fingermarks, spotting from fungal growth, crud from spillages, deposits from damp paper sleeves etc. Go to your sink and swill off the record under the cold tap to remove any coarser deposits after which you need to wash the record in a bowl of tepid warm water and a little Fairy Liquid. Just angle it in the bowl to cover the radius of the record and using a lint free cloth, paint pad, cottonwool or similar gently rub along the line of the grooves. Pay particular attention to any areas you have previously noted as being particularly fouled. Do not worry about trying to keep the label perfectly dry as they are amazingly resilient. Follow by swilling the surface under the cold water tap (most important part of the process) and then stand to drain. Finally place between 2 towels and dab dry. Do not rub dry because as a result of wet cleaning your LP is now free of any static. On completion play your record and compare to your previous listening. If there is an improvement then you only have another 49 LPs to wash. If no improvement then go stream some more music. Hopefully all of the above will cost you nothing.
  6. stylesound

    Valve Life

    Before you buy a valve tester or get someone to test them would it not be better to ask yourself what you are going to make of the results. They measure at say 40%, 50%, 60% etc output; then what do you do? You could always start another thread asking 'what are the effects on the performance of my valve amp if the valves are only outputting at 50%'. No doubt within a couple of pages you will get to learn everything about collecting medieval Chinese furniture or something similar.
  7. If you have doubts about impurities in your domestic water supply (which luckily I do not) then the resultant water from a domestic dehumidifier is perfectly suitable for washing LPs.
  8. Do you know why Man Utd fans prefer to stand up? Wouldn’t you if you had been sat on a coach for 4 hours.
  9. I don't like divers no matter which club they play for. Neither does anybody else I know; it's become an art form and a scourge of the modern game which is becoming less and less of a contact sport and is spoiling our game. When are the FA going to do something about it because the refs assisted by their super modern day technology are doing FA. Yes I can understand and accept the changes in the modern game when extremely valuable assets (players) are physically trained to their peak and therefore more prone to injury have to be given more protection for predominately commercial reasons. This is also true of other contact sports such as Rugby Union, Rugby League, American Football etc. In Franny Lee's defence he did gain this reputation mainly because he scored 15 penalties in a season and the thickos in football wrongly assumed it was he who won them. Actually I thought the worst diver was his team mate Rodney Marsh. In 1960 I saw a 16 year old Franny Lees debut match in the 1st Div. He was playing alongside Nat Lofthouse for Bolton against Man City at Burnden Park. Played great until he was sent off.
  10. My god this was 51 years ago and I was at that match and remember the goal as though it was yesterday. If you watch the full video of the game the most remarkable thing is the condition of the pitch. Kids of today would not believe that football was ever played in such conditions. The reason why City's goalkeeper Joe Corrigan moved to the right hand side of his of his area was to find a less muddy area to kick from. One of the worst features of the modern game , as Oldius alludes to, is the number of players blatantly cheating by throwing themselves down to the ground at the slightest contact in order to claim a penalty. Worse still is referees, even when assisted by modern technology and other officials, fallingly for it when the rest of the footballing world clearly know they are wrong.
  11. I have a London Decca Blue for sale. This is the forerunner to the Maroon and is John Wright's (Decca) favourite because of the high quality coils which were manufactured by Parmeko. PM me if of interest.
  12. If anybody still wants one I have 3 for sale (not boxed) for which I am asking £90 ea plus postage. Mercury not included because postage prohibited by couriers even though it is a very small amount.
  13. Simply sell the arm without the mercury and allow the buyer to obtain there own.
  14. Hi Andrew I will test your valves for you on my AVO MKIV. Please don't wash them before sending. Hope you still have my address from the last time you visited. Mike