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  1. They make no bones about it on their webby, it is "inky black".
  2. Chuck yours in a cracker and I'll pull you for it.
  3. Lol, even I draw the line somewhere.
  4. I keep persuading myself, the house will be worth it, the house will be worth it... Nah, it's not working:)
  5. pre is sold too. Oh the sound of silence.
  6. £1500, I must be mad, that's a used price for the 312 alone so you essentially get a free Thorens TD520. Not just any TD520, but the one belonging to Mr SME himself. SSTP
  7. Sold. The SJS 1.5 pre amp up next at 1400, boy this is hurting.
  8. Bean, how are you Hope the amps are doing ok for you. It is an oil bearing 301. Cheers Bob
  9. I hope so Nick, I think these are £2500 new these days. Like I said, priced to sell.
  10. A full set of 4 in as new condition, boxed with tools and thread inserts. Priced to sell at £250 + £15 p&p Bank Tx or PaypalTx (pay a freind) PM any questions you may have. Stock photo until this evening if they haven't sold by then.
  11. Removed from sale, for the now. Payment by Bank Tx or Paypal Tx (pay freind) Cheers Bob
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