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  1. Apple have had the chance to offer higher quality and were the front runners they decided their low quality lossless was enough. Amazon will not get the number of subs they want until they make it possible for direct streams . If they do then they will dominate but I doubt they will. Look Ma no swearing.
  2. Think that forms a large part of the Celtic origins
  3. Complete hi jack of the thread I know but i have recently had one of those DNA tests done and it said I was 41% Celtic , 40% Scandinavian ,16% Iberian , 3 % Italian , so I am very confused . Nice to think that I would qualify as a Viking though.
  4. I am sorry that you feel it is personal to you but they make fun of everyone on this forum . It is a genuine way of including people and making them feel at home . This is a very UK sort of humour and normal . I would suggest that play a track that has issues for you and while it is playing try moving the speakers around until you can get the sound more suited to what you want to hear . Please though do remember that the trick of this real sound is dependant on the music being played and it may well be that your system is high lighting music that is not as well recorded as other tracks . All music is recorded , mastered and placed on CD / Vinyl etc differently . They should not all sound the same they should sound different even in some cases on the same album which can be recorded in different studios leading to different sounding recordings. You system may be very good at showing up these differences and so there may not be an easy way to solve this. Give the placement a try and see what happens.
  5. Okay I have to admit it English is not my first language I speak Scouse . Unless I slow down most of those who are not Scouse find it very difficult to understand what i am saying . This does not of course stop me from being a pompous idiot who thinks he knows the real secret to great music . I would agree with the sentiment of the post , join in and get to know the people here , then when things are back to some kind of normality attend a Bake Off , or the Wam show and meet all of the idiots like me who keep posting .
  6. Nusetro - Ruben Blades from Antecedente
  7. if you want collection might be a good idea to say where you are ?
  8. Linn Sara 9's would be my option . Give you some of the isobaric bass but are much easier to be accepted in the room . Having hard against a wall means they do not draw attention to themselves and also gives real slam to the bass . if you like music with pace and power then i doubt you will be dissapointed .
  9. Nothing like an expert but the constant switching off then connecting again sounds like the usb management settings on the pc. Many of todays machines have management firmware or software that puts peripherals into standby after a defined time to reduce power usage . You may need to find out if your pc does this then change the parameters or even switch it off if possible and this should keep power to your usb sockets and keep the DAC connection on .
  10. As has been said it is quite possible to punish dangerous play after the whistle as Richarlison was punished in the game after the whistle. VAR is supposed to look at obvious errors in major incidents including possible Red Card's and they are supposed to ask the referee to review the incident and then it is his decision . As Virgil was on the floor getting treament and the game was stopped it would not have held the game up . As @Bazzerhas already said after the offside it just seems to have been swept under the carpet . While I can understand that it would not be the best idea to bother Virgil as he knows that something is badly wrong and is feeling angry at the time the deafening silence from the club and the player is not very nice . I know it could be just mouthing what the media wants to hear but it would be just good manners and a show of some form of humanity to say sorry , or then again maybe I am just getting old and this sort of good manners just does not exist anymore . Probably to do with how my parents brought me up but I was always taught to own up and say sorry when I had made a mistake and i still do it today .
  11. Sorry your view is just as valid as mine and i think I was hurting a bit so got defensive , your apology says more about your character than my sarky answer , Thank you .
  12. Well quite a game yesterday with goals lots of action and talking points to keep even the laziest media person happy . Fingers crossed that Virgil will not be crocked for too long seems he is seeing a Specialist today so with any luck we will have the worst of it either later today or tomorrow. If we get away with a month out then that will be a result . As normal not the best football on show but some quality did break out from time to time . Excellent goal by Calvert Llewin a header of real quality . Mo showed that when you have real quality you do not have to think just let your muscles and mind react a worthy finish for his 100th Liverpool goal . I am like I think many mystified why no action was taken against Pickford and that he did not seem in any way regretful for the damage he had inflicted on another professional . No words of any sort of apology seem to be forth coming so presume he feels that sort of tackle is acceptable . Just hope he has the same reaction if someone does the same to him as that at least would be consistent . The offside goal is a complete mystery to me I have looked at the picture and still see it as level at worst but looks more like on side than offside . Yes I know I am a Liverpool fan and so considered biased , but my Wife Linda is an Evertonian and even admitted that it does look to be onside . So many people have said the same from all different support that I think I am justified in saying I am just not convinced that VAR is working on this as it should . Still nothing will be changed and it has now passed by , on to Ajax next Wednesday and the rest of the season I am hoping we can get things moving in a more positive direction soon .
  13. Thank you so much as someone who uses two 405.1 in an active system I will need to have a rethink . Then again as they play such sweet music will just leave them were they are .
  14. If I am honest I used a pair of these for over four months before taking them to Ibiza with the rest of a very small system for my niece . They were also part of the system i used at the last Kegworth 2018 after my active system blew up . Frankly they are super little speakers and for a small system all you will need . At under £50 delivered they are perfect.
  15. Is this still for sale ? If so will PM you .