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  1. looking at your speakers which I admit i am not familiar with they look quite a large multi driver set up. The Specification says they cover the spectrum that we can normally use in a domestic setting and given that i woud suggest there would be little need for a sub . If you mainly play organ music or other recordings with very low sub bass then you might hear (feel ?) the difference but I think it would be hard to intergrate easily .
  2. The main advantages fo vertical bi- amping if both amplifiers are the same is that there will be zero crosstalk and there are no shared wiring between the right and left side . This is also true for monobloc units and again one of the advantages. The other advantage is that each channel if fully independant , if there is a large draw of power on the left channel this will have little effect on the right channel as they are fully seperated.
  3. Payment for dBpoweramp is a singe payment for the current version at that time. If you want to update to the latest version when released you need anothe one off payment . This is not really nessesary as the original version is as good as it gets . For the ease of tagging , storing , converting and keeping things tidy I would always reccomend this software .
  4. bencat

    Black felt pens.

    Nothing wrong with CD,s getting a good clean As keen buyer of used CD I do have some that arrive that will not get read and ripped . Often a quick clean with hand cleaner in the bath room washing up liquid will do as well and a clean and then dry and the disc is read perfectly . The other option is that you can now really see the massive scratch which means that is not going to work either. A clean with brasso has sometimes meant a full rip is possible but sometimes you have to take knock and lose a whole £3/4 .
  5. The graph is produced on the Antimode screen at the end of the session most just take a photograph of this then load that to their PC/Apple.
  6. Plus it will change with what music you listen to on a regular basis . I very rarely (if ever) listen to classical music of any sort , not a proud statement but have to admit to it being true . I do though listen to a huge range of what i suppose has to be termed modern music . Nearly all of this is made in a studio and any instrument placement , acoustic and imaging is down to the man behind the desk and what he decided to record. In some 60/70,s recordings due to the equipment available groups were often recorded in a single room all playing together and the vocalist singing at the same time . Then bigger recording desks came in , then digital desks came in and we now have the situation that many current recordings are made in bits with artists not even on the same continent enver mind in the same studio . Given this any attempt by me to say this or that sound is what was recorded is more of a guess than anything of certainty . Yet I seem to be able to struggle through and get a sound from album to album artist to artist that pleases me and keeps me smiling and dancing and singing along , this is the effect I need not want . And no I have not measured it nor have I measured the room I leave that to clever and effective software and then change the final result to what I want to hear . You know what it works and I am now playing more music each and every day than I ever did .
  7. bencat

    Black felt pens.

    To be fair in this case RA is not trying to sell you any special or name branded pen they do say any black felt tip will do so that makes this comment in this case onky a little unfair .
  8. Sadly no I am in the North of Liverpool by Aintree Racecourse . Like I say leave it as an offer but please accept any other offer which is closer to were you are .
  9. Julian I am in Liverpool which may be a bit further than is ideal . However if no one closer makes the offer then you are more than welcome to visit for a listen .
  10. bencat

    Black felt pens.

    Has this tempted you to get the Nespa out of the cupboard ? If not would you prepared to let someone else try it and report ?
  11. I notice that you are based in India so perhaps the direct India partner would be better for you to contact . I would alos suggest that you consider a direct purchase from the sole agent in Singapore .
  12. Never do this if Gordon Ramsey is cooking for you , more than one guest (? Customer? Victim?) has been asked to leave his restaurant for asking for salt or pepper.
  13. My experience of valve DAC,s is very limited but I have heard one of these in a known system for at least a few hours and was really very happy to go on listening for many more . The sound is as per the DAC adjustable between solid state and valve output and so can be tailored to your taste . Thye appear very well built .
  14. The main reason for me at least is I will not have any Apple products at used in my house or system . The full reasons for this are not really relevant to this thread so will skip them . My main reason here is that all Apple products are closed and if something changes then they are difficult if not impossible to change or add to . Raspberry Pi has infinite ways that it can be altered and change it is the veritable blank canvas and with a download and flash to an SD card it can be changed , updated altered and added to .