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  1. Someone's pulling someone else's leg on this one, surely? In the digital domain, for audio signals, modern technology has so little to do it's laughable! The bit rate is so low you can connect up digital components virtually with a wire coat hanger and not lose any bits. The differences are all down to the psycho-acoustical effect inside our brains, nothing to do with the sound waves reaching our ears. There are definitely more important things in the hi-fi chain to spend your money on.
  2. My sympathies to the organisers. Haven't been for a few years so was looking forward to this one. I'll keep an eye out for dates later in the year. Let's hope this thing is sorted soon!
  3. v1nn1e

    Listening test

    I believe that sibilance from vocals can be quite a problem for recording engineers. I've heard they sometimes switch around different microphones to try and reduce it.
  4. Ha, ha, yeah, interesting. When I got some non-bluetooth headphones last year, I had no headphone output and also wanted to be able to roam, so I bought a bluetooth tx/rx box that can accept analog outputs from my amp in tx mode, and also a Fiio bluetooth receiver that has a 3.5mm headphone socket. These two boxes are ADC'ing and DAC'ing the signal between them, the latter also acting as headphone amp. They are each powered by their own LiPo batteries and I think together cost around ~£100-ish, or may be a bit more. I have to say the sound quality, to my ears, is superb. The only occasional glitch is if I roam too far from the tx box and the bluetooth drops out. The best bit is they both support the Sony LDAC protocol, which maximises the limited bluetooth bit rate.
  5. Just wondered if anyone could say what was the reason for one CD transport sounding better than another one...?
  6. I was about to post that I could not think of a component in the hi-fi chain that has less effect on the sound quality than the CD transport, and to recommend you kept your existing player. So, this is my hypothesis, which may possibly kick off some 'lively debate'! Either, your previous transport was actually damaged/broken in some way, hence corrupting the bitstream to your DAC Or, It confirms my theory of the psycho-acoustical effect, whereby we do not perceive music at our ears, but in our brains, which compliment the audio feed with other information about the environment and system in which we are listening. This also either enhances or detracts from the perception of the music. I know I'm absolutely subject to the latter, as watching the weights go around on my Gyrodek definitely enhances my enjoyment of vinyl, even if there are absolutely better audio quality decks out there!
  7. That was a very interesting link Colinjg. It seems to belay my theory somewhat. I was thinking primarily since I bought my AT33 about ~4-ish years ago, and the price seems to have shot up since then, but actually I've seen some deals on OC9's that appear much better. It does seem to vary quite a bit - Dynavector prices seem to have risen a lot, some AT's and Ortofon's not so much. Benz's also don't seem to have gone up too much.
  8. v1nn1e

    Bug bears in hifi

    Hmmm, generally I'm pretty contented... Maybe the difficulty of cartridge auditioning...?
  9. v1nn1e

    Box reducing

    I never thought about it one way or the other but after my pre-amp started to fail last year I now have a separate phono stage to add to the SUT, plus another line-level pre-amp that I'm still waiting to deploy... I blame vinyl!
  10. Looking at the current price of cartridges, they do seem to have gone up pretty significantly over the last 3-4 years. It's a bit subjective (my memory etc!) but some mid-price MC carts appear to have increased by as much as 50% Just wondered what other people had observed...? I guess most carts are imported; does this make the homegrown Goldring's better VfM these days...?
  11. v1nn1e


    Can anyone with Twenty.24's share their room sizes? My room is pretty small, about 10' by 14' with a bite out of one corner. Any views on how controlled is the bass? Thanks
  12. Maybe something to do with the encoding and transmission of the Bluetooth, whilst also processing the game. Are the games pretty intensive? Is the phone getting hot? Have you got a mate with a different phone who can run the same game with the Bluetooth headphones?
  13. What do games sound like with plug-in headphones?
  14. Ah, Nearly Bewildered, the Videoton Minimax, with the cone tweeter! A Classic! Our first hi-fi was my wife's Uni system that she got from her father that included a pair of these. Had them until eventually replaced with a pair of Mission 761's, sometime in the late 80's.
  15. Regarding headphones, I wouldn't have thought you'd need to spend £k's There are some excellent choices for well under 4 figures. The first thing I had to unravel with headphones were all of the different styles - in-ear, on-ear, over-ear, closed/open back... And, do you want the flexibility of wireless?