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  1. Or you’ve had a beer. My rule is never mess with hifi with a drink in you. It’s hard enough just putting music via cd or especially vinyl without f@&£ing something up! Dropped disc, trapped disc, dropped records, scratched, snapped or bent styli. Done it all.
  2. tackleberry


    I would have to have tried straightening it, good or bad!😂
  3. It’s probably more now obviously with the material value but would be surprised if it’s that much
  4. Mine was 8 years ago, £80, bargain.
  5. Although now you say it, I’m not keen on the bevelled edge wardrobe door front fascia, it usually looks like an atc baffle in any colour
  6. I like em. When you get up close, the cab structure itself is is like a bomb shelter, 1st rate finish too
  7. Yeah the site is poor, I hope he’s doing well, I made a point of telling him what I thought, he eats, sleeps and breathes speakers! No compromise build or components.
  8. SP acoustics. At Bristol show ten years ago. Fantastic. Used to work for AE as far as I know. Not cheap, but I believe you would never need another speaker
  9. Vernon moss of Brighouse re plated mine, top drawer job,
  10. I'm sorted for an amp now bud, cheers anyway.
  11. If OP was interested in testing them, John Bryant, (chap i use for such things) is approximately an hour away in Woking.
  12. 👍 some great drivers there, would be worth knowing if they are all working to their full potential...
  13. Wilmslow cross....I urge you to get them measured......
  14. I know Too nice to be stuck in the classifieds merry go round!