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  1. rocker65


    What has my knowledge of present day boxing got to do with my OP? It seems to me that some people here, for whatever reason, are deliberatly misinterpreting my post even though I have tried, in vain, to clarify things. I think that while this closed mindedness dissapointingly prevails I will treat this as my last word on the subject and hope that some of you at least will reconsider your responces to my original and subsequent posts. Rgds.
  2. rocker65


    What do you think you know about my opinions of some of todays sportspeople? Please do not try to distort the meaning of my OP. You will have to explain about the two brawlers you mention in your post. The meaning is totlally lost. It means nothing to me I am afraid. Rgds.
  3. rocker65


    No. Simply trying to clarify things. Rgds.
  4. rocker65


    At the time, yes it did. The way he acted was just not how people in this country wanted their heros to behave. Rgds.
  5. rocker65


    Yes I know that and take my hat off to him for it. Going back to my OP what you and others seem to be doing is not reading what I wrote. I thought I had made it clear that my comments were about the times he was a champion boxer. Obviously not. Almost everybody at that time hoped somebody would beat him because of his comments out of the ring, it did not come close to happening of course. He was so much better that his opponents and acknowledged as such, by me too. Rgds.
  6. rocker65


    All I can say is that at the time most people I knew felt exactly as I posted. Quite a few sports commentators did too. If you were around at the time and dissagree that is up to you. Rgds
  7. rocker65


    At the time he was a champion boxer he also had the worlds biggest mouth and used to spout forth the most unsporting crap imaginable. Rotten personality. Rgds
  8. rocker65


    Hi all, I see Ali the boxer has been given an award. All I can think of whenever I see his name(s) mentioned is how on earth someone who was such a good boxer could at the same time be such a totally awfull person. It is such a shame though to see him reduced to his present state. Rgds.
  9. That is strange. When I bought mine from them it came with a diagram on a little leaflet. It is very easy though. Pull the cantelever end of the stylus assy away from the body with a slight rotary motion so as to leave the rear of the stylus assy still in contact with the body. When replacing put the rear edge onto the body first and then push the front down. It will click. Be extremely carefull not to touch or snag the cantelever and thereby join the happy band who have done so and created a beautifully curved piece of scrap. Rgds Sorry, slow reply. I see it has allready been answered. Please let us know how it sounds compared to the old one. It is allways interesting to hear of these things.
  10. The Dansette was a very poular but not very good sounding TT. The De Luxe now, that was much better. It had a tone control. It consisted of nothing less than a felt curtain that was drawn across the speaker. I think you can do better. Rgds
  11. Hi, I think that pride of ownership is a large part of the inducement to get one. The performance is way over what is needed or usable of course but it must be teriffic to get on and ride one. Question. How do you keep your driving license if you ride one of these? It is def that I would loose mine in one days riding and that is probably the main reason I did not ever get one. Hats off to those who have the restraint to keep to the limits. Rgds
  12. rocker65

    Formula One 2012

    I do not "prefer a greater chance of seeing someone die in a fireball" so do not try to put words into or twist the meaning of my post. There will allways be exceptions to any and every generalisation ref such as the drives of Alonso and Perez which you mention. I do not see anything wrong with my mentioning my greater appreciation of 'bike racing and all of it's demands. Rgds.
  13. Hi all. This British classic is now running. Wiggins and a lot of the other "names" are all in it. I do not know if there is much by way of a "mountain" challenge though. At this point in the season I do not suppose that the riders will mind one bit. Rgds.
  14. rocker65

    Formula One 2012

    Hi GR1, Your presumptions are incorrect and stupid. To try and make a point by inventing such fantasies is pathetic.
  15. Hi Bob, I have had the "Relayer" LP ever since it came out and even though I have allways thought it fantastic I had also thought that something was not quite right. When after some years my GL85 TT finally gave up, I replaced it with a 1210 and first of all used it with my old M75ED which was soon replaced first with an AT 95E, better, and finally with an AT440MLa mod'd with the resisters in parrallel to eliminate the HF peak. It made Relayer sound very much better and it seems the information is there if you can dig it out. Fragile, Close to the Edge, Relayer. What a magical collection, and what super times they hail from. Rgds.