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  1. I’m keen to know what people would buy if they had 10k to spend on a source, amp/s and speakers what they would choose. ive got to the point where I have bits of kit all over and wondered about pooling the value. Or would it be a case of diminishing returns? I’ve never spent more than £1800 on a unit.
  2. Another good point with tannoy, you don’t get tired of listening to them.
  3. As you say they do have a colouration ‘boxyness’ I actually don’t mind it. My last set of speakers were completely the opposite. State of the art drivers, components and calculated to the nth degree. More of a statement of what speakers can achieve, meeting most of the criteria that we audio nuts like to box tick. Don’t get me wrong, with the right recordings they were as good as you will get, but only with a handful of records, That for me it became tiresome with a great deal of my music. I find the Tannoy’s I have friendly with most all music, have excellent imaging and well balanced. For me, this is more important.
  4. At the time of me modding both of yours I preferred the Stirling
  5. I’ve just bought the latter and putting through their paces. I’ve noticed an immediate difference between the two, not sure which I prefer yet. Does anyone else have any experience of the two?
  6. Can’t decide which are best...🧐 more listening required...
  7. It’s a strange one really, and will probably go against the grain but I prefer the 10” models. I’ve borrowed three pairs of 12-15”. Cheviots, Lancaster and can’t remember the other. I find them a lot less responsive in the bass (I refer to them as ‘muddy’) than the 10”s. Obviously the 12-15”s have more bass, but I much prefer a little less if it’s more controlled. I do however think that they need a bigger room/better position than most people I have seen use them in, perhaps this is why I’m not so keen. I have some Stirling SE and Stirling TW , both actually have quite a different character between the two.
  8. Archaic service. A constant let down.
  9. I agree, it’s very difficult to commit to any variety until you’ve heard various in YOUR listening room.
  10. Again, personally I wouldn’t go for the naim. Some people may like their sound, I don’t. Could you borrow something away from your current experience? There are nice people on here willing to help you find the sound you want😊 you have great scope at that price point👍
  11. Heard really good things about these and almost bought one, if it sounds as good as it looks someone is in for a treat. GLWTS
  12. Repairable is one thing, long lasting another.
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