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  1. Might be worth trying a different phono stage in the short term - perhaps you could borrow one from Peter via the postal service? Something like a Rega MC Fono or DV P75 would do the trick. I’ve never been convinced by the internal phono stages in the Majik / Akurate DSMs in any case
  2. Have you tried increasing the gain on your Dino? The Dino is widely adjustable and increasing the gain may have the desired effect you seek.
  3. Hats off to Linn to continue to invest in new upgrades for the LP12 - a product that’s nearly 50 years old. The modular nature is a cash cow no doubt but is also brilliant at preventing obsolescence.
  4. No one doubts Peters commitment to the LP12 - or indeed the overall motives of other members of the FB group that make money out of the LP12 in one way or another. I’m sure they do it to add further improvements and enjoyment to the venerable LP12. There is however, unquestionably a gang mentality where the opinion of 5 or 6 members hold sway - and one generally gets the feeling that having a different opinion to the inner sanctum is effectively not welcome. That is not the case on Wigwam or PFM in my view. Each to their own and good luck to all. (Btw I own more than 1 turntable 😉)
  5. There is definitely a “gang” mentality on the Linn Facebook page. Like a lot of Linn 3rd party stuff I would imagine it will sound different not necessarily better.... That has been my experience with stuff like the Khan top plate and such like - but each to their own I guess.
  6. Linn Adikt is even better than a K18 mk2 IMHE Vastly under rated especially into a good Phono stage
  7. Just about to purchase a new to me Linn Lingo 2 to replace a Hercules power supply This particular Lingo 2 was made in 2004 so I was wondering if it would benefit from a service before I installed it and started using it? Also what would be involved in a service ? Thanks
  8. Looking for a good quality tonearm for use with a Pink Triangle deck. Ideally Rega mounting, but would consider others. Must be in very good condition. Price up to around £500 ish. Thanks
  9. My Lingo 1 was serviced 3 years ago after 21 years - recap and calibration as previously mentioned. Sounded clearly better and has prolonged life for another 20 years or more. I also changed the capacitors in my PT1 turntable power supply as they were bulging slightly - just in the nick of time. No doubts in IMHE this is worthwhile
  10. One of the coolest things about the LP12 is it’s modular design- it was originally sold even without a plinth! So you have freedom to experiment. Underpinning all of this is sensible set-up and you need to get this right. Once setup, an LP12 is good for 5 years easily if not messed with. A one piece, well engineered sub-chassis makes a big improvement to clarity and bass performance IMHE (including alternatives to the Keel) and there are good alternatives in tonearms as well. I’m personally in favour of slightly lighter arms on LP12s because I’ve found they work and sound better IME. A Funk FXR2 is my choice after trying many others, it just sounds right - so the message to the OP is don’t be afraid to try alternative non-Linn arms on an LP12. It will be interesting to see how you get on if you go the alternate route.
  11. Change the stylus quickly! Think of your records !! The latest Stylus/2 is a nice improvement over the original as well - quite tuneful
  12. Funk Firm FXR tonearms work particularly well on LP12s IMHE, being stiff and light. Musical and engaging with an especially dexterous bass