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  1. Would really appreciate any update on how Glenn is and if he is indeed getting out of the business. I have tried to contact him for about six weeks and had no response either from him or two of his dealers. I need to get a Croft OTL 3 looked at and serviced . I would love this to be Glenn but if he is not able to do this and me waiting will not change this then all good so long as I know then I can plan accordingly.
  2. As per the title has anyone got a Supra USB A - B Cable maximum 1 Metre but the shorter 0.7 is fine .
  3. Okay this will only apply to those of you who can get to Liverpool unless you contact me and let me know what you want and we can work something out . Due to the Covid restrictions I have not been in to Liverpool City Centre for about 9 months . Went in today just to have a wander and see what had survived . Music Direct is a cut price DVD,Blu Ray and CD store in the lower part of St Johns Precinct . I was really surprised to see it still there and open . Went in and bought eight CD,s for £19 . Saw a new copy of the Yello Toy CD for £3 but as i already have this just left it there . If anyone does not have this then either get in and buy it or let me know and I can sort buying it and posting . This has a very large selection of CD with lots of odd things . They also have full section were they sell you four mixed CD's for £1 . No choice in the pack and of course you get a bit of dross with the others but come this is for £1 . It felt good to physically look through music again and be able to just choose and pick up the CD there and then and not wait for next day delivery .
  4. Quad 405 hugely reliable and lots of people will service them . Parts replacements are easily available .
  5. Liverpool Football Club have shown their true colours again . Two friendly matches at Anfield and they are letting Season ticket holders buy a single ticket each for £23 never mind we have already paid them over £700 for the Season ticket. Think I will pass on this.
  6. Would agree that the DAC is the most important part and in my view this should be a separate unit and chosen because it works for you . In my main system my DAC is a DENAFRIPS Pro8 Mk 1 . In my other active systems it is the MiniDSP units that perform the DAC part so this is all limited and tied in to the other work being done . In all cases the players are just getting the stream and feeding that stream to the DAC or Active network which means they are not working hard and closing things down like Wifi , Bluetooth , HDMI out means the CPU is not working on things i do not use so this gives it the best possible chance of doing what i want it to with the best results . Add in the nice power supply and you have a very musical result.
  7. Agree with Dom we all have our own personal way we listen . I suspect that I am little more with Dom than Nick . In another thread Dom has said he prefers an Innuos streamer that is less focused and capable because it makes some of his favourite music which is often not well recorded sound worse . I am in total agreement about this I like the music I like and i want to be able to listen and enjoy even if the recording is pretty ropey the music will shine through . Nick has a different goal which lets him enjoy his music they way he likes to hear it , both Nick and Dom are right for what they are looking to create because in the end it is really only you who listens to your system . Much like the views being expressed at how poor any system using a Pi as streamer is , is correct and right for those individuals . I make no excuses for my use of a Pi nor do I pretend that it is not something you have to work at to get right and then keep working right , but that also sounds familiar tome with regard to Vinyl playback as well very few users have fit and forget TT/Arms/Cartridges and phono stages . I am right for me but maybe I am just deaf and unable to hear any differences except those my own mind has invented . Keep smiling , keep listening to music and enjoy yourself , remember this is just a Forum and these are just interested peoples views , they are not rules or proven theories just personal musings .
  8. Not really used this software much and as the player was not mine resisted the temptation to fiddle around with it. My guess is that in the playback settings there will be an option to continue playing next track after selection this will then just carry on playing . This is what I have done using LMS.
  9. Oh to have hindsight and covered this . Presume you have searched a few other suppliers ?
  10. As per the above I use the Amazon Cube so the gui is on my TV and works fine .
  11. An I now have to admit that my whole music streaming system is PI based . The server is a PI4 8GB with a 2TB SSD HD attached. This lives next to my router upstairs and is powered by a Sean Jacobs DC2 LPSU. This to run LMS and feeds the players in all my systems. It has no hat and is not loaded as a player it just sends the music by ethernet. Rest of the players have allo digione and each has an LPSU to power it. I have heard in my system a Linn and a Naim streamer and also a Node . None sounded any better and all had major limitations . This only refers to them being used as pure streamers . I think my current system sounds very good and I listen about five or six hours most days. It suits me and is the best music sound I have ever had to date. Others may well not agree but if you come to The Wam Show you can judge for yourself and laugh at my poor attempt to convince myself that this actually sounds good.
  12. Do you need the pre section ? SMLS have a balanced DAC which has XLR output .
  13. This issue with Cirrus chips is not new they were also responsible for problems with Perpetual Technologies DAC s as well
  14. What this sounds like to me is that the Topping is having difficulty locking on to the digital input which means it gets an initial lock and starts playing then loses the lock and reboots when it finds it again . While this may well be what is happening the cause could be a number things like the receiving chip which switches to the right sample rate and then passes that to the DAC chip . It could also be the socket not having a earth and lots of things I do not know about . But sadly I think in your case it will not work and needs mfg input to understand why. Given the different digital feeds you have had to try the fault is with the Topping and not your equipment.
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