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    And a few more.
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  1. I agree, it’s very difficult to commit to any variety until you’ve heard various in YOUR listening room.
  2. Again, personally I wouldn’t go for the naim. Some people may like their sound, I don’t. Could you borrow something away from your current experience? There are nice people on here willing to help you find the sound you want😊 you have great scope at that price point👍
  3. Heard really good things about these and almost bought one, if it sounds as good as it looks someone is in for a treat. GLWTS
  4. Repairable is one thing, long lasting another.
  5. Wow! I nearly bought one last year. Do they really get that hot?!?!
  6. Pioneer a400, few quid left for music.
  7. I have a virtually unused 91. Completely unmarked with every single sticker, label and packaging it came with. The guy I bought it from was an engineer who used it 4 times and put it back in the box as he preferred vinyl. He got wind that the lenses fell off shortly after purchase and sent it back. It was sent back to him with a free pair of interconnects, cds and apology from the chief engineer from pioneer.😂 it’s a fantastic piece of kit.
  8. Has anyone had any sort of update?
  9. Class ab, bit more power I think...
  10. You’ve got some right gear for sale!
  11. Great speakers bud.👍
  12. Oooooh Lovely. GLWTS
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