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  1. There`s not much more of this 2016 blues/rock album cover to post and she won`t be happy if you don`t get it ! As an aside, why do so many blues players have "three word" names ?
  2. Needs to be played loud ! Larry McCray - Delta Hurricane
  3. Another bit of this British blues prodigy (she is a bit older now...)
  4. Another bit before I hit the hay.
  5. Back from work now so, I give you what I`m listening to now to de-stress...
  6. The beauty of rummaging through your CD collection, as opposed to streaming, is you get to play really good stuff you’d “forgotten” you had ! British Sea Power - The Decline Of British Sea Power
  7. Continuing the theme… Lamb - Backspace Unwind
  8. I think I see a pattern emerging here….. Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband Frou Frou - Details
  9. Have some time off work this week so played the Holy Trinity which I haven’t done in a very long while ! (rather enjoyable) Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon Wish You Were Here Animals
  10. And while I’m getting all nostalgic. My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts - Brian Eno & David Byrne
  11. …and having to turn the volume up to drown out the thunder…. Talking Heads - Remain In Light
  12. Very refreshing on a hot day like today ! Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Black Coffee
  13. Currently annoying the neighbours with this “covers” EP. Crippled Black Phoenix - Horrific Honorifics
  14. 1997 debut album. Glasgow band, although the cover is a bit further East...
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