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  1. I have now finally put the rack i got from Julian in place this was not an easy task as the rack is so heavy you need to connect and place the equipment on each layer as you go as once the shelf above is in place there is not possibilty of moving anything to adjust. So in place now and the system back up and working again and nohting will move or be disturbed now as the rack is too solid to let things shift . The SO Rack is being collected tomorrow by a PFM member so this is now closed .
  2. The title of this really confused me as DBT is an acronym for somehting a little different . I kept trying to work out why you would use this for audio tests .
  3. is that bec\use you are wearing a blind fold ?
  4. I have my Kitchen system with a Raspberry Pi 2B with a Just Boom Hat connected to Kef wall hanging speakers from 1957 . You have not volume control on the Pi so it has to be done via Squeezer App or Material skin . However the Justboom Am[ hat was £15 new from CPC and the Pi I had unused in my boxes of stuff . Works very well and over the current time been switching using this and the main system to listen in the garden . Start in the morning on the main system then switch to the Kitchen system in the afternoon as the sunn moves over about 13.30 . Works very well and sounds more than decent plus very discreet as the Pi can be hidden behind a lamp . The Jusboom Amphat will accept power from a pi directly but sound a little more powerful and stable with an smps 19 volt old laptop supply .
  5. Well aside from the normal CD's every week no HiFi equipment at all . However after reading the current magazine and looking at the near porn photographs ordered one of these which I am told will be arriving today .
  6. Just a little note re the Antimode Room Correction unit which I also own along with various MiniDSP units. Firstly the Antimode is not a full spectrum DSP unit it only deals with the Bass and lower mid . You are right it comes with a mic and is pretty much a plug and play unit and it does work very well . The limiting factors are that it only outputs 48 kHz signal so will not be giving you any HD output if that is important to you . Aside form this it is a very good implementation of a DSP treatment of your speakers in your room .
  7. Please read the listing . This cartridge has had a new replacement stylus and so this can either be a direct replacement for the one already fitted or he could just reaplce the whole cartridge with this one . If things go well this is cheaper that a replacement stylus of unknown quality .
  8. This might be worth considering if it does not go too high .
  9. Sorry for putting two threads with the same aim but just in case you use Logitech Media Server and Tidal and do not check the computer hifi section here is a link to some improtant information you need to be aware of .
  10. Okay I know scandalous on here but as has been said the sound from the Bose in question is not that bad it is certainly listenable . If this what they are happy with would agree that you help them get what they want to use to listen to music . They will enjoy the sound just like I enjoy the Logitech Radio I have in the bedroom to wake me up and late at night to play Radio Paradise for an hour as I fall asleep . No its not hifi and yes there is lots that would be better but at the end of the day like a portable radio it is music and it is enjoyable .
  11. But as the OP has already said he does not want the PC /Mac/Nas on all the time as it ecologically not sound which is I think a fair thing to state. Dom your right your Aurilac is all you need , I get round all of this by having my music server running on a Raspberry Pi with attached USB HD . I have this on 24 /7 but it uses less than a 30 watt lightbulb so I am comfortable with this . Logitech Media Server which is free runs all the background stuff and i am comforatable with it . Please note i am not recomending this for you or suggesting you even consider it . What I am saying is it works for me and I am happy with the results. Roon and leaving that on 24/7 like you I would not be comfortable with.
  12. With regard to the Oppo Sonica DAC just to mention there appear to be UK stokists who still have old stock at the price of £799 including free postage .
  13. The important part of this is that you believe it would cost that . I suspect that quite an inprovement could be had for less than the 2 k but only you can decide that as this is your system and your money .
  14. What the OP has done is make the cable pleasing to him and look the way he wants . What changes may or may not have been made in the measurements are irrelevant as now he likes the look of the cable before he did not . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this will make the music flowing through seem that much sweeter even without a blindfold.