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  1. Some days in football you just can not believe what you are seeing and today was one of them . A poor decision by the referee gifts Liverpool the chance to equalise , I still have no idea why he awarded a free kick and i am pretty sure he does not know either. Then in the fifth minute of extra time when there was only supposed to be four minutes Alison Becker goes up for a corner and scores with a truly great header , you could not write this stuff and given the poor way we have performed for much of this season it just about keeps our chase for fourth place alive . The good old Liverpool
  2. I use NVA power amps ( 2x P20 and 1 x P30) in my three way active system . They sound wonderful and I have nothing but great things to say about their sound quality . They are however a little bit restrictive as a new purchase in that you only get any service guarantee if you only use NVA speaker cable . So i think that does limit there use by some who want a wider choice .
  3. Man Utd are not doing a great preperation for the Europa cup final. The injury to Maguire might be crucial hope he is really fit in time. Utd are much the better team and should win easily but football is not always like that. Emre is a serial winner in this competition and gets less than stellar talent teams to perform for a final. This is not going to be an easy ride but then again what do I know I had Liverpool down for losing last night and they go and score four goals.
  4. There was a surprise a match between Utd and Liverpool that was not a boring tight affair . Neither side covered themselves in glory and both made huge mistakes. Difference between them was Liverpool were better and sharper at converting their chances. A good win and I think Liverpool slightly shaded it but essential for us if we are to have any hope of catching up with those in front.
  5. Rules here are you have to state a price show photos of the actual item and list location. If you do not have an idea bin price then a check for what these sold for on ebay might help. If you are not able to come up with a price best to delete and just ask a question in two channels.
  6. Gary yes use the ssh in as you describe . On the page I linked to go to bottom of the page and copy the install three lines. Then go back to ssh terminal and just use right bar under your touch pad or paste and it will load automatically and reboot when finished.
  7. Yes used two Pi4 and a Pi3 worked with all of them
  8. Looking at this I was not aware that you had to actively confirm that you would be attending , apologies . I confirm that I will be attending and have completed the alterations I need to make to my system.
  9. Just going to add this I helped a fellow Wammer set up his music server using a Raspberry Pi4 and LMS . Had to swap the USB HE over from one I had loaned to one he had been bought. He had been using the system via his SBT and was really pleased with the sound quality. At the same time as I mounted the new HD I ssh in and added the dynobot settings update that I mentioned on page one. I said nothing and just played the track we had been listening to and the comment was made that the sound quality was changed and for the better with sound stage coming forward. I then told him what I ha
  10. bencat

    Formula 1 2021

    Lewis has been really honest in his assessment so far and it has continued through to the Spanish Grand Prix . Redbull just keep making mistakes and gifting Mercedes wins. Lewis does not need to be asked twice and has pounced on every error.
  11. Well obviously not the SE mentioned here but this is a whole system including a pair of 8000.2 speakers and seems to be a reasonable price considering the original buying price . What it probably does reflect though is that the Meridians are over priced when new and that the number of people who would consider buying used at this level is quite small and you can if you are hard nosed get a good deal . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174754626446?hash=item28b02ffb8e:g:314AAOSwVnpgYM1z
  12. reading a little about Moode it would seem if what @Gizzais trying to achieve is the Music being as close to the player as possible then there is another way of doing this. Currently there are some quite large micro SD cards . I use 512GB ones on my portable player and I have seen 1TB micro SD cards as well . According to Moode you can partion your sd card with Moode in the first partion then the rest would hold you Music . It is likely that a 512GB card would hold all of @Gizzamusic and leave some room for additions. This would then form a Player and Music Library that you could access t
  13. bencat

    Refoaming speakers

    I have zero mechanical skills and would just not try this myself . One day I am going to buy a decent cheap but knackered pair of speakers and do this but do not hold your breath. Both TonyJ and Greybeard have done this and I am sure could offer advice if you decide to give it a try contact them.
  14. Sadly I have always been a budget supermarket shopper (I know my place) Kwik Save at this period Lidl and Aldi now so no M&S music for me .
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