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  1. Miles Davis - Blow
  2. Okay well tomorrow will be the big day despite having deconstruced and reassembled the rack and fitting the DEnafrips Pro 8 back in to the system I have yet to turn it on as the full change including a slight placement change for the Quad ESL57 means I have to do a complete DIRAC Live session and over the last few days for various reasons this has just not been possible. My wife Linda has swapped her normal Tuesday work day for Friday this week so after about 08.30 I will be left alone . This is perfect as I need quiet to complete the DIRAC session no sudden vacuum cleaner noises or Linda bursting in to song . I have a few options of either using a pre amp with unbalanced connections which in this case wil be a Myrad . Or something I have never used before which is a balanced connection . The Denafrips has balanced analogue outputs and I can use the the MiniDSP DDRC 22D as a digital pre with volume control . I am going to leave it to how I feel in the morning as to which I decide to go for but whatever happens if I can get it to work then there will be music again in the music room and hopefully if all goes as I hope I can have an afternoon of listening and probably reading Hif Fi magazines as a gentle Friday gearing up for what may well be a hectic Saturday with my first visit to a Pub in what feels like a very long time . Provided I live through the Saturday I may well report back on this and let you know what i think of the Denafrips DAC .
  3. Apologies my written word must have sounded not as i intended . I was really interested in case there was another Portugeuse folk music I had missed as i love Fado . My first exposure was in Maderia in the central town at a resteraunt that specialises in cooking meat on local wood squewers . To my susrprise half way through an order the waiter started singing in answer to the Fado singer and I was hooked. We were (I only found out later that is not something they do for tourists often) invited to come after the resteraunt closed to a Fado bar which was really only for locals and there they sang way in to the night . I have been facinated ever since. I have to admit that I hated maderia with a vengence but this was a real high spot that I will never forget .
  4. So is the first album Fado or another Portuguese folk music
  5. Would reccomend this as something a little different but frankly wonderful . The band is Les Negresse Vertes and the album is Mlah . This was the very best line up with the original singer and music writer who sadly dies young . Later line ups were good but did lose a little of the spark for a period . Final two albums were great in their own way .
  6. Oh yes most certainly . Grace was due to tour and release a new Album just before Covid interrupted everything .
  7. Paul if you are not sorted I have some portable Mini Disc players that you could use .
  8. Schhh do not tell anybody that there are some 95 pages that are stil going strong
  9. Well too confirm the Denafrips Pro 8 has returned and was able to dismantle the rack and fit everything back together . Not had time to do any Dirac work so just sitting there at the moment. Have also decided as the Denafrips has balanced out and the XTZ power amp has balanced inputs to directly connect the DAC balanced and use my MiniDSP DDRC 22D as the digital pre and volume control . This will mean a delay and given other things I am having to do probably Friday before I can get things fully in place and then listen . Would normally be frustrating but I have had so many changes and so long to wait for the repair I am quite calm about it . Will chill til Friday and then get everything done in the morning (hopefully) and that gives me a nice afternoon to listen to the results.
  10. It will make my system sound better but only if you only have it but never plug it in and return it . Then again if you have it and use another wall wart power supply will that make the LPSU sound even better when you return it ? So many things to consider.
  11. Just had a quick search for this after buying the Matt Bianco CD and found a Sony Bit Mapped Collectors CD for £5 including postage so would be just rude not to give it a try .
  12. Well for me the best option is two Raspberry Pi units one as server only (with of course an LPSU I mean you would feel so ashamed if you used the wallwart approved power supply , wouldnt you ?) and one as either a Digital Output unit or with a DAC fitted as full player . Cost for both is under £200 but the quality of the music is exemplary . Loaded with your own choice of distro (Moode , Volumo etc ) my personal favourite being Logitech Medai Server which also happens to be free and has plug in add ons for BBCiPlayer to get all the radio steams at the best quality level , Radio Paradise again at the higest quality levels , Spotify , Tidal , Quboz , Deezer also all have thier own plugins . Bit of work needs to be done putting it together but it is fun or you can rope in a friend to do it for you . Boxes are tiny so can be hidden away you can control them with phone or tablet apps or on your Laptop directly . If you prefer things fully built and ready then here is one option but search the site for quite a few others as well .
  13. Ah but will it be an upgrade , a downgrade , a sidegrade or a nullgrade ? No one really cares least of all me and I will remember not to let anyyone know when it has been done and what I thought , this adds to the tension and the mystique .
  14. Decided to put this here rather than in the Classifieds as i am asking for either an extended loan or free . I have a replacement power amplifier by XTZ that i have just bought second hand to work in my main system waiting for when I can collect my Croft OTL . The XTZ has both balanced and unablanced inputs and is currently in place using unbalanced with RCA cables . I have read quite a bit over the years about balanced connections but to date this is the first power amplifier I have ever had that has them . Now I can connect my DAC directly to the XTZ and use the MiniDSP DDRC 22D as the volume control so I would like to hear what this is like . I do not own a pair of XLR cables and while i know they can be very cheap i do not want to buy a pair then add to my growing clutter when they are no longer used. So If any one has any rattling round any quality will do and can either lend me them until the Croft is here or have no use for them and can just gift them to me. I promises that of course once they are not being used they would be returned or if they are gifted then they will be offered again in this thread once I do not need them I promise they will not be added to the mountain of cables I already have as I am trying to thin this out and not add to it . Any help offered is much appreciated.
  15. No as in the real thread I have had to wait to get the new power supply which will be only posted on Friday . So likely to be next week . In the mean time the current wall wart is sounding as lovely as ever and I am not expecting there to be even a scintilla of change when I swop , but I will be sure to forget to tell you all anyway ,
  16. No you two know me well enough to know that i do not have the skill . I have had it built at huge expense (not) and it should be with me by the end of the week . I will thin delay a suitable period say two years and then report back .
  17. Given the much twisted and turned thread on the 2 Channel regarding doing this test on the Node 2 I have decided to take it on to look at the same thing with my Raspberry Pi 4 4GB LMS unit . Mine will be nothing as thorough or expensive as the Node thread . It is purely my intention to replace the wall wart power supply (Raspberry Pi approved white one ) with a cheapish (well under £100) home constructed LPS unit . There will be no back to back tests , nor will there be any blind testing . In fact probably all that will happen is that I will unplug the wall wart and plug in the new LPS unit . I will then turn on the Raspberry Pi 4 LMS and forget about it again . I will not be listening for differencesand I will not be making any claims over changes or not in sound quality in fact I will be just thankful if it works. Why am I doing this ? Well because I can ....
  18. Well there is a site selling brand new models at £609 each including free postage (ex Italy) which makes them £1218 all in . If you really have to get modest then what about this ?
  19. Sorry and i have enjoyed reading this thread and all the great help being offered along the way , but this just reminds me why I knocked Vinyl on the head years ago and do not use it . Get the techniques and work you put in to get the best set up you can but with my mentality I would always be on edge looking for issues that were not there and worrying about the damage I was doing to my records . Good luck to all of you who still work at this and enjoy your music this way , for me this way lies madness .
  20. Fantastic Jack it is always lovely when the misery of a failure can be recovered with a cheap and cheerful fix . I would suggest though that you still provide the serial number etc to Monarcy Audio and get those diagrams they will be useful for you in the future if anything happens , even more so if you sell the amp on to give to the new owner .
  21. I will just advise the following , why would you leave any item that is electrical other than a fridge or freezer on ? What do you expect to achieve ? If it is modern electronics then it will be warmed up and ready to play within maximum five minutes of switch on so no audio gain . Valve items may need a little longer but not much . Leaving elextrical equipment including TV , Fre view Boxes etc is both wasteful of the planets energy , costs you money and has the potential for setting your house on fire . I have yet to have anyone give me a good enough reason to do it . Some will tell you that it improves sound quality over time but will not be able to explain any real reason why . I know that there will others who will have the opposite view . To me it is simple it is wasteful and possibly dangerous do not do it .
  22. Just a litlle over budget but well worth you having a look is this It has the full package tyou want and some additional facilities you might use later. If you really do not want to spend more then this will offer a similar sound but minus the volume control etc . As a little back ground these are made by the designer of the Khardas Tone Board which sounded very good and way better than it had any right to .
  23. Thats is a good result Jack often companies will never give out details of their units to owners only other companies . Having the circuit diagram will be such a help for the repair person as without it lots of time would be taken up with just sorting out the circuit and what should be happening were . Hopefully with few voltage readings against the diagram they can narrow down were the problem lies and find you a solution . Good luck hope it is not too expensive a job .