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  1. Quad 2905s sold subject to payment and collection, also speaker cable sold through separate advert.
  2. PM replied to, sold subject to the usual.
  3. Chord Signature speaker cable 2.5 metre pair in original box £250 plus carriage at cost - bargain price for a quick sale. IMG_0318 by Ward Bennetton, on Flickr[/IMG] IMG_0319 by Ward Bennetton, on Flickr[/IMG]
  4. Bump for the Quad 2905s and Chord Signature 2.5 metre speaker cables, if anyone is interested I will sell the speaker cable separately for £250
  5. Quad 2905s back on top, Stella stands and acoustic panels already with new owners.
  6. Quad 2905s back to the top in time for the weekend
  7. Hi Richard, I have a couple of no longer needed Linn backplates you can have, PM an address and I will drop them in an envelope for you Kind regards Ward
  8. Thank-you Peter, one of the ATCs is in the background of the second photo in our new lounge, they are by coincidence SCM50 ASLT and now that I have set up the BAT pre amp with them they do work very nicely, the person I bought them from only parted with them as he had bought a pair of anniversary 50s as their replacements. Cheers Ward
  9. Bump I also have a 2.5 metre pair of Chord Signature speaker cables I am willing to include with the 2905s for the right offer.
  10. Thank-you for your kind comments Peter, it is very unfortunate to be parting with these wonderful speakers, but following a house move we discovered that the estate agents details for the lounge were misleading at best as they claimed the length of the room to be over a metre more than it actually is, so the Quads simply cannot be accommodated, even my wife will be sad to see them go to a new home, though she does like the ATCs I have bought to replace them. Cheers - Ward
  11. Hi Richard, I have a strong feeling that the hinges on my old PT1 were standard Linn hinges and if I'm correct then they should be easy to source hope that is helpful ward
  12. Townshend Stella stands sold subject to the usual formalities.
  13. Hi Leem, Hire a van and come fetch the Quads or I can hire one and bring them up to you simples - Ward