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  1. I heard one on dem and really liked it. So bought one. Since then I’ve put it up against a heavily modded sondek a rega p9, gyro and my lenco it delivers much more than it’s price suggests.
  2. Is the acrylic rigid under the motor?
  3. I’m surprised to hear people think of ATC as ‘harsh’ ‘forward’ or ‘in your face’ I think I’m rather sensitive to however you want to word the above. I was worried about other peoples experiences when I was offered a pair of 100’s I also went to a local dealer to hear a pair of 50a’s as he didn’t have a pair of 100’s at the time, (DNA audio in Otley),. He had them set up on naim streamer it sounded great, not fatiguing at all yet excellent detail. I finally decided on the 100’s and worried about getting them home and them not working well with my gear, again the most controlled pair of speakers I’ve ever had in my room.
  4. Cheers bud!!! Chuffed to bits with them! Glad your sorted in your new room!
  5. One of the best, most balanced and neutral speaker I’ve ever heard, the detail is fantastic too.
  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences and info guys. I didn’t get chance to call them yesterday, but sent them an email before they opened in the morning. Peter has been great replying back with all the previous questions I’ve asked, I bet he’s sick of me already!! I’ll have a chat with them on Monday.
  7. I was told there would still be ‘noise’ in the circuit wether you had a dedicated supply or not.
  8. Sell these in a breath with a bit more information bud.
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