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  1. By the way Nick if anyone is getting a little serious about paying you a visit ask Nigel for my number I used to do quite a bit of debt collection in my time and i am quite happy to discuss any problems that a would be caller might have . I admire your commitment and push to get what you consider the best possible music , I just could not do this myself .
  2. This does indeed look interesting not fully sure how the recordings are made but Keith can let us know when he tries it. Would be nice if you could use the Umik.
  3. Okay just my opinion and done with the cardinal sin of not hearing it first but not even if I won the lottery would I pay that much for a power supply. There is nothing in the picture that costs anything like that money and it is not pretty enough to be a work of art. I make no comment on how good it sounds it is just too expensive for me to take seriously.
  4. I find Bob Dylan hard to listen to and tend to just skip the track or switch stations same goes for Bruce Springsteen but this does not make them poor or low quality it just means I do not like them . There is no universal best or most influential album just opinion.
  5. bencat

    Ooh, no

    Strange I very much was convinced that for networking that I believed bits are in fact bits until of course you told me that I did not. I currently use an Ethernet Switch it cost me £16 delivered. It works it is not used because I believe it improves the audio quality it is used because I was suffering drop outs both on audio and streaming video . This has now stopped .
  6. bencat

    Ooh, no

    Interesting not only do you know that all digital devices sound different but you also know that I believe that too .
  7. Just a suggestion Mike but there is a very cheap deal on JustBoom Amp Hats on CPC Farnell which would enable you to do all of this in a single box (you would need to beef up the power supply to 12 Volts up to 19 Volt but not that much of a hassle .
  8. Which Spotify plug in are you using ? I know there is a new one and the old one is no longer able to connect . Ronnie or someone will be able to identify the right one to use sorry i do not use spotify so do not want to advise the wrong thing . Worth going on the Squeezebox forum and in the Third Party Software Thread search Spotify which will tell you which is the new one. If you find the one mentioned in the Squeezebox Forum thread is not listed in your plug ins first make sure you have ticked to allow third party plugins on the plug in page and if it still does not appear then you may need to update your LMS version to at least 7.9.2 but better the latest 7.9.3 .
  9. If you are using a streamer to feed the DAC you should be able to reduce the output on that offset the DAC higher output .
  10. bencat

    Roon-why ?

    Well if you use LMS and want a bit of extra information on the artist and albums then I would suggest loading the free material skin plugin . When you view LMS on a PC it gives lots of extras like album thumbnails like on iTunes and you can then search by album cover . It also offers a page with artist information and album review and song lyrics if available . Yes some are missing but this is free well worth trying .
  11. Great to hear and see thqat you are back up and running . One of the little added advantages of using the Material Skin plugin is that in the top right hand corner there is little line of three dots . This is a drop down menu and in the when there is a new version of LMS they think you should have it shows a read dot with a ! in the middle and if you open the information setting at the bottom it will even tell you to update . Hope you are playing lots of music and enjoying it if you are using an Android tablet or phone as a controll then Squeezer App is free and works very well .
  12. Look I appreciate that this may not be any help and for that I am sorry . I use LMS loaded on Raspberry Pi so there may be differences . Currently my version is 7.9.3 which seems to be quite a long way from the version you have . I would suggest that you try and do a really good delete of your current LMS from your PC . Then do a new clean install of the most current version you can find . Go through the complete set up . When it comes to plug ins load Material Skin . Next time you try to access your LMS use 192.168.1....(your LMS IIP last three figures):9000 and you will get the material skin GUI . This is not only easier it has lots of extra features that are great to use.
  13. I bought replacement foam grilles for my Linn Sara 9,s they were spot on and still are total cost £45 incl postage . That offer is not only over priced but by the looks of it not even as good as the Linn Sara grilles I bought for a lot less money .
  14. Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation - Human After All - Flac
  15. I can confirm that Quads (mine are 405,s) do not have any soft start and you get thump on switch on . Given past problems I not doing anything about it as it is working fine with no issues and playing me lovely music as i write this .