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  1. Leo's coverage, fantastic pics as always http://www.my-hiend.com/vbb/showthread.php?11530-2017年德國慕尼黑High-End音響展實況報導-Munich-High-End-Show
  2. AN Ongaku, Horns Universum, Lampizator Golden Gate, Lampizator Superkomputer, Kronos TT, Koetsu cart with a suitable arm to match, Kondo M7 pre
  3. It's a shame Deggie that my work got in the way else we would have been there mate, next year will be different though that's for sure
  4. Steve Wilson at the Symphony Hall Birmingham March 2018, should be good
  5. Tickets for the six hands guitar show was purchased yesterday, should be good with a stellar line up, John Williams, John Etheridge and Gary Ryan http://barber.org.uk/6-hands-guitar-trio/
  6. Off to see the six hands guitar show on May the 10th featuring John Williams, John Etheridge and Gary Ryan at the Barber Institue, Birmingham. I've never seen John Williams before, but went to see John Etheridge last year with Soft Machine Legacy and he is one hell of a player, would be good to see a few wammers on the night http://barber.org.uk/6-hands-guitar-trio/
  7. Neil Cowley Trio at the CBSO Neil Cowley CBSO by henleymajor, on Flickr Bass n Drums by henleymajor, on Flickr
  8. My mate is driving over so I can have a drink, would be good to see you mate. I brought my ticket on line, you get a text message with a number to say you have paid in advance
  9. Thought Id start a thread for any up and coming Jazz gigs that anyone is attending, it might generate a bit if interest for any members wishing to attend. Ill start the ball rolling with; Nicolas Meier and Pete Oxley and The Red Lion, Jewelry Quarter Birmingham this Friday the 17th March. These guys are phenomenal guitarists and in my opinion well worth a listen if your in the area. I shall be attending the gig and look forward to seeing them in a small venue, plus its only about £13 admission fee, bargain!
  10. Nicolas Meier and Pete Oxley at the Red Lion, Birmingham on the 17th March. These 2 guitarists are well worth catching if they are in your area
  11. He has, I went over last year, he's got a serious collection of Jazz on vinyl
  12. Neil Cowley Trio at the CBSO Birmingham on the 4th of March 2017 Here is a link for any local Wammers who may want to pop along http://www.neilcowleytrio.com/gigs/
  13. Big Jazz fan here, especially the ECM and ACT labels