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  1. So, the Oppo arrived today. And I’ve been playing (more struggling, really) with it all day. I have it plugged into my pre (balanced, for what it’s worth) and into my router which also lives in the same corner. Plays DVDs very nicely. Don’t have any blu-rays. Streaming was a bit of a challenge. Roon couldn’t see it and nor could the trial Audivarna that I downloaded. Tried Twonky on the Mac and hooray, we had music. The interface was pretty clunky though. And I couldn’t find a decent app for the iPad. On to JRiver which, so far, seems to do it all. I’m open to suggestions about ho
  2. Thats a kind offer. I'm in France so maybe that's a bit far away for you. Also the Oppo hasn't yet been posted so it'll be a while before it gets here.
  3. Well the circuit board arrived. Thanks v much killie99, if you message me with your details I'll pay your postage. However, the transporter remains dead. This might of course be down to my cack-handedness. Anyway I've bought an Oppo 105 on the auction site. Waiting for it to arrive. I suspect though that I might also need to invest in one of those raspberry streamer thingies as well.
  4. That's interesting. Any comments that you could share about how the various DACs compare with that of the Transporter?
  5. I have been using the Transporter both as a streamer and as a DAC. It apparently contains an "AKM AK4396 multi-bit Sigma-Delta reference DAC". Which, at over 10 years old, I'm supposing may have been superseded. Perhaps I should look at buying a separate DAC and using the Transporter, if & when fixed, as a, um, transporter.
  6. I’ve cancelled the order. Mostly because they wanted £20 to post it to me. I live in France. If you think that will cover it and you message me with your details I’ll happily put £10 in your bank account for postage and your trouble.
  7. What a wonderful place this is! Thanks especially to Getgaff. I've ordered a replacement circuit board. Of course, now I've got the itch ...
  8. My music is stored on a Mac Pro. Eighteen hundred CDs in Apple lossless ALAC format. I’ve been using Roon (expensive, I know - but it works very reliably and has a brilliant interface) to control a Slim Devices (Logitech) Transporter. This feeds a Parasound JC2 pre (best I’ve ever heard, but I don’t get out much), a Halcro power amp and Harbeth SHL5s. The system has been stable for a number of years and, being entirely satisfied with it, I’ve kinda dropped out of the hifi world. Maybe this means that I’m not a proper enthusiast after all. Anyway. The Transporter has just died - display
  9. I understand that Martin Brundle will only be on Sky. IMHO that's a big shame. I thought he was by far and away the best commentator. Another reason why, like some others on here, my enthusiasm is waning.
  10. Last year I replaced my ARC LS25mkII with a Parasound JC2. In my opinion the Parasound is wonderful and wonderful value for money. Its got no specific "sound" that I can detect; but there is more, much more, info in my CDs and files than I have ever heard before. Of course I'm a deaf old git. But its the last piece of hifi that I'll ever sell.
  11. These vans all seem to come with painted steel wheels. I think they look fab. What I want to know is why you don't get cars with these wheels any more - its either alloys [which are OK] or matt black wheels covered with nasty plastic trims [which aren't].
  12. Yes. But do cables cause cancer? Or cure it?
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