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  1. Not everyone's cup of tea but as this is a time limited offer i think it is very worth a punt at this price .
  2. Not really ever used a streaming service but I have over 62000 tracks all in Flac ripped from CD about 95% sound fine a small number are poor but the music is worth it and a tiny few are just awful .
  3. I have put this in the computer music section as it will need some initial set up and not everyone is comfortable with that. I have had a clear out and found three of the above players which were bricked and would not boot up. Well reflashed the firmware then reinstalled Squeezebox player and they are all working will keep one as a spare but happy to let the others go . I do not have any spare power supplies but will have a search for some. Now they need a bit of setting up nothing hard and I can walk you through it most of it is really simple and you only need to do it once . Once finished these are a 7 inch touch screen with the same appearance as an SBT the only digital output is via a USB connection so you will either need a DAY with USB in or a USB/SPDIF converter. Please remember this is old tech it works but can be a bit flaky . Register any interest here then we can switch to PM for details. I expect you to pay for postage units are free .
  4. Since I first used a Logitech Squeezebox Touch I have expanded using Logitech Media Server with various additional players . I now have almost all my systems working using Raspberry Pi units with Digihats . However for a period and thanks to lots of help from Ronnie I also converted a number of O2 Joggler units to be LMS players . I still use one in a bedroom system and it works . As they were cheap and available i bought a number and had three in storage . I am doing a bit of a clear out and found three units that I thought were bricked which when I tested them they seemed to be . Nothing like lock down to make you bored enough to try and fix things so after a little bit of downloading and then rebooting and resetting firmware I have managed to get all three working . Now I do not have a use for at least two of these (will keep one so I have spare) . I only have one power supply but will have a look round for some additional ones . So if anyone wants to have a play and uses LMS then what you get is a 7 inch Touch screen with the identical interface of a Squeezebox Touch . The only digital output is a USB socket on the side so you will either need a USB to SPDIF converter or a DAC with a USB in . You can also SSH in to the unit and add Triodes Digital Output plug in which will give you Hi Res Digital output if you need that . Will pack and post to anyone that feels they could use this and will try and help if needed . Please keep in mind this is very old technology so can be a little flaky at times.
  5. Not sure if you are interested but there appears to be a few original CD's available used see below link . It may well be of interest to at least buy one of the ones in the box set and compare the sound ?
  6. Yes I still have the Sara 9 but not using them as I discovered getting inside them and removing the tweeter is a big job and I do not have the mechanical skills . May well see if I can get someone to do the work but it will not be cheap.
  7. I have not seen any instances of people on here complaining about bandwidth issues when streaming music . In most large areas 60mbs is easily possible with fibre and 25-30mbs with broadband . As far as I can find there is no problem or traffic issues with most peoples internet . The ones that have issues are those who already had issues before as they are in remote badly serviced areas.
  8. In the system which is running as a two way I am using a DDRC 24 which with the DIRAC plug in out is I would think a very similar crossover unit as the 10 x 10 HD . I am expecting a similar level of performance but the addition of extra outputs to use for my proposed three way .
  9. Hi Martin thank you for the heads up but I will be using the 10 x 10 HD as an active crossover to my three way KEF 103 speakers only . Dirac Live will be handled by my DDRC 22D so the DSP will stay the high quality I know and love and now I have a simple added unit that I am very familiar with to do the dividing and output the correct banded input to my three stereo amplifiers .
  10. Okay after much dithering decided to stop trying to make the Behringer unit do what i want it to . Bought a the used miniDSP 10 x 10 HD which seems to be a 2x4 HD with additional channels so very easy for me to use and lots of familiar screens . The three way project now has a very good chance of working just a matter of waiting for the unit to be delivered.
  11. Okay I have had a long hard think about this and have decided that I do not trust my settings on the Behringer . It is a really versatile unit and will suit most people but the lack of any ability to accept a stereo digital and then split that signal for output is just not working for me . I can see how using two analogue inputs would work but that is not the route i want to go having to add an additional DAC in the chain etc . So after much uming and ahhing I decided to buy a used miniDSP 10x10 HD unit that was for sale on e-bay . More than I really wanted to spend but after thinking about it it made sense . I am very happy and know the miniDSP and DIRAC Live software and feel really confident in my ability to se them up correctly . I will even have two channels left to add a sub if I ever wanted to (not likely but never say never) . So thank you so much to Keith for sending me the Behringer it is a very comprehensive unit but sadly just not for me , nothing in this system is balanced so have had to buy a shed load of adapters and still think I am not sure exactly what I am doing . Will PM you about getting this packed up and sent back to you . Thanks to Colin for all your advice and help I think at times you have been as confused as I was which shows me that this is not the route for me. I am now very sure that this will work and that i can set things up safely and correctly and have something i can adjust easily to try the different low bass settings quickly and then find the sweet spot I am looking for. I now have to wait for the 10 x 10 HD to arrive but I know when it does a single morning of replacing units and then doing a measuring session and i will have things singing again , just leaving me the long and protracted back and forth of tweaking to enjoy .
  12. There is also the noise you might make while the sweep is taking place these could be detected by the Mic and added to the final result . Using a delay of 15 seconds should mean you can leave the room and have no additional noise in the room.
  13. Just a question really . I have found the Behringer DCX unit quite confusing and in the set up using a simple digital in via XLR / EBS has issues as the unit does not appear to be made to use as a stereo unit using that input . It may work in getting my three way to be fully active but I may end up having to connect to it via analogue in which adds a extra DAC in the line which I would prefer to do without . So have browsed through the MiniDSP catalogue and found the miniDSP 10x10 HD processor which seems to be a bigger version of the 2x4 HD . This could handle the digital input from the DDRC 22D and then as i am doing set the cr for each channel . I have spotted one on e-bay and it is a bit much but I think it will be much easier for me to use as I recognise the controls and software and will keep things digital as much as possible . Should I just stop dithering and pull the trigger and buy this or keep trying to make an active cr unit work using anlaogue outputs from a DAC ?
  14. Colin as you say I presume it does split the signal up but there is no way you can tell which is left and right the only thing that changes are the CR setting for each channel . So while i could do as you say as each a single mono channel there is nothing different to the set up other than the channel numbering and for me it is easier and safer to do one channel at a time and then I know each is correct .
  15. Only thing for this is for me to take every thing in my system apart and build it back together with the new connections once this is done I can then at least try and get some music through the system and see what does and does not work . Clever thing about Dirac is that it will take the recorded tone from the session and deal with what it hears not what may or may not be set and then will correct that . So have to give this a try but it is not going to be a small job as I need to take out lots of elements and then add in and connect carefully as I go along . Tomorrow seems to be sensible and an early start .
  16. Keith I agree for the DCX analogue is easier but it adds yet another this digital to analogue and box to the chain . Colin I agree with you the Input A when set as digital will receive a stereo digital signal but the DCX switches all outputs to mono and will not let you make this stereo output.
  17. What connection does the M&J streamer use to the internet ? Is that wireless to your Router or a wired to your Router ? It sounds like currently you may be connecting with your pc by Bluetooth so using the pc as the source . What would be better is your streamer connected to the internet by either wired (best option but not essential) or wireless. You then download an app to your phone , tablet , PC and that will act as a remote control only.
  18. Colin I chose the LR 48 db for all the cr points prefer a nice smooth tail off. I think the issue I have is the Digital input is single while all of you use two analogue inputs . The unit automatically switches to mono which is.Not ideal but will see what the results are. Another option is to use an additional DAC with balanced out feed the DIRAC signal in to the DAC then use the XLR analogue left and right in to the DCX and then set it as you say for right and left . All I really want to be sure is that having set each channel up that the drivers will be okay.
  19. Think that above may well be right Wharfedale did sell a DIY parts kit for Dovedales and a couple of others with cabinet design but you built it yourself which this looks like it has been .
  20. In case you have not seen it DIRAC Live has a new updated version to 3.0.13 which seems to be stable . reading the Changelog not that much different but it makes sense to have the latest version with all the previous fixes added . One thing it does say which I am not sure I understand but will have to find out about . Added Installer now supports unattended usage.
  21. Right I think I have got this worked out a little . Under Set Up I have changed Input A to AES / EBU and the output to Mono . I have then set up the crossovers as follows Output 1 - 20hz - 200hz - Output 2 - 200hz - 3000.1hz Output 3 3000.1hz - 15000HZ - Right Channel Output 4 - 20hz - 200hz - Output 5 - 200hz - 3000.1hz Output 6 3000.1hz - 15000HZ - Left Channel According to the manual when AES/EBU is chosen then Input A is the defined input for all channels and you can then assign the outputs from 1 to 6 using either a single out put or as in my case six outputs and all will be mono feeds . Given the above I have stored this and so can recall it . As far as I can tell this is now set to input one digital stereo signal in to Input A and that has now been manually set up by me to output the filtered signals above . I should be able to when the Adapters arrive take two feeds Hi / Mid and Hi to two stereo amps which will then feed the correct signal to to each speaker . The last two feeds will go to the left and right for the Low Bass amplifier and feed Left and right accordingly . Given my lack of knowledge of this item it would be great to have someone who knows how to check settings go over it but the only option i can see to do that is to take a photo of the screen settings and let people view them . Might do that tomorrow and see what you all think .
  22. Keith in my case there is no B input as that would be analogue and I do not have a second input. I will be using input A as a stereo digital input and then using the input as a stereo output splitting left and right and then assigning each side to the three outputs to low mid and high . Will have to sit and read the manual and see if this gives me the information I need.
  23. Okay let's start with first principals how do I make input A into Stereo output ? Once I have that I should be able to then assign the right output to 1,2,3 and then the left output to 3,4,5 . Can anyone suggest how this can be done.
  24. Hi Keith yes he did include the lead but to be honest I am still confused as when I try and set the cr points it gives an error message . I know it is just me being unfamiliar with it but need to start at the basic setting up of input A to Outputs 1,2,3,4,5,6, first and then move on . Can you just set the unit back to Factory Default ?