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  1. Not sure what you are trying to do but this might well work . https://www.minidsp.com/forum/hifi-projects/19638-fs-minidsp-ddrc22d#57983
  2. Okay things are not working out so I need an NVA power amplifier only thing is it needs to be one of the higher power rating amps . Can be a stereo or mono bloc just needs to be at the higher power level . So f you have something let me know .
  3. Liverpool were pants today and wasted enough chances for a season . Good late goal and great final result.
  4. bencat


    @thewestfield Chalk and cheese really the Khozmo is more dynamic more detailed and more natural .
  5. @greybeardArsenal need to take a leaf out of Liverpools recent change in just playing their football and not playing the match . Utd have good players but so far they are not a good team they may well improve in that direction but it is not likely to be a quick fix. Arsenal played the match against Liverpool and played the game not their current football and that just did not go well . When playing as they currently can I think Arsenal are a better team than Utd not all better players but as a group they have developed in to a better side. If they can just stay calm and play Utd are an easy side to get behind and score against . They can also attack quickly and expose any defence that is slow to act so it is the balancing act . Who scores first may be important so we will have to see how things progress.
  6. Well Liverpool seem to have done something I wished they would do a long time ago . Tonight we played our football and not the match . Derbies and grudge games (Utd in our case) are games were the opposition have more invested in not losing than playing and in the past Liverpool teams have been guilty of getting caught up in that . The Utd game earlier this season and tonight we just played our football and took our chances . Five great goals to watch including the Everton goal . Jordan Henderson was every where and passing at his very best. His goal was a peach and set us up for the game . I really do not know were the money that Everton have spent has gone because the bench had nothing much at all to change things. I would love to see Everton get better and develop a real pattern of play and then get a squad that can play it. Looking at their December fixtures I fear for them staying in the PL .
  7. Ray Kennedy has died aged 70 as ex Arsenal and Liverpool player and part of the first Liverpool side to dominate he was a really great player with a wonderful left foot . Watched him many times and was very rarely anything but top class. My thoughts are with his family and friends .
  8. This looks like it will do what you want and has decent binding posts . https://www.amazon.co.uk/SOLUPEAK-P2-Amplifier-Switcher-loudspeaker-Black/dp/B093LNGJR3/ref=sr_1_21?keywords=speaker+switching+box&qid=1638284278&sr=8-21
  9. If you are looking for something to give your equipment isolation then I would suggest you read this thread and the last two posts . You could easily get two of these for £20 and either leave them as they are and fill the void to make them a platform or as has been suggested drill out the rivets and remove the spring units which could be either free standing or attached to a shelf / board etc . As has been noted the quality of engineering in these is far inexcess of anything in the nobsound. I use seperate spring units under the four legs of my Quad ESL57 stands and they are frankly superb . These are designed and made to supress vibration in aircraft and so are meant to deal with far greater movement than you will ever find in a domestic setting . Worth a look and save some cash at the same time .
  10. Depends on how you define a Derby . I am very much of the old school version which is two teams from the same City playing each other so Liverpool V Everton , Utd v City etc . London having so many teams has more than most . Sorry but Norwich v Ipswich is not a Derby in my book but that does not prevent it being very much a grudge match . Liverpool v Utd is a gain a grudge match with not much love lost between the two clubs , Liverpool v City has nothing like that edge . Oh and do not even get me started on Real Madrid v Barcelona that is never a Derby .
  11. Because as we have only one Derby while London Derby's are like buses one along every few minutes. In our Derby form means nothing and players get over hyped and build it up too much . Result is stupid tackles like the ones on Virgil and Thiago which meant losing them for a long period . Despite being in the top three Liverpool have nothing like the squad depth of Chelsea or City or even Utd so certain players being out can cause us real issues. Out owners will not spend unless they get money in first so they will not replace any injured players in January and we will just have to get on with it .
  12. Not sure if these are as good as the Tesla variety but for NOS they seem to be at least a sensible price . https://www.langrex.co.uk/products/ecc83-12ax7-mullard-holland-nos-valve-tube-lc85/ These are also a good mfg company and UK made which was at that time a good thing . https://www.hotroxuk.com/mazda-ecc83.html The following are new valves and may be very good but then again other may say they are nothing of the sort . The good thing is these are cheap enough to buy and keep as back and listen to without having to worry . https://brimaruk.com/valves/triodes/brimar-ecc83/
  13. Went to Anfield to watch Liverpool on Saturday still wearing shorts and everyone kept telling me it was cold so it must have been . Liverpool were good but again very wasteful of the chances they created . Jota should have easily had his hat trick and the score could have been 7 or 8 easily and it would not have flattered Liverpool . Southampton I have to say were poor and had not real answer when Liverpool moved the ball quickly . I had thought they would continue to improve as a team but there was little sign of that . I think that they are lucky that there are poorer performing sides in the PL than them at the moment but if they do not improve then i suspect they will be part of the relegation battle sooner than later. I know there will be many who think it is a bit rich moaning about Liverpool after a 4-0 win and I do understand that view but if you want to compete with Chelsea and City then you need to have very high standards and when you can keep scoring . It is nice that we are still in touch and we have to try and see if we can maintain that till the end of the year. Now roll on my least favourite game of the year on Wednesday .
  14. If @rabskisays this is a waste of time then honestly believe him . My suggestion was not made form any knowledge just a thought and Glenn has confirmed that it is not an option which pretty much what Richard but in a gentler and explained way because he manages to be patient with people like me who mean well but do not know enough . So @basa71the best thing you can do is just play your music and stop worrying but if as I suspect you are getting the ocd worry mode then you will have to choose . The sensible thing is still do nothing .
  15. Just a small suggestion but why not ask Glenn if he can fit an isolation switch for the phono stage ? This would mean the phono stage valves could be switched off when not in use and then activated when you want to use Vinyl .
  16. Just a line to say that I will driving from Liverpool to Leicester to drop on my Quad ESL 57 for repair to Andrew at AQuadThing . If anyone has anything that needs delivering or collecting then get in touch and will see what can arranged . This will be a same day return trip so obviously I can do collection or delivery either way .
  17. As many on here already have Qobuz subscriptions this may well be old news but they are having a sale on certain downloads which offer a decent reduction of quite a few albums . Some are very cheap and so not too much lost . There are also some Hi Res downloads for those that may be interested. https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/shop?qbzs=adwords&qbzc=st-m&&qbzs=adwords&qbzc=st-m&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4b7Kqq6z9AIVme3tCh3fRAYQEAAYASACEgLhzfD_BwE
  18. Liverpool were not that great last night in the first half and had Porto attackers had a little bit better finishing quality and choice of final pass we could well have gone 2 or 3 goals down . Second half Liverpool came out with a bit more purpose and as shown by goals chalked off for offside when they click Liverpool are deadly . Two decent goals and then we just controlled the game to ensure a win . Porto must be sick of the sight of Liverpool we seem to either score lots against them or like last night just win . That is five group stage wins and so far in the CL no English team has ever gone through the CL group stage with 100% record . Perhaps Klopp can use this as something to inspire the team for the away game at Milan which I am expecting to be a very hard game.
  19. Hi Colin Spoke to Glenn about this and yes the PL519 are slightly more powerful but there is no way I will get a full set of eight of those . I managed to get six genuine NOS Mazda PL509 valves from Keith Snook and showed these to Glenn and he said they would be a very good starting point to get the maximum power output that the amp is capable of . While the valves are rated up to 35 Watt Glen runs them at a lower output which he says greatly increases the life of the valve (he estimates around 20 years from new) so under the current build they will probably out put 25 Watt which in real world is not much different to 30/35 Watt as you need a doubling of power to 50 Watt to get an easily heard volume increase. I will say that this amplifier sounds superb exactly as I thought it would with the Quads they are just not able to quite loud enough sometimes .
  20. @antonio66Thanks for this I had not seen the Billington Valve one and they have a good reputation for being straight about their stock . I have bought two valves and asked them to be Mazda if at all possible . Will wait for them to arrive and hopefully this should be a full set of eight to get installed and biased .
  21. This looks a good price for a brand new MC https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261982172948?epid=27034142519&hash=item3cff5ab714%3Ag%3AqMMAAOxycgVThxHC&LH_ItemCondition=1000 As does this but a bit more spendy but again brand new . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351739168714?hash=item51e549c7ca%3Ag%3AYPwAAOSw6oBXE8oO&LH_ItemCondition=1000 Last one but this is something of a marmite brand some love them and say they clear and incisive while other say they are treble happy and bright only your ears can decide and again a brand new jobbie . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313372722959?epid=2304189170&hash=item48f678470f%3Ag%3ATqkAAOSw7L9f9v2X&LH_ItemCondition=1000
  22. If you are going down the Cambridge route this would save you a few pennies . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203639441074?hash=item2f69db46b2:g:iwEAAOSwyeNhXBLA
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