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  1. Haven’t watched this in quite a while 🤖 Kraftwerk - Minimum-Maximum
  2. Nice bit of modern Prog ! (are we allowed to call it that nowadays ?) Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Power https://sanguinehum.bandcamp.com/album/now-we-have-power-2
  3. Gets better with repeated listens, the cover is very cool though ! GoGo Penguin - GoGo Penguin
  4. Blistering, funky Blues... Gary Clark Jr - Blak And Blu
  5. Hopefully not Copy Protected like my original CD version ( a right bugger to rip 😡 )
  6. ...and that version of I’d Rather Go Blind is just.......
  7. ...well, it is Friday and Nostalgia has got a hold... The Balham Alligators - Bayou Degradable
  8. Obscure as it is it has to be up there for my album of the year ! Craven Faults - Erratics & Unconformities https://cravenfaults.bandcamp.com/album/erratics-unconformities
  9. Watussi !!! Engineers - Three Fact Fader
  10. This weekend I’ve gone for.......
  11. When I worked in a Hi-Fi shop Brian Eno asked one of my colleagues if cables really made any difference !
  12. The “ One Man Band “ version ; it’s really rather good ! Erik Hall - Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)
  13. ...and this weekend I went for.... (also brilliant)
  14. ...you know, when you just have to play that album again..... King Buffalo - Orion