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  1. No, when he's not making a balls up as health minister he's banging out uni pivot tonearms
  2. Lokes

    Glenn Croft

    I'd just like to say a big thanks to Glenn, my ancient Croft Supermicro ( 1986 ), bought second hand a number of years back, had begun to cause the woofers in my speakers to slowly pulse every few seconds, I emailed Glenn and recieved a quick reply with some suggestions, I managed to find and fix the fault and the preamp is sounding better than ever. I don't listen often because of tinnitus but especially in the current situation it's nice to be able to unwind with a few tunes, I know others have had a similar experience when dealing with Glenn, a top bloke
  3. My Oracle Delphi was regarded as functional art by all who saw it, with apologies to my ex wife, it was easily the best looking thing in the house, as a bonus it happened to sound pretty good too!
  4. Lokes

    How do DACs differ?

    I've listened to dozens and owned 4 DACs for a decent amount of time, and got to know their strengths and weaknesses, First was a Meridian 203, it improved on the dac section of my Pioneer 802, always sounded smooth with no fatigue, The sound improved when I bought a trichord clock board off Tom Evans (he used to live 8 miles away . so literally turned up at his door, had a coffee and departed with said board) A DPA 2 box dac followed and that too sounded excellent for a few years before I built a DAC from Diyaudio.com, NOS , dual TDA1541a, different class to anything that preceeded it, big coutant power supplies from a skip the first time that digital didn't sound like a poor relation to my vinyl rig. Fast forward a decade and I'm living in a much smaller house with a system shoe horned into a front room, no space for a turntable but I was lucky enough to buy a DAC a few months back from the WAM classifieds, it's the Tubehunter DAC that Bourney sold, it is excellent, all I've changed is the coupling caps (now Audio Note) from the Wolfson board to the input of the 6n6p valve stage, heavy duty power supplies and good component quality. A friend has the same 8740, his is a nice sounding DAC, it's non fatiguing and enjoyable to listen to. The DAC with the valve output stage is in another league. Different DAC types will undoubtedly make a difference but the way they're implemented is everything
  5. I have a Pair of the predecessor to these ( Snell type J mkII ), I ran mine with a Leak Stereo 20, fantastic sound from a mere 10 watts per channel, well worth making the journey for and Steve is a top bloke to deal with.
  6. I've found "the best valve" only exists within the context of the particular system, at the moment I'm using my old Croft pre, with the previous CD player and Dac, a Brimar 12BH7 in place of the various ECC82s brought improvements across the board, before anyone tries this, make sure your pre/ amp can supply the extra 300ma needed for the heater, I checked with Glen and he confirmed it would be OK, hence the swap. Having recently bought Bourney's valve DAC ( thanks ) , I found as good as the sound now was, the bass had become a little too full, a return to a quality ECC82 ( Mazda ) has brought a better balance to the sound, I have a box of various makes, most mentioned on here which at some point I'll try but it's more than OK at the moment.
  7. Steve is an excellent guy to deal with, very happy with my valve DAC Thanks!
  8. I think Bourney must be away, sent a PM earlier this evening
  9. If you type regulated supply into an Ebay search and tick the " used " box, you'll have plenty of choice. I got lucky last year and picked up a Panasonic video camera supply for £10 , delivered. 12v , up to 7 amps and dead quiet
  10. "Just to be clear, this only has the single output transformer." Hi, Do you mean it only has a single mains transformer ? and is it valve rectified ? Regards, Jules
  11. I think that's a Maxon A max motor, pretty sure that's what Origin live used at one time
  12. I've modded the crossovers in mine with better quality caps ( Mundorf ), what started off as a cheap pair of speakers that were just the right size to fit into a small space have now become a permanent fixture, great small speakers and a bargain at the asking price
  13. I have a number of stable platters players, 904, 802 etc ( don't ask ) you'll find that a number of different Pioneer remotes from that era will work
  14. I had these with my Snell type JII, perfect and an absolute bargain