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  1. Hi Jonathan, Can I take your rack please, collection once you have it shouldn't be a problem as I am down in Dorset can you PM me with an address and payment details and we can discuss when suits for collection Kind regards - Ward
  2. You might also consider an EAR Yoshino Acute III as from that model onwards there were input connections provided to the DAC unfortunately my Acute II doesn't have that facility good luck in your search.
  3. Hi, can I take these if they are not already spoken for, will PM my address for delivery if you can provide payment details thanks - Ward
  4. Hi, can I take your various equipment isolation supports if you can PM payment details Thanks - Ward
  5. I'm not sure if any Wammers are also collectors of Corgi models, but my step son has inherited his Father's collection of various Corgi models, mostly lorries and buses including a lot of Eddie Stobarts items all are in excellent condition most with original packaging though some of this is damaged all are individually listed on eBay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/princesircastic/m.html?item=164457419933&epid=1342084734&hash=item264a6d149d%3Ag%3Aw7sAAOSwGEZfjXRM&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 if anyone fancies taking a look through - Cheers - Ward
  6. Hi, can you PM me with a price if you are willing to consider selling the Graham Slee elevator Cheers - Ward.
  7. Thanks for this Andrew, I have contacted MiniDSP via the forum and received an acknowledgement, so hopefully they will provide access to software downloads shortly. Now to see if my MacBook will run the required operating system for DIRAC 3 as currently running High Sierra.
  8. Thanks Tony, it will be a while before I can set this up properly as we are about to start undergoing some house renovations that have been delayed by the previous lock-down, so the HiFi is likely to be out of action for a couple of months for obvious reasons.
  9. Finally I have managed to find a second user MiniDSP SHD and microphone which arrived here earlier today, many thanks to all who have supported me in my search for the right piece of equipment. Now to sort out transfer of the DIRAC software licence through minidsp.com forum which incidentally was where I sourced the unit I eventually purchased.
  10. I would suggest that you keep an eye on https://www.minidsp.com/forum/index scroll to the very bottom of the page there is a sales and wanted forum, these things get snapped up extremely quickly on the second hand market; good luck in your search.
  11. Just a quick heads up for anyone thinking of giving room correction a try, I've just had an email from Lee Bevan of Strictly Stereo letting me know that he is about to start stocking the MiniDSP DDRC-22D, previously it seemed they were out of stock just about everywhere. I have been rather fortunate to find a second hand SHD which I hope will be arriving shortly.
  12. Hi, Can I take the Belden 8402 RCA to male XLR interconnect, 1 metre: if you can PM payment details that would be great Thanks - Ward
  13. I've PM'd you a hopefully useful review on various NOS valves including the 6922 / E88CC family hope it helps in your search and maybe suggests a few alternatives worth investigating.
  14. Hi, Are you willing to knock a fiver off if I take the black cat and the stereovox cables together? If OK can you PM payment details Cheers Ward
  15. Bump. Seems to be a hard thing to find apart from the latest version new.