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  1. All info is in my profile bud, where are you?
  2. I’ll stick with it I think. Though I’m curious to hear the difference with the JS mod, as it’s the same cost as the actual amp.i have spoken to john before about it.🧐🧐
  3. Interesting 🧐 I must research.
  4. Yeah collection only, unless you organise your own courier. I wish I could keep em!
  5. Thanks bud. I actually really rate them. I bought them for the cellar, which has changed now. I put them in the main system and they sounded pretty surprising, great bass and adjustable top end is nifty! Was gonna put them in the workshop outside, but they’re too good for that.
  6. In good order generally, probably could do with a light sand and lacquer if you wanted them looking spot on. Attenuators work fine. I would keep but I just don’t have the space. I think £150 is a fair price, and what I paid 8 years ago.
  7. New plinths really work, I have stacked birch. The linn basik was a worthwhile improvement too. check the trueness of the platter, I once had a non concentric one, also had one which needed trueing with a tapered mandrel (my own little invention) packing the underside of the chassis with mass works, I used lead but bituminous sheet or even blue tac works. I would service the motor. I’ve had 7-8 75s and they have all run differently. Check the idler wheel, this is an important bit. It should have a sloping ‘blade’ appearance. Look for drying or wear on it. Also check the spring in this is good, pm me if you want to know anymore.👍
  8. I suppose lock down has had me thinking is it time for a change really. the set up sounds great! If I’m honest I think other rather fickle factors like looks and bells and whistles are getting my taste buds going. But when I look at some of the gear that people go through in a year, I Wouldn’t have time for that kind of ‘research’, nor would I like to have gotten rid of something to buy something else and regret it.
  9. So I keep thinking of changing my amp. Itchy feet I guess. I love the A1000, I looks cool, and has a really sweet sound, and since it’s service, runs perfectly. I don’t get to listen to much gear as I don’t have much time, I see a lots of box swapping on the wam, not something I really do. should I just be happy with what I have or should I think about something more suited to the tannoys I have and the cd7 or should I have a change?