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  1. This is very normal for Glenn Croft from what I can gather he often changed designs from one unit to another let alone one year to another. Dropped mine of with Glenn yesterday and just have to sit and wait till he can get round to looking at it and let me know what he thinks needs doing to it . Thanks for your help anyway might be something I could get fitted to my amp as it would help .
  2. bencat


    Surprisingly weighty are my Linn Sara 9's at 14.5 Kg each which is heavy given the size . Biggest weight is my Krell KSA 50 which is 60 lb and not something to move around on a whim .
  3. Thank you Danny any update even an imperfect one helps. I would hope that most of us know this is not easy . Good luck to all working on this and I hope it can happen.
  4. Klopp had realised that we are playing the mighty Preston on Wednesday and needed to save his players energy .
  5. Thanks Henry I presume the meters you are talking about are under the bottom plate as there are no meters visible on the top plate . I have just delivered the OTL to Colin today and he is very busy but will get round to my amp when he can .
  6. Well Liverpool were good and semi clinical we ripped Utd defence and scored some excellently worked goals . Mo was what he has been all season . Our defence at times was shambolic but Utd could not take advantage. Utd were sadly very poor first half Atlanta poor. Front four just did not work hard enough. Ronaldo should have been subbed as he is not able to add to a team that needs to defend . Pogba was a disgrace his team in trouble and does a two footed tackle like that. Lovely day for me watched with my brother drank lots of good Guinness and then had a large Diplomatico to finish .
  7. One of the Mods will do it when they get a chance of you report the thread they will notice it earlier . I have posted on the Croft Owners thread that I am taking my OTL 3 to Glenn on Monday so if you want to send some contact details I will pass them on . You do need though to say where you are as there may be a local Wammer who can help.
  8. Just an update to say Glenn has got in touch and I will be taking the OTL 3 Amp to him for service / upgrade on Monday 25th October . So it does seem that everything is okay with him and I should in the not too distant future get to hear the Croft in my main system . Colin if you read this sorry it is nothing to do with you or your treatment and care of this amplifier it is I am sure perfect , I just have my own issues with class A and direct wired amplifiers and them not being used for long periods.
  9. Just a not note here and in the Spirit of the Wam section I will be making a trip from Liverpool to Scarborough on Monday 25th October 2021 . If anyone has anything between these two points either delivering or collecting get in touch and will try and assist .
  10. Just a not note here and in the Two Channel section I will be making a trip from Liverpool to Scarborough on Monday 25th October 2021 . If anyone has anything between these two points either delivering or collecting get in touch and will try and assist .
  11. Does that mean i now can get in to NT and museums free ?
  12. Okay I know we all had some previous issues and communication problems associated with the previous Admin . Things have changed and things are being worked on . We have all agreed to be patient and give the new Admin,s space and time to get things in place with the software , the forum and finally the Show for next year . So while we are all excited and anxious to get details and conformations we need to be patient . Just looking at it from an outside perspective I feel that a venue either new or the existing one has be be booked and confirmed with details by at the latest Mid January . That is lots of work and time to get that sorted. Much later than that and we are at risk of not having enough time for all those that want to be there both showing and visiting are not going to be able to do so . So as has been said and the offer is genuine if there is a need for serious suggestions for a venue then let some others know what is needed and we can then compile a list of venues that would be prepared to offer this type of event and we can then at least get a short list. Any decision would of course be in the hands of the Owner and the Admins and I would suggest that the list should be kept private as this place could argue that night is day and make what should be a simple choice be argued forever . Yes anyone that has met me knows I really want this to work and would love for a full announcement and details be made today but we all know this is not going to happen so keep the faith and be patient. Would agree that a couple of lines just letting us know how the various issues are progressing or not would be nice.
  13. Just as a follow on I collected a pair of Quad ESL57 speakers from a Wammer Marc in Torquay and while we were talking he mentioned that he once had a Croft OTL 3 R . So I have sent him a PM and asked him to add anything if he can help . Sorry not able to do more . Would suggest though that you should get in touch with the seller and ask them for details and help they should be able to supply this .
  14. @layercake1_123I have a Croft OTL 3 but it is not the R model so it really is no help to you with regard to the valves in your version . As has been suggested I would put you question in the Croft Owners thread as it may well reach another OTL owner there . With regard to Glenn I spent about four months and seven or eight e-mails to him before I recently got an answer . he has agreed to look at my OTL but said get back to him after two weeks which I have but no answer again . If he does get in touch will post accordingly in the Croft Thread . Can I also suggest that you complete your details to include were you are . There are some very highly qualified Wammers who could tell exactly what valve would go were etc but it is no good if you are in Aberdeen and they are in Torquay .
  15. Yes that is the one I now own ,I really can not believe I did this but @George 47is spot on once you hear the difference it is just not possible to go back .
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