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  1. Keith, what's the input impedance? My DAC wants to see at least 20K.
  2. ssfas

    I saw you had an interest in an Art Audio Vinyl 1. 

    I have one about to become available in a week or so, three inputs: line, MC, MM, remote volume control, silver wired. Black fascia.

    The line input was for DAC input and use as my system's pre-amp.

  3. So you need a server licence from Roon, and a Roon Ready licence from SOtM???
  4. s1h1

    SALE Vandersteen 1c

    I hadn't tried close to a wall as they were either side of a fireplace, in front of shelves/bookcase. Perhaps PM HoopsOnToast who had his quite close here Simon.
  5. s1h1

    SALE Vandersteen 1c

    Bump. http://vandersteen.com/products/model-1ci
  6. Real World have Exigy monitoring. (I was working there a couple of days ago)
  7. s1h1

    SALE Vandersteen 1c

    For sale are my Vandersteen 1C speakers. Brought from christray. His sale thread and pictures here. I'm regretting having to move these on, but SWMBO is insistent. I would like to recoup the £375 I paid, but am open to offers. Collection from Brighton (no boxes) or meet up midway possible. Simon.
  8. s1h1

    Devialet D120

    Yes, the update increased the power to 120W. http://www.whathifi.com/news/devialet-announces-major-firmware-update-revised-model-numbers Simon.
  9. s1h1

    Devialet D120

    For sale is my Devialet D120.I'm the second owner of this, originally purchased 1/10/2013 as a D110 with WiFi, and firmware updated to a D120.Amplifier was returned to Devialet last christmas and the case replaced under warranty due to discolouration. It is, therefore, in near mint condition and still has the protective film in place.I have the invoices required to maintain the 5 year warranty.Priced to sell at £2250. I am in Brighton and happy to demo.